advanced underwater imaging l.
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Advanced Underwater Imaging

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Advanced Underwater Imaging - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Underwater Imaging James M. Glynn <> 10 October 2008 Advanced Underwater Imaging Program Overview A combined hardware/modeling/experimental effort to develop a novel pulsed laser line scan (PLLS) imager

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Advanced Underwater Imaging

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advanced underwater imaging

Advanced Underwater Imaging

James M. Glynn <>

10 October 2008

advanced underwater imaging program overview
Advanced Underwater Imaging Program Overview


  • A combined hardware/modeling/experimental effort to develop a novel pulsed laser line scan (PLLS) imager
    • Imaging at longer ranges in turbid water than a conventional CW laser line scan, in a more compact hardware package
    • Reduce size and power requirements to enable implementation in compact unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV’s)


  • New hardware
    • Folded scanner geometry
    • High power, high rep rate, short pulse laser
  • New imaging test facility
    • Large scale test tank with controlled illumination and water optical properties
  • New performance modeling capability
    • Laser pulse time history
    • Pulsed laser image simulation
  • Experimental validation of hardware and model performance
novel scanner design
Novel Scanner Design


  • Folded scanner geometry enables use of single rotating polygon for transmit and receive
  • Results in more compact design, enabling UUV configurations
  • Prototype functioning at HBOI
high rep rate pulsed 532 nm laser
High Rep Rate Pulsed 532 nm Laser


  • Development at PSI/Q-Peak
  • 2.5W average power, 7 nsec pulses, 350 kHz
  • Enables pulsed gating of target return for backscatter rejection
extended underwater imaging test facility
Extended Underwater Imaging Test Facility


  • Unique underwater imaging test facility at HBOI
  • 13 x 7 x 2 m, moving seabed simulator, optical property adjustment and measurement, optics lab
new pulsed laser modeling codes
New Pulsed Laser Modeling Codes


  • Developed by Metron Inc. as a variant of their EODES-3 CW laser line scan performance prediction model
  • Time history of laser pulse in water
    • Backscatter and target returns from both laser and solar energy
  • Image simulation
    • Predicted image quality as a function of user-settable parameters
  • Validated against experimental data
  • Use the model as a design aid
pulsed laser performance modeling image simulation
Pulsed Laser Performance Modeling – Image Simulation


User sets operational, environmental, system, and target parameters


CW – PLLS Imaging Comparison



0.6 AL

5.1 AL



  • New enabling hardware has been built and tested in new large-scale imaging test facility
  • New modeling capability to support design has been validated through comparison with full-scale experiments
  • The pieces are in place to proceed to a targeted development effort for a pulsed laser line scan in a UUV-compatible package