la toussaint n.
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la Toussaint

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NAME:_______________________________. lundi trente et un octobre. la Toussaint. Learning Objectives: learn about the French festival of La Toussaint make comparisons between Toussaint and Halloween celebrations learn Halloween/Toussaint related vocabulary.

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la toussaint


lundi trente et un octobre

la Toussaint

Learning Objectives:

learn about the French festival of La Toussaint

make comparisons between Toussaint and

Halloween celebrations

learn Halloween/Toussaint related vocabulary

la toussaint vs halloween
la Toussaint vs. Halloween

La Toussaint is a Catholic festival in France, celebrated November 1st.

It is a religious & public holiday and many French people will have the day off work

The name Toussaint is similar to Halloween -

Tous les Saints (All the saints) = Toussaint

All Hallows (saints) evening = Halloween

But the festivals are celebrated very differently in France and the UK.

On November 1st, the French often visit the graves of their loved ones and put flowers (especially Chrysanthemums) on the grave. They see la Toussaint as an opportunity to remember their lost loved ones and honour their lives. It is a day for celebrating the lives of departed relatives and praying for the happiness of their souls.
Celebrations are normally private but in some areas of France there are religious processions or parades in the street.

Offices and shops are normally closed, and the only places to remain open are florists so people can buy flowers.

Halloween is not celebrated in France as it is in the USA. In France there is no trick or treating, dressing up or parties. Many French people dislike the tradition of celebrating it as they think it is too commercial.
Although it may sound like a sad day, La Toussaint is actually seen as a very positive date – people celebrate the lives of their loved ones and it is not really a sad occasion, more of a respectful and happy day. This may be helped by the fact that it also, in most regions, marks the start of a two week school holiday, so it is easier for children to enjoy the date!
answer in full sentences
Answer in full sentences
  • On which date is la Toussaint celebrated?
  • What flowers do French people normally put on their loved ones’ graves?A - roses B - chrysanthemums C - sunflowers
  • What sometimes happens on Toussaint?A - parades in the street B - trick or treating
  • Why do a lot of French people not like Halloween?
  • Why do French children in particular like la Toussaint?
  • Which of these places WOULD be open at Toussaint

A - swimming pools B - offices C - florists


Halloween in France ?

Learning objectives:-

To learn about, understand and respect festivals and celebration differences across cultures and nations.

Halloween wordsearch

Find the French words in the grid then write what each

one means


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