sem1 3 03 a promotion n.
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SEM1 3.03 A - Promotion PowerPoint Presentation
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SEM1 3.03 A - Promotion

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SEM1 3.03 A - Promotion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEM1 3.03 A - Promotion. PE – Understand the use of an advertisement’s components to communicate with targeted audiences PI - Explain Components of Advertising. Elements of Advertisements Terms, Purpose & Approach. Headline – Most important element of an ad

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sem1 3 03 a promotion
SEM1 3.03A - Promotion
  • PE – Understand the use of an advertisement’s components to communicate with targeted audiences
  • PI - Explain Components of Advertising
elements of advertisements terms purpose approach
Elements of AdvertisementsTerms, Purpose & Approach
  • Headline – Most important element of an ad
    • Purpose: get attention, select an audience, and deliver a complete message
    • Approach: announce new or improved, solve a problem, make a claim or promise a benefit
  • Illustration – Image within an advertisement
    • Purpose: convey a message, educate, attract attention – this is often noticed first by readers
    • Approach: appeal to reader even if unrelated or focus on product’s features, use or benefits
  • Identification – Identify a product, advertiser or business
    • Purpose: to identify the advertisers name, symbol or logo & buying information (website, phone #, tag line, etc.)
    • Approach: used to encourage action by including contact & buying information; credit cards accepted, hours, etc.
headline examples
Headline Examples
  • "Are you guilty of these 7 common dating Sins?" (Creates Curiosity)
  • "How to get your cooking bragged about“ (Curiosity)
  • “Quick Relief for Tired Eyes” (Precise Solution)
  • “How to save over 15% on auto insurance before Nov 20th” (Incentive to Act)
elements of advertisements terms purpose approach1
Elements of AdvertisementsTerms, Purpose & Approach
  • Copy – Text of an advertisement that delivers the sales message
    • Purpose: Catch and hold attention, encourage action, point out product features or uses (feature/benefit)
    • Approach: a single or combination of elements may be used to create desire and action of readers (claims, endorsement, etc.)
  • Layout – The arrangement of the design, size, color scheme, graphics, illustration, and text placement in an ad
    • Purpose: Organize information in an effective & logical order – direct the readers eye through the ad
    • Approach: The headline depends on the layout to deliver the message, (new product: the copy should have the same theme)
  • White space – the blank space between the elements
    • Purpose: balances design and helps rest your eyes
    • Approach: depends what your intended message is
copy techniques
Copy Techniques
  • Intimidate
    • limited quantities are available
  • Qualification Needed
    • Only a select few will qualify
  • Guarantees
    • Money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied
  • Repetition
    • “Relieve back pain forever” and then later say “Eliminate back pain permanently”

When watches are at 10:10, it looks the cleanest and most symmetrical, shows the brand name, or logo, which is usually just below the center of the face. Plus there is a natural line of symmetry which is aesthetically pleasing for the buyer, the clock appears to be smiling, and the ‘V’ shape stands for victory.

coordinating all elements

Headline, Illustration, Copy and Identification

MUST be COORDINATED to create best impact

Example: Headline identifies a problem- the copy should then show how the product will solve the problem


Choose an advertisement for a sport/event product, and do the following:

  • Identify each of its elements and the way that each of the elements has been used to achieve the objectives of the advertisement.
  • Examine the effectiveness of the advertisement’s elements.
  • Be ready to present your findings to the class & support your opinion.
dissecting an advertisement
Dissecting an Advertisement
  • How to write good headlines/copy – create 1