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NYP Marketing FTW!

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NYP Marketing FTW! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NYP Marketing FTW!. For The Winners, For The World. Done by: Liping, Celine, Gladys, Ernest, Syafiqah & Wei Jie. Overview of Dip. in Marketing. Develop critical insights into organizations marketing efforts Go through Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) & Industrial Placement Programme (IPP)

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nyp marketing ftw

NYP Marketing FTW!

For The Winners, For The World

Done by: Liping, Celine, Gladys, Ernest, Syafiqah & Wei Jie


Overview of Dip. in Marketing

  • Develop critical insights into organizations marketing efforts
  • Go through Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) & Industrial Placement Programme (IPP)
  • Expect to have careers positions in marketing research, branding, public relation etc.

Industry Overview

  • More students going for polytechnic instead of JCs
  • Increase in the establishments of international branch campuses from the United State, Australia etc
  • Rapid growth of media sector due to the use of online media
  • Demand for advertising and sales professionals

Target segment (s)

  • Primary target market
    • Local & foreign students aged 16-21 years old
    • Taking their GCE O levels or have completed their ITE studies
  • Secondary target market
    • Adults  want a mid-life career change
    • Parents  plays a part in influencing the children decision

Competitive Structure

  • Can opt for Junior College , ITE, Polytechnics and private schools
  • 5 polytechnics to choose from (Singapore, Republic, Ngee Ann, Temasek and Nanyang)
  • Private schools like MDIS, PSB Academy and University of Adelaide also offer business courses

Market Research & Analysis

Q4: Choose the 3 most important factors that influence your choice of institution.


Market Research & Analysis

Q5: What are the factors that affect your choice for Diploma in Marketing? (Rank from 1 to 5)


Market Research & Analysis

Q6: Where do you find out about the diploma in Marketing course?


Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness of Nanyang Polytechnic’s Diploma in Marketing and get them to enrol for
  • Attract potential enrollers such as top scoring students from elite schools
  • To build up the reputation of Nanyang Polytechnic

Overall Theme

NYP Marketing FTW – “For the Win, For the World”

  • “For the Win” Showcase NYP’s Diploma in Marketing as a road to success in terms of career, exposure
  • “For the world” Acknowledge that Marketing is a universal skill and can be applied globally in any business/countries

New Media Tools Used

  • Blogger
    • Easy to maintain
    • 55% younger users likely to keep

or read a blog on a weekly basis

  • Facebook Page
    • Most popular social networking site
    • High penetration rate
  • Formspring
    • Questions can be asked anonymously
    • Provides a real time response system that sends answers directly to the query and to the Facebook page

Strategies To Drive Traffic

  • Facebook Organizational page
    • Word of mouth can be spread quickly
    • Create credibility
  • Integrated social plug-ins in blog
    • Keep track of the number of “likes” of a particular post
    • Going deeper into the topics with the most “likes”

Strategies To Drive Traffic

  • Forums – ‘Hardware Zone’ and ‘SG Forums’
    • Focus on threads that discuss about further education/diploma courses
    • Free and easy way to get to know the opinion of the public

Traditional IMC Tools

  • Newspaper – The New Paper
    • Article publish during mid December to mid January
    • Target readers with its sensational headlines
  • Radio – Gold 90.5 FM & 91.3 FM
    • Low cost
    • Gold 90.5FM targets to 35 years old and above
    • 91.3FM targets from 15 to 40 years old
    • Information played during morning and in the evening

Execution Time Schedule (II)

  • Blog and facebook were launched on the 2nd of January
  • In line with the open house, conduct a survey on our target market
  • Facebook - Twice a week, Blog- Once a week
  • A New page is added when we found something that would be useful for our target market

Measurement Metrics (I)

  • Pages by view
  • Modules’ has the most page views
  • People are curious about the modules that are being offered
  • Readers are also interested to find out the future opportunities
  • Support our primary research that having a good career prospect is one of the main factor students will consider

Measurement Metrics (I)

  • Referring sites
  • Facebook was the next main traffic site to our blog
  • People can read on our news feed once they ‘liked’ the Facebook page
  • More information in the blog  Comprehensive and easier to read since it is easy to navigate

Measurement Metrics (II)

  • Audience & Demographics
  • Primary target market
  • Not many foreign students viewing the page
  • Can arrange to go to international schools to promote




Measurement Metrics (II)

  • Audience & Demographics
  • Primary target market
  • Locals of the target age, not many foreign students “Like” the page
  • Secondary target market
  • Adults was not reached effectively
  • Traditional media like newspapers and radio




  • Important to find out who are our target market and the things they look for when searching for a diploma in marketing
  • Realized the using of Blogger Stats and Facebook Stats can help us in understanding our target market
  • Some loop holes  Parents not having a Facebook page
  • Both new and traditional media must be used hand-in-hand for a successful campaign