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Introducing. North, East, South, West. Big Idea!. How do we use maps and globes?. What different kinds of maps are there?. Why do people use maps?. Why is it important to know about maps and how to read them?. A ctivate P rior K nowledge. 1. What is a journey?.

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North, East,

South, West




How do we use maps and globes?


What different kinds of maps are there?

Why do people use maps?

Why is it important to know about maps and how to read them?


Activate Prior Knowledge

1. What is a journey?

2. What journeys have you taken?

3. What is a map?

4. Why do people use maps?



1. Steep – very high

2. Schooner – a kind of ship with sails

3. Distance – the amount of space between places or things

4. Surrounded – past tense of surround: to go around something completely

5. Mighty - very


The Way to Captain Yankee’s

By Anne Rockwell

With a map, Miss Calico sets off to see her friend Captain Yankee and his new home. She makes several stops along the way and gets lost! It’s a good thing she has a map to help her find the way.

Focus Questions How can a map help us when we get lost?

Stop and Read


Where did her journey begin?

What gifts did Miss Calico collect for Captain Yankee on her way to his new house?

How did Miss Calico find the way to Captain Yankee’s after she got lost?


How can a map help us when we get lost?

Where did she get lost?

Where is Captain Yankee’s lighthouse?


Vocabulary Review





Mountain goats stand near very ________ cliffs.

The wind blew the ________ across the sea.

The sun is ________ hot.

In the ________ you see the cities tall buildings.


Concept / Question Board

Post illustrations of a journey you have taken or want to take. Write a sentence about your illustration.


Set Goals

  • To understand concepts related to maps, globes and journeys, including how to read maps and use globes.
  • To understand parts of a book, including the relationship among test, graphics, and illustrations.
  • To identify and understand the use of print boundaries and paragraphs.
  • To master formation of the letters j, k, m, q, u, v, w, x, y, and z.
  • To learn and apply rules for the capitalization of proper nouns.