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Caring for Climate The Business Leadership Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Caring for Climate The Business Leadership Platform

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Caring for Climate The Business Leadership Platform - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Caring for Climate The Business Leadership Platform. May 2014. Caring for Climate: A call to business leaders. “Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. I also believe it is the most potent game changer for business of the next century. It is an opportunity we must seize.

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Caring for Climate

The Business Leadership Platform

May 2014


Caring for Climate: A call to business leaders

“Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. I also believe it is the most potent game changer for business of the next century. It is an opportunity we must seize.

I want to challenge you. I want to see you in the vanguard of an unprecedented effort to retool the global economy into one that is cleaner, greener and more sustainable.”

—UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


What is Caring for Climate?

  • Launched by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2007, Caring for Climate is the United Nation’s initiative for business leadership on climate change.
  • A voluntary and complementary action platform for businesses that seek to demonstrate leadership on the climate issue.
  • Provides a framework for business leaders to advance practical solutionsand help shape public policy as well as public attitudes.

Who are Caring for Climate Signatories?

350+ signatories

The world’s


initiative for

business leadership


climate change.

50 countries

30 business sectors


How do businesses engage?

All businesses are invited to join the Caring for Climate initiative by endorsing the Caring for Climate Statement. Joining the initiative requires CEO-level support.

Caring for Climate signatories commit to :


Transparency and Disclosure

C4C signatories commit to communicate on progress made in implementing the five areas of commitments as outlined in the Caring for Climate Statement

  • C4C signatories report annually
  • Reporting includes the following three elements:
    • Statement of continued support for C4C
    • Description of implemented actions
    • Measurement of outcomes
  • Reporting can be based on existing CDP reporting questionnaires; GRI Guidelines (GR4); and GC Advanced COP guidelines
  • Additionally, the annual C4C Progress Report summarizes the efforts made by signatories and outlines challenges and opportunities to achieve C4C goals

Caring for Climate 2014 Priorities

2014 Workstreams

2014 Events




China Summit on C4C

UN Climate Summit

Private Sector Forum





Business Forum


Policy Advocacy

To reach a legally binding agreement in 2015 the role of companies to provide proactive, constructive input for governments and intergovernmental organizations to create effective climate policies is key.

  • Practical guide for why and how companies can be responsible policy advocates
  • Baseline expectations for companies to provide proactive and constructive input in national and international policy process
  • Provides the elements and action items for companies to connect the dots between sustainability commitments with their corporate policy positions

Making the case for Adaptation

Strategically integrating adaptation measures into business plans and operations in ways that build the resilience of vulnerable communities in developing countries will be key to address climate change risk and opportunities.

National Dialogues: Dialogues at country-level to address climate change risks and opportunities, sustainable development, and climate change adaptation

Action Plans: Country-specific private sector activities and action plans that help support national adaptation strategies and implementation.

Partners: Activities will be led by Global Compact Local Networks with the support of the Caring for Climate Secretariat.


The Climate & Energy Action Hub

An online platform for companies and other stakeholders showcasing private sector climate projects that have potential for scalability and that seek to advance collective action.

Inspire action and innovation

Foster partnerships and collective efforts


Climate & Energy Action Hub

Action Hub Action Areas


Long-Term Goal Setting

Corporate long-term goal-setting is likely to become a key mechanism for businesses to transparently and consistently demonstrate how they are aligning business practices to advance climate solutions.

  • Caring for Climate collaborates with leading international sustainability organizations (e.g. WWF, CDP and WRI) to provide guidance to business on how to set science-based long-term goals that address climate change.
  • Goals may include:
  • Commitments to going carbon neutral
  • Commitments to responsible policy advocacy

Caring for Climate 2014 Events





December 2015


Climate Change Summit

Caring for Climate Business Forum

At COP20/CMP10

China Summit on

Caring for Climate


China Summit on Caring for Climate

China Summit on Caring for Climate

Green· Policy· Innovation· Future

A Platform for Policy, Financing and Best Practice

26 June 2014— Beijing, China


  • Technology Innovation
  • City Smog Control
  • Desert Land Improvement
  • Finance
  • Children


2014 Brochure:


UN Private Sector Forum

Luncheon of the Secretary-General’s Climate Summit, 23 September 2014

Private Sector Forum Programme

Opening address by the Secretary-General and brief keynote remarks. Over lunch, participants engage in roundtable discussions on specific climate-related themes. The event concludes with a report-back plenary session and the announcement of new commitments to action.

Participants: Multi-stakeholder

Over 300 high-level participants from both the public and private sectors - including Heads of State/Government, CEOs, and leaders from civil society, foundations and the UN.

Themes, Partners and AnnouncementsTBD in upcoming monthsTo reference past Forums, please visit


Caring for Climate Business Forum at COP/CMP

The Caring for Climate Business Forum is held annually in the context of the UN Climate Change Conference to provide a venue for business and investors to meet with Governments, civil society and the UN.

  • Bring Greater scale to business innovation on climate change
  • Give further encouragement to business and Governments to raise ambition on climate policies.
  • Encourage collaboration among business, investors, Government, civil society and the UN