caring for the consumer
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Caring for the Consumer

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Caring for the Consumer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Caring for the Consumer. By Jason Kenneth Newton, Kristina Marie Schneider, and Zachary David Blair. Themes. Federal Government focused to ameliorate three aspects of the nation Consumer rights and protection Environmental Preservation Fiscal reforms. Consumer.

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caring for the consumer

Caring for the Consumer

By Jason Kenneth Newton, Kristina Marie Schneider, and Zachary David Blair

  • Federal Government focused to ameliorate three aspects of the nation
    • Consumer rights and protection
    • Environmental Preservation
    • Fiscal reforms
  • Food production was gruesome and unsanitary.
  • Muckraking exposed this
  • The Jungle- “The meat would be shoveled into carts, and the man who did the shoveling would not trouble to lift out a rat even when he saw one—there were things that went into the sausage in comparison with which a poisoned rat was a tidbit. There was no place for the men to wash their hands before they ate their dinner, and so they made a practice of washing them in the water that was to be ladled into the sausage. There were the butt-ends of smoked meat, and the scraps of corned beef, and all the odds and ends of the waste of the plants, that would be dumped into old barrels in the cellar and left there. Under the system of rigid economy which the packers enforced, there were some jobs that it only paid to do once in a long time, and among these was the cleaning out of the waste barrels. Every spring they did it; and in the barrels would be dirt and rust and old nails and stale water—and cartload after cartload of it would be taken up and dumped into the hoppers with fresh meat, and sent out to the public’s breakfast.”
  • Government began thinking about the consumers needs
  • Meat inspection Act
    • Preparation of meat shipped between states would be subject to inspection.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act
    • Prevent adulteration and mislabeling of foods
  • Americans had been wasteful and destructive to land
  • People now feared for the frontier
  • Roosevelt had support to preserve earth
    • Call of the Wild
    • National Audubon Society
    • Boy Scouts of America
    • Sierra Club
  • Theodore Roosevelt: "We of an older generation can get along with what we have, though with growing hardship; but in your full manhood and womanhood you will want what nature once so bountifully supplied and man so thoughtlessly destroyed; and because of that want you will reproach us, not for what we have used, but for what we have wasted...So any nation which in its youth lives only for the day, reaps without sowing, and consumes without husbanding, must expect the penalty of the prodigal whose labor could with difficulty find him the bare means of life."
  • Teddy Roosevelt had a background that made him Environmentalist
  • Roosevelt fought to conserve
    • Desert Land Act
    • Forest Reserve Act
      • Allowed president to set aside national parks
    • Carey Act
    • Newlands Act
    • Dams built
    • Bureau of Mines (Taft)
  • Saved 125 million acres of land
  • Hetch Hetchy Valley dam constructed
    • Controversy of the difference between preserving the land and letting it go to waste
  • Taft was also a conservationist, yet unseen due to Ballinger-Pinchot quarrel
    • Allowed corporate development on public lands in Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska
environmentalism today
Environmentalism Today
  • The Environmental movement carries all the way to today.
  • Panic of 1907
    • Caused by runs on banks
    • Blamed on Roosevelt because he interfered with industry
    • Allowed for financial reforms
  • Aldrich-Vreeland Act
    • Authorized Banks to issue emergency currency
    • Led to Federal Reserve Act 1913
  • President Taft Encouraged investment in foreign countries as his dollar diplomacy
    • Invest in far east countries and Regions critical to Panama Canal
    • China Manchurian railroad attempted to be bought
    • Caribbean countries to defend against foreigners
    • Make money for America
  • Taft also busted trusts, more than Roosevelt
    • Standard Oil Company
    • U.S. Steel Corporation
  • Payne-Aldrich Bill
    • Attempted to lower tariffs, ended up adding more on imports.
    • “Best Bill Republican Party Ever Passed” -Taft
  • This era created new ways of management in government
  • No one really cared about the consumer before now
    • Created a world of protection
    • Advertising
    • Drugs and Medications
  • Started the Environmental movement
    • Saving land never happened before
    • 84 million acres of National Park today
    • Conservation of Resources
    • Global Warming
    • Animal Rights