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Facilities Subcommittee Meeting

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Facilities Subcommittee Meeting. Emergency Repair Program. Emergency Repair Program: Summary. Provided 100% funding to repair or replace systems or structures in a condition that posed a threat to the health and safety of students and staff while at school.

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emergency repair program summary
Emergency Repair Program: Summary
  • Provided 100% funding to repair or replace systems or structures in a condition that posed a threat to the health and safety of students and staff while at school.
  • Available to schools identified by the CDE as ranked in declines one, two, or three based on the 2006 API and that were newly constructed prior to January 1, 2000.
  • Eligible projects costs were limited to the minimum work required to mitigate the health and safety hazard, plus application documentation preparation and submittal costs.

Presented by: Jack Schreder & Associates

  • Funds were made available annually, and the program operated until $800 million was allocated.
  • Districts provided project lists with detailed cost estimates and backup documentation to obtain funding upfront.
  • Once approved, Districts had 12-18 months to complete all projects.
  • Per ERP regulations, all project savings, as well as interest, are to be:
    • Applied to eligible costs for the project, as approved by the SAB; or
    • Returned to the State at the same time the LEA submitted the expenditure report to the OPSC.

Presented by: Jack Schreder & Associates

wccusd erp projects
  • Schreder & Associates worked with SGI to identify eligible projects at 19 District sites.
    • The District received $11,699,520 in ERP funding at 12 sites.
    • The District has ERP applications at 2 sites that are approved but on the unfunded list ($2,081,692).
    • The District has 5 ERP applications, submitted in October 2008, that are pending processing ($5,357,108).
  • For all applications that received funding, expenditure reports have been submitted and all project savings (with interest) have been returned to the State.

Presented by: Jack Schreder & Associates

wccusd erp projects1

Presented by: Jack Schreder & Associates

erp audit process required documentation
ERP Audit Process: Required Documentation
  • Division of the State Architect (DSA) Approved Plans and Specifications, if required, and any change orders.
  • For Replacement Projects (pursuant to Regulation Section 1859.323.1), LEAs must retain a cost comparison on file which must include all of the following:
    • Estimate to Repair the system/component .
    • Estimate to Replace the system/component with a Like Kind Material/System.
    • For alternative building material/system replacement projects, the LEA must additionally retain an Estimate to Replace the system/component with an alternative building material/system.
    • All estimates must be as detailed as possible and no lump sum estimates will be accepted. Furthermore, the estimates must have been prepared by qualified individuals or firms but are not required to be prepared by the same person(s).
  • Construction Contract(s) and supporting documentation [pursuant to Public Contract Code (PCC) Section 20111(b)] (if applicable).
  • Schedule of Values (if applicable).
  • Cost comparison pursuant to Regulations Section 1859.323.1 (if applicable).
  • Purchase Order(s) and/or Purchase Agreement(s) (if applicable).
  • Architect Agreement(s) and Schedule of Fees (if applicable).
  • Qualification Appraisal documents (pursuant to Government Code 4526).
  • Copy of Vendor Invoices (if applicable).
  • Copy of Warrant(s) or Payment Voucher(s) (if applicable).
  • For Force Account Labor Projects [pursuant to PCC Section 20114(a)], the OPSC Force Account Labor Worksheet or other documentation that contains the following information:
    • Employee name(s).
    • Number of hours each.
erp audit process
ERP Audit Process
  • District staff, SGI, and Schreder met in 2011 to develop a system for responding to ERP audits.
  • Schreder is currently in the process of collecting all required audit documentation from various sources (District, SGI, architects).
  • Schreder is preparing a digital and hard copy inventory of all ERP audit documentation for all ERP projects, by site.
  • Once completed, Schreder will provide both digital and hard copies to the District.

Presented by: Jack Schreder & Associates

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Presented by: Jack Schreder & Associates