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Year 11 Revision

What is available? How do you revise?. Year 11 Revision. How do you revise?. Read through your notes?. What are the other Options for revision?. How do you revise? . Buy Revision Books? These are available at discount prices from school. Use CD/DVD Resources?. How do you revise? .

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Year 11 Revision

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  1. What is available? How do you revise? Year 11 Revision

  2. How do you revise? Read through your notes? What are the other Options for revision?

  3. How do you revise? Buy Revision Books? These are available at discount prices from school.

  4. Use CD/DVD Resources? How do you revise? Ask your teachers for the best interactive resources

  5. Revision does not have to be boring… • Games • Podcasts • Videos • Interactive Websites

  6. Direct Links to BBC Interactive Revision (Videos/Games/Podcasts)‏ • Art and Design • Business Studies • Design & Technology • DiDA • Drama • English • English Literature • French • German • Geography • History • ICT • Maths • Music • Physical Education • Religious Studies • Science • Spanish

  7. Using Games for GCSE Revision…! BBC Bitesize Games Available in a wide range of subjects.

  8. Using Games for GCSE Revision…!

  9. Podcasts ….for most subjects.. A History Podcast Website

  10. Why not make your own Revision Podcast(s)? 1. Download Audacity Software 2. Obtain a Microphone 3. Plan what you are going to do! 4. Start recording 5. Broadcast to the world! More information:

  11. Videos for GCSE Revision…

  12. Don’t forget our websites..

  13. Don’t forget our revision websites Science Revision and

  14. What are other schools using? Greenfield School, County Durham Go to their Revision Links Page Direct links are given to the BEST revision websites (all subjects)‏

  15. Top Revision Websites

  16. Top Revision Websites

  17. Top Revision Websites…. Widely used.. Ask your Maths Teacher for more details…

  18. What is SamLearning?

  19. Sam Learning’s Homepage

  20. Logon to SamLearning • Web Address: • Centre ID : OL9NC • User ID: Date of Birth followed by your initials • Example: Ross Stone Birth date : 3rd October 1992would be entered as 031092RS • Password is the same as User ID

  21. Your SamLearning Homepage

  22. Choose your Subject …….

  23. Interactive Revision and Tests + Feedback on Progress

  24. Is the evidence biased? • Research by the independent educational charity Fischer Family Trust confirms that as little as ten task hours' use of SAM Learning can improve performance and attainment. The research was based on SAT and GCSE results of 396,812 pupils.

  25. Where is the evidence? • The overall conclusions of these studies involving more than 360,000 students are as follows: • There is a positive relationship between the use of SAM Learning and exam/test results. • The greatest impact occurs when students experience 10 or more task hours using SAM Learning.

  26. Where do I go for Online Revision? Click on GCSE Revision Time !

  27. Where do I go for Online Revision? GCSE Revision Click on GCSE Revision

  28. The Future: Bebo for Revision? I am a 16-year-old GCSE student, studying history, and, quite frankly, struggling. I’m predicted an A*, but I’m likely to get a C because I never had the motivation or means to revise well.Until now.I have come up with a free revision programme, targeted at AQA Specification B, but with aspects of all exam specifications, here on Bebo, because this is where I used to end up when I was supposed to be revising. HistoryKid GCSE Revision

  29. This presentation is now online at : all the direct links to the revision sites…

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