building community the sonoran desert knowledge exchange
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Building Community: The Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange

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Building Community: The Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Community: The Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange Living the Future 7 May 2 nd , 2008 Kimberly Chapman, Jim Martin, Jeanne Pfander – UA Libraries Holly Hartmann – UA Office of Arid Lands Studies Today’s Objectives Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange Vision Partners and Participants

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building community the sonoran desert knowledge exchange

Building Community:The Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange

Living the Future 7

May 2nd, 2008

Kimberly Chapman, Jim Martin, Jeanne Pfander – UA Libraries

Holly Hartmann – UA Office of Arid Lands Studies

today s objectives
Today’s Objectives

Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange


Partners and Participants

Project Development and Content

Exploring Collaboration

What makes a collaborative project?

How do you build collaboration?

Challenges and rewards?

ua libraries projects
UA Libraries Projects
  • Lesson Link
  • Rangelands West
  • Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange
    • The Sonoran Desert
      • The Saguaro!
      • Two Rainy Seasons
      • Amazing biodiversity!
sonoran desert knowledge exchange
Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange

The Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange (SDKE) is a collaborative initiative led by the UA Libraries that seeks to bring together individuals and organizations who have information, services and other resources that can contribute to increased awareness, research and preservation of the Sonoran Desert.

sonoran desert knowledge exchange5
Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange


Identifying information and providing access

distributed, dynamic, online portal

one-stop shopping access to digital content

serving diverse audiences including teachers and students of all grade levels, scientists, decision-makers, and amateur enthusiasts

Building community

Bringing together different organizations for collaboration

Organizations sharing information with each other

Calendar and publicity opportunities

Community events

sdke web portal
SDKE Web Portal

Types of content

Externally hosted content

Content hosted on the SDKE site

sonoran desert knowledge exchange7
Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange


UA Libraries

Pima County Public Library

UA Office of Arid Lands Studies

Tree of Life Web Project


getting off the ground
Getting off the ground

LSTA Grant Funding

Site interviews

Web portal

Community Showcases

UA Libraries

Strategic Initiatives funding

Site interviews

Learning Modules

Staff time

sdke participants
SDKE Participants

How do we know that there is a community?

  • First meeting of interested parties in May 2006
  • CoLAB Planning Session® in November 2006
  • Survey of Participant Assets in November 2006

How do we know what information these organizations would like to make available?

sonoran desert knowledge exchange10
Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange

Types of organizations:

University research units and collections

Governmental organizations

Non-profit conservation and education organizations

Types of content they have

Non-digitized reports, pamphlets

Digitized documents

Digital images


K-12 educational materials

next steps
Next Steps

Assess results from site interviews

Identify appropriate collections

Plan for future directions

Complete learning modules

Migrate site to Library servers

Assign metadata to an already digitized collection

Identify small non-digitized collections for digitization project


How do you define collaboration?

software development collaboration
Software Development Collaboration

Design and implementation: a different sort of collaboration

- Technical team as a partner

- Evolving nature of software tools

- Evolving website requirements

technical team
Technical Team

Variety of skills required

  • Front End: what users see
    • Graphic design, interface design
  • Back End: building website capabilities
    • Systems administration, databases, web development, software programming, security
  • Management: IT project coordination, liaison with partners
facilitating communication
Facilitating Communication

Partner liaison: single pathway to technical team

Direct technical interaction: as needed, limited scope

Clarity of communication, choices, consequences

- Requirements: list of features, story boards and mockups, examples

- Maintenance: system transfer, upgrades

consultancy or collaboration
Consultancy or Collaboration?

Consultancy: implementation of client requirements using unique skills and resources

Integration of new capabilities: community engagement and discussion, citizen science, place-based interface, community tagging

lessons learned understand what you ve got
Lessons LearnedUnderstand what you’ve got

Partner goals and participant goals may differ


Community events and promotion

Commitment to the project varies

How do we keep a balance?

UA campus focus

Community outreach focus

K-12 education focus

lessons learned necessity of shared understanding
Lessons LearnedNecessity of Shared Understanding

Importance of consistent & frequent communication





Written documentation is key

Set clear timelines and milestones

Clearly articulate & document expectations with partners

Example of promotion

lessons learned plan plan and plan again
Lessons LearnedPlan, Plan, and Plan Again

Plan for success

How are you going to implement the vision?

Plan first


Identify and prevent potential problems before they happen


Are you building towards the long-term vision?

lessons learned appropriate collaborations
Lessons LearnedAppropriate Collaborations

Building collaboration

Advisory board

What areas of responsibility does the Library have?

What areas of responsibility belong to the participants?

Creating the environment for a self-sustaining community

planning the future
Planning the Future

Sonoran Desert Knowledge Exchange

Advisory Group

UA Libraries





Metadata &





Learning Module







thank you
Thank you!

Questions? Discussion?