parenting and attachment n.
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Parenting and Attachment

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Parenting and Attachment. The bonding process of mother and father to infant. Phases of attachment. Introductory bonding initial contact Acquaintance phase first week mutual regulation 2-6 wks reciprocity 6 wks and beyond. Events affecting attachment. Prior to pregnancy

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parenting and attachment

Parenting and Attachment

The bonding process of mother and father to infant

phases of attachment
Phases of attachment
  • Introductory bonding
    • initial contact
  • Acquaintance phase
    • first week
  • mutual regulation
    • 2-6 wks
  • reciprocity
    • 6 wks and beyond
events affecting attachment
Events affecting attachment
  • Prior to pregnancy
    • beliefs, planning
  • During pregnancy
    • confirming, accepting, quickening.fetal identity
  • Intrapartum
    • preparation, emotional state
  • Postpartum
    • birth, seeing baby, touching, giving care
factors hindering attachment
Unwanted pregnancy

difficult pregnancy or labor

stress during pregnancy


sick or deformed infant


Busy L&D,rigid policies or routines

no rooming in

separation from infant

maternal complications

no support systems

negative comments

Factors hindering attachment
factors enhancing attachment
Factors enhancing attachment
  • Planned pregnancy
  • baby close to “ideal”
  • right gender
  • prepared childbirth
  • easy labor
  • no complications
  • good feeder
  • staff compliance, support
  • compliments
  • support systems
signs of attachment
Signs of attachment
  • Names baby before birth or shortly after
  • Wants to hold, feed, room in with infant
  • When holding infant is focused on baby, not on phone, visitors, self or TV
  • Calls infant by name, makes eye contact
  • Identifies distinguishing characteristics which are “just like his father”, or brother, etc.

Attachment--mother to infant bonding

Engrossment--father to infant bonding

Entrainment--the postural adjustments mother and baby make to each other

Celebrating--relive birth experience with themselves and with others, happy excitement

mother to infant infant to mother
Touch--typical pattern

look--en face

voice--high pitched


time (biorhythms)

lymphocytes and macrophages




eye to eye






Mother to infant infant to mother
typical mother behavior patterns with infant
Typical mother behavior patterns with infant
  • Crooning voice
  • high pitched talk
  • finger tip touching
  • examines extremities
  • palmar enfolding of trunk
  • holds baby close to body
  • en face position
father to infant behavior
Father to infant behavior
  • Finger pokes
  • kitchy kitchy koo
  • playful
  • holds baby out but facing his face
  • roughhouse as baby gets older, more with male children