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From Podcasting to Edupunk

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From Podcasting to Edupunk Alan Craig Associate Content Editor, Learning Support Centers in Higher Education VP, National College Learning Center Association Coordinator, Learning & Tutoring Center (Georgia Perimeter College—Dunwoody) 770-274-5242

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From Podcasting to Edupunk

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Presentation Transcript
from podcasting to edupunk

From Podcasting to Edupunk

Alan Craig

Associate Content Editor, Learning Support Centers in Higher Education

VP, National College Learning Center Association

Coordinator, Learning & Tutoring Center

(Georgia Perimeter College—Dunwoody)


edupunk anthem
Edupunk Anthem

“Look out honey, cause I’m using technology

Ain’t got time to make no apology”

Iggy Pop

Lyrics from “Search and Destroy”



Gain ideas on an array of technologies with the potential to foster student access and success

Know where to go to get started; identify potential local collaborators here at CRLA NE

Discover (technology-related) professional development opportunities


moore s law
Moore’s ‘Law’

Computing power will double every two years.

Gordon Moore, cofounder of INTEL

In 1965, Moore actually predicted that the number of transistors on a chip would double each year. He updated this in 1975 to about every 2 years.


a few types of technologies
A Few Types of Technologies



Virtual Worlds

Social Media



Open Source Software

Open Courseware

Web Conferencing



sloan c five pillars of quality
Sloan-CFive Pillars of Quality
  • Sloan-C: focused on quality online education

Learning effectiveness

Faculty satisfaction

Student satisfaction


Cost effectiveness


systems thinking
Systems Thinking
  • How the parts comprise the whole
  • Systems are complex and dynamic
  • How local actions affect the entire system
  • Unintended consequences


muves multi user virtual environments
MUVEsMulti-User Virtual Environments
  • 3D Virtual Worlds
  • Distance learning
  • Student collaboration
  • Role playing
  • Second Life is the most popular MUVE
  • Hundreds of colleges are on Second Life


muves multi user virtual environments10
MUVEsMulti-User Virtual Environments
  • Second Life
    • Virtual Public Health U of Illinois—Chicago
  • Harvard’s River City
  • University of Virginia Virtual Lab
  • Wonderland
  • Active Worlds Educational Universe
    • Southern Connecticut State College
  • Croquet (create your own virtual world)


muves multi user virtual environments11
MUVEsMulti-User Virtual Environments

Sample of YouTube videos on Second Life:

  • Introduction to Second Life
  • Education in Second Life: Explore the Possibilities
  • Educational Uses of Second Life

Second Life Eduscape Blog

Sim Teach— information for/community of educators using MUVEs, especially Second Life


muves multi user virtual environments12
MUVEsMulti-User Virtual Environments

Eastern Iowa Community College District Virtual Campus


  • How podcasting works
  • Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium on iTunes U
  • + UConn, Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University


open courseware
Open Courseware
  • University of California--Berkeley
  • Michigan State University:
  • MIT
  • Rice University


web conferencing
Web Conferencing

Google Docs

MS Office Live

Skype (audio/video calling)

Elluminate(collaborative learning/3 for free)

Wimba (collaborative learning)

ooVoo (free video calling)


group work
Group Work
  • Google Groups
  • Blogging Tools: Blogger, Wordpress
  • Wikis
    • Foreign Language Teaching Wiki
    • Technology & Distance Learning (CRLA SIG)
    • Teaching Wiki (USF)
    • Wikispaces


social networking
Social Networking
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
    • (The Machine is Us/ing Us)
    • CU Writing Center Ad
    • Tutor Training
  • Twitter (micro-blogging)
  • Linkedin (social networking for professionals)
  • Flickr (photo sharing)
  • Ning (create your own social network)


too many tweets
Too Many Tweets!


research tools
Research Tools

Zotero (cite/reference bibliographies)

Spock (people search) (web bookmarking/sharing)

Diigo (web highlighter and sticky notes)

Google Scholar (searching for scholarly literature)

ibiblio (the public’s library and digital archive)

Wayback Machine (internet archives)


rss aggregators readers
  • Google Reader
  • Bloglines
  • SharpReader
  • NewsGator (use within Outlook)
universal design for learning
Universal Design for Learning
  • aka Universal Instructional Design
  • Webquest on UID at

Design and develop instruction to maximize access to instruction by learners with wide varieties and levels of cognitive differences and to minimize barriers to instruction and learning.


livescribe pulse smartpen
Livescribe Pulse Smartpen


e book readers
E-Book Readers
  • Kindle 2 (Amazon)
  • Sony E-Book Reader


content resources
    • (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching)
    • Academic Support Services
  • LSCHE(Learning Support Centers in Higher Education)
  • Innovate (Journal of Online Education)
  • CARET(Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology)


edupunk or diy
Edupunk(or DIY)

An approach to teaching that avoids mainstream tools like Powerpoint and Blackboard, and instead aims to bring the rebellious attitude and D.I.Y. ethos of ’70s bands like the Clash to the classroom. NYT



Open Office


professional development
Professional Development
  • Colorado State University—Global Campus
    • MS in Online Teaching and Learning (in collaboration with Sloan-C)
  • Harvard University Extension School, Course: Theory and Practice of Web Pedagogies EDUC E-104
  • Grambling State University
  • Appalachian State University
  • Texas State University—San Marcos
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Regina EC&I 831—Tutorials**


professional development27
Professional Development
  • TIDE-Technology Institute for Developmental Educators
  • Journal of Developmental Education—TechTalk
  • Professional organizations (including SIGs, SPINs, etc.)
    • CRLA
      • Technology & Distance Learning SIG
    • NCLCA
    • NADE
      • Online Educators
      • Technology
    • ATP


professional development28
Professional Development
  • Sloan-C(Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks)
  • Stephen Downes’ blog or OLWeekly
  • Association for Educational Communications and Technology
  • Educause
  • Linkedin
  • Web 2.0 Teaching Tools Blog


concluding thoughts
Concluding Thoughts
  • Select one or two technologies to investigate in depth
  • Keep the Sloan-C Five Pillars of Quality in mind
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities
  • Collaborate
  • Have Fun!