exposing the secrets of 21 st century email n.
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Exposing the Secrets of 21 st Century Email PowerPoint Presentation
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Exposing the Secrets of 21 st Century Email

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Exposing the Secrets of 21 st Century Email - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exposing the Secrets of 21 st Century Email. David Daniels Vice President and Research Director JupiterResearch Founder, Chairman Email Measurement Accuracy Coalition. Jeanniey Mullen Executive Director and Senior Partner OgilvyOne Worldwide Founder, Chairwoman Email Experience Council.

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Exposing the Secrets of 21 st Century Email

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exposing the secrets of 21 st century email

Exposing the Secrets of 21st Century Email

David DanielsVice President andResearch DirectorJupiterResearch

Founder, Chairman Email Measurement

Accuracy Coalition

Jeanniey MullenExecutive Director and Senior PartnerOgilvyOne WorldwideFounder, Chairwoman Email Experience Council

  • Reinventing email for the 21st Century
  • Push and pull, the impact of email in a multi-channel environment
  • Best practices to drive revenue, relevancy and engagement
  • Ten points to take home and implement



a week


a week at


email no. 1

time spent



have 2


8% triage

e-mail with




pages on


"email bankruptcy“

June 1, 2007




when the

content is







do to


Source: JupiterResearch/Ipsos-Insight

Individual User Survey (9/06), n = 2,147


25% of the online population have suppressed paper statements/bills in the last year

Jumps to 33% of online population when household income surpasses $100K

No age or gender difference

Source: JupiterResearch/Ipsos-Insight Consumer Survey (6/07),n=3580 US only

the landscape has changed






The Landscape has Changed

Communications Goal

Email Purpose

Examples of Email Usage

Bridge media (on and offline) to create interest

Email capture at all points of awareness (display, search landing pages, store etc.)

Bring company into the consideration set; build customer imagery

Make preferred brand by consistently promotingtangible benefits

Accelerate interest and qualification through benefits immersion

Use email to push people through the funnel faster. Reminder emails, dynamic welcome etc.

Close the deal through a dialogue that overcomes barriers to purchase

Drive to store and battle switching

Drive to mobile for purchase reminder

Build engagement with brand, establish advocacy and set stage to upsell/cross-sell

Dynamically populate email offers based on business rules/propensity models

Stimulate interest in other products and repeat usage

Broaden and deepen the relationship topromote renewals

Foster and deepen the relationship for LTV impact

Deliver value-added information via email (ex. Winter fit tips)

email has a role at every stage of the customer journey

The email address is the only data element that links a customer or prospects profile across every digital medium they are engaged with

Email Has a Role at Every Stage of The Customer Journey

Skews Male

(68% male, 32% female)

  • Young (76%

under age 45,

49% under age 35)

  • High-income skew (45% with incomes

of $75K or more)

  • 13% have made 4 or more purchases online

Consumers Accessing Primary Personal Email From Mobile Device. Source: JupiterResearch/Ipsos-Insight Consumer Survey (9/06),n=3580 US only

is wireless a threat to email
Is Wireless a Threat to Email?

27% of online consumers state that they used sms/txt more in the last year for personal communications instead of email.


7% adopted

- skews male

- heavy 35-44

- early adopter


- Secure

- Custom readers


- Adoption

- Measurement

Source: JupiterResearch/Ipsos-Insight Consumer Survey (6/07),n=3580 US only

rss isn t just for your portal anymore
RSS isn’t just for your portal anymore
  • Blackberry RSS offering provides a branded Blackberry reader with pre-populated streams.
    • Provides high relevance for ‘on-the-go’ prospect audiences.
    • Provides a service with value within and without the ‘brand umbrella’
    • Can be ‘fed’ specific items relevant to the target audience (in this example, the Travelocity reader has pre-populated ‘Beach Trips’ and ‘Outdoors’ vacation stories
    • Blackberry reader can be programmed to lock out certain feeds (for privacy purposes, or to block competitive feeds)




18% of the online population have used social sites (myspace, facebook, etc.) for personal communications instead of email

Massive skew in usage by age. 50% of 18-24 use social instead of email. 32% of 25-34 use social instead of email

Source=JupiterResearch/Ipsos Insight Consumer Survey (09/07), n = 2,503 (US)

social networks facilitate email discussion
Social Networks Facilitate Email Discussion

Intelligent targeting of email content based on actual conversation is the newest trend

80% of all Hotmail readers plan for the weekend Wednesday after 6 pm and talk about something different beginning Saturday at noon.


18% of online consumers forward promotional email and newsletters to others

20% of online buyers post on average 9 product reviews a year

77% of the online population find reviews more useful than e-mail

JupiterResearch/Ipsos Insight Consumer Survey (09/07), n = 2,503 (US only)

your message is moving
Your Message is Moving

The Media Speaks

The People Speak Louder

Wikipedia –

20X more traffic

than sites such as

Yahoo! answers,


service is the perfect way to expand the relationship

Email is uniquely tailored to guide HVCMs with personalized spend messaging

Service is the perfect way to Expand the Relationship

OBTM Session records

hot buttons for spend

Key content themes are pulled from dbase and dynamically populated intofollow-up email

Personalized “intent to spend”

Key Business management themes (Cashflow, cost savings, expense consolidation, etc.

Rewards topics of interest, site links

Personalized greeting andRepresentative salutation

best practices to increase revenue relevancy and engagement
Best practices to increase revenue, relevancy and engagement
  • Build your email strategy with the realization that email conversations happen inside and outside of the inbox
  • Know that an email opt-in is worth as much as your best customer’s spending history
  • Keep basic best practices in mind: Reputation, delivery, rendering and relevance
email opt in represents brand loyalty

Email Opt in represents brand loyalty

Email opt-in represents brand loyalty
  • Emailable households purchase $60 more annually
  • 40% penetration now –revenue lift by acquiring just 10% more opt-ins from existing HH is $4.5M
a nature made heatmap

The headline saw the highest percentages of viewing, with particular focus on CVS. It was clear that the featured items would be available at CVS.

Line of copy informing them of ad in up-coming paper, almost entirely unseen. Main message of email, the upcoming coupon, delivered mainly through imagery of coupon.

Participants entered the email, thoroughly reading the headline before reading the statement, “Fight Premature Aging with Nature Made”.

“Nature Made” in headline saw 60% of viewing, but logo further down the page saw about 50%. Not obvious to viewers that the email is from Nature Made.

Clicks were made on CTA buttons and imagery. Opportunity in increased conversion may lie in hyperlinking previously non-linked images.

About 50-60% of participants read over the top portion of the awards program section.

On the left hand side, the bolded font caught the eye, as did the call to action button beneath - causing the participants to skip over the bullet points.

This area received 30-40% viewing, with increased % around name – It’s a natural tendency for people to look for their own name in an email. Also higher viewing % on coupon image

A Nature Made heatmap
ten points to take home and implement
Ten points to take home and implement
  • Use your top search words in your email copy
  • Drive opt-in using every media channel
  • Integrate email delivery with media launches
  • Let social networks carry the message
  • Ensure your service team takes advantage of the opportunity to build relationships
ten points to take home and implement1
Ten points to take home and implement
  • Ensure your message renders correctly on a wide variety of devices and clients
  • Prepare a mobile landing page/call to action strategy now
  • Understand and leverage subscriber behavior
  • Leverage partners to grow your list
  • Test, optimize and embrace the notion of failure!
thank you continue this conversation at the email evolution conference in san diego 2 12 08

Thank-you!Continue this Conversation at the Email Evolution Conference in San Diego 2/12/08

Jeanniey MullenExecutive Director and Senior PartnerOgilvyOne WorldwideChairwoman Email Experience Council


David DanielsVice President andResearch DirectorJupiterResearchChairman Email Measurement

Accuracy Coalition