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DiSC Personal Profile System

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DiSC Personal Profile System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DiSC Personal Profile System. “I wonder … … if other people think the way I do ?” …how am I going to find the time to do all this?” …how can I cope with all this change?” …why can’t this team get anything done?”

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DiSC Personal Profile System

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disc personal profile system
DiSC Personal Profile System

“I wonder…

…if other people think the way I do?”

…how am I going to find the time to do all this?”

…how can I cope with all this change?”

…why can’t this team get anything done?”

…if my boss appreciates me?”

…Can I make a difference?”

disc personal profile system understanding behavior
DiSC Personal Profile SystemUnderstanding Behavior
  • Focusing on behavior allows us to de-personalize differences and conflicts
  • Eliminated misunderstanding before the conflict
  • De-personalize the situation and replace the misunderstanding with acceptance
disc personal profile system why do we want to behavior profile
DiSC Personal Profile SystemWhy do we want to Behavior Profile
  • Create an environment most conducive to our success
  • Increase our understanding of other ways of behaving
  • Minimize potential conflict with others
  • Maximize our potential for success
disc personal profile system what is the marston s model
DiSC Personal Profile SystemWhat is the Marston’s Model
  • William M. Marston 1920, Emotions of Normal People.
  • Marston was interested in how normal people felt and behaved as they interacted with the world around them.
  • Based on a four-dimensional model, divides behavior into four distinct dimensions: Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness (DiSC).
  • What’s more important, the perception or the event.
disc personal profile system marston s model2
DiSC Personal Profile SystemMarston’s Model

Genetic Traits

Core Personality


disc personal profile system marston s model4
DiSC Personal Profile SystemMarston’s Model

DiSC & O

Genetic Traits

Core Personality

Responses (Surface Traits)





DiSC Personal Profile System



disc personal profile system dimensions of behavior
DiSC Personal Profile SystemDimensions of Behavior





disc personal profile system dimensions of behavior1
DiSC Personal Profile SystemDimensions of Behavior



Fast Paced


Task Oriented




People Oriented



Slow Paced Deliberate



disc personal profile system d dominance
DiSC Personal Profile SystemD-Dominance
  • Emphasizes: Shaping the environment by overcoming opposition and challenges.
  • Tendencies: Getting immediate results, taking action, accepting challenges, making quick decisions.
  • Motivated by: challenge, power and authority, direct answers, opportunities for individuals accomplishments freedom from direct control, new and varied activities.
  • Fear: Loss of control in their environment; being taken advantage of.
  • You will notice: Self-confidence decisiveness, and risk-taking.
  • Limitations: Lack of concern for others, impatience, moving forward without considering outcomes
disc personal profile system c conscientiousness
DiSC Personal Profile SystemC-Conscientiousness
  • Emphasizes: Working within circumstances to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Tendencies: Attention to standards and details, analytical thinking, accuracy, diplomacy, and indirect approaches to conflict
  • Motivated by: Clearly defined performance expectations, quality and accuracy being valued, atmosphere is reserved and business-like and articulated standards.
  • Fear: Criticism of their work, slipshod methods, situations emotionally out of control
  • You will notice: Behavior that is cautious, precise, diplomatic, restrained, perfectionist, and factual
  • Limitations: Overly critical of self and others, indecision because of desire to collect and analyze data, creativity hampered by need to follow rules.
disc personal profile system s steadiness
DiSC Personal Profile SystemS-Steadiness
  • Emphasizes: Achieving stability, accomplishing task by cooperating with other.
  • Tendencies: Calm, patient, loyal, good listeners.
  • Motivated by: Infrequent change, stability, sincere appreciation, cooperation, using traditional methods.
  • Fear: Loss of stability, the unknown, change, unpredictability.
  • You will notice: Patience, a team player, stability, methodical approach, calm, easy-going nature, concern for the group.
  • Limitations: Overly willing to give, putting their needs last, resistance to positive change.
disc personal profile system i influence
DiSC Personal Profile Systemi-influence
  • Emphasizes: Shaping the environment by persuading.
  • Tendencies: Involvement with people, making a favorable impression, enthusiasm, entertaining, group participation.
  • Motivated by: Social recognition, group activities, relationships,freedom of expression, freedom from control and details.
  • Fear: Social rejection, disapproval, loss of influence.
  • You will notice: Enthusiasm, charm, sociability, persuasiveness expression of emotion.
  • Limitations: Impulsiveness, disorganization, and lack of follow through
disc personal profile system behavior is
DiSC Personal Profile SystemBehavior is:

Let’s think of an Example:

  • Say you have been assigned to a new team at work. You’re in your first team meeting and you think, “I am not sure I can trust these people or if I can work with them.”
  • How will that thought influence your behavior?
  • Behavior has all these characteristics, learning our behavior and knowing about other people’s behavior will help us read the situation more accurately, respond to them more effectively and enjoy more success and satisfaction in what we do
disc personal profile system humor
DiSC Personal Profile SystemHumor
  • Getting on a busy elevator
    • D’s walk up, gets on the elevator, pushes the button that closes the door.
    • S’s will wait in line, moving from one line to another, appearing unable to make a decision.
    • C’s will get on the elevator. If it’s crowed, the C will count the number of people and, if the number is over the limit will make someone get off.
    • I’s lets other in, says, “Always room for one more!”
disc personal profile system humor1
DiSC Personal Profile SystemHumor
  • Ask for something on their desk:
    • The D has a messy desk. They say, “It’s there somewhere-you look for it.”
    • The S has everything filed in alphabetical order or by color code.
    • The C says, “It’s the third thing down in that pile.” the desk may be messy, but they know where everything is.
    • The I says, “I’m busy right now. Give me a few minutes and I’ll get back with you.” Has no idea where the thing is located, but won’t admit it..
disc personal profile system humor2
DiSC Personal Profile SystemHumor
  • Shopping for groceries
    • The D is the impulse shopper, No list
    • The S is prepared, has a list and gets it done efficiently
    • The C wouldn’t think of going shopping without coupons and a calculator
    • The I tells you where everything is in the store, whether you ask or not
disc personal profile system humor3
DiSC Personal Profile SystemHumor
  • Reading the Newspaper
    • The D mainly reads the headline and scatters the sections in the process.
    • The S looks over the entire paper. They clip interesting articles.
    • The C calls the newspaper if a word is incorrectly spelled.
    • The I will read the obituaries first to see if they know anyone
disc personal profile system humor4
DiSC Personal Profile SystemHumor
  • Seeing a movie in a theater
    • The D comes late and makes everyone stand while they take a middle seat
    • The S gets there 15 minutes early. Then stays to see the entire credits at the end of the movie
    • The C reads the reviews before attending
    • The I attends in groups. They are the ones doing all the applauding and talking.
disc personal profile system summary
DiSC Personal Profile SystemSummary

The Personal Profile System is designed to help individual accomplish the following:

  • Identify and Understand their DiSC Dimension of Behavior
  • Learn how their behavior impacts their effectiveness
  • Discover their behavioral strengths
  • Value differences in others
  • Explore ways to adapt their behavior to meet the needs of the situation
disc personal profile system summary1
DiSC Personal Profile SystemSummary

The Personal Profile System is designed to help individual accomplish the following:

  • Enhance individual performance and performance
  • Develop willingness to accept others and adapt to their needs
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Improve communication skills
disc personal profile system test
DiSC Personal Profile SystemTest

The world would be a better place if people were more alike?

  • False

Human behavior remains the same in every situation?

  • False

People with high D Dimension of behavior tend to make the best managers?

  • False
disc personal profile system test1
DiSC Personal Profile SystemTest

Description found in the Classical Patterns are called “tendencies rather than absolutes?

  • True

The Personal Profile System provides a complete picture of who someone is deep down inside?

  • False

The main purpose of the Personal Profile System is to predict behavior?

  • False

DiSC Personal Profile System

Thank you for attending!

I hope you have learned as much as I have during this session.