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DiSC Personal Profile System PowerPoint Presentation
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DiSC Personal Profile System

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DiSC Personal Profile System
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DiSC Personal Profile System

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  1. DiSC Personal Profile System Dimensions of Behavior Based primarily on Positive Personality Profiles by Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph. D.

  2. The “D” Style - Dominance • Description: Dominant, Driving, Doers • Style: Task-oriented / Outgoing, Fast paced • Symbol: Exclamation point - emphatic in everything they do • Focus: Get the job done - just do it! Overcome opposition and achieve your goals! Winners never quit... quitters never win! • Basic Needs: Challenge, Control, Choices • Outlook on Life: To lead or be in charge • Basic fear - being taken advantage of / loss of control. • Motivated by challenges • “Go Getters” - natural tendency is to try to motivate others that way. • Under pressure: may look like they have a lack of concern for others views and feelings. "D types can be very self-sufficient, relying on their natural abilities and talents to get them through difficult situations... They are never satisfied with the status quo. They are constantly looking for new and better ideas and ways of doing things.” Positive Personality Profiles [pg. 42-43]

  3. The “I” Style - Influence • Description: Inspirational, Influencing, Impulsive • Style: People-oriented / Outgoing • Symbol: Star - They love recognition and being the center of attention • Focus: I am for you! If we all pull in the same direction and stay motivated, there is no end to the success... and fun... we can have. • Basic Needs: Recognition, Approval, Popularity • Outlook on Life: To persuade others to their way of thinking • A Very optimistic - can do everything! Glass is half-full. • Basic fear - social rejection. • Motivated by and through others (public recognition.) • Start in mid-sentence, over-promise. • Under pressure: can appear to be disorganized. Actually very organized, can multitask well. "High I's are very friendly. They seem to talk to or wave to everyone they see. They know no strangers. After you have been with them five minutes, you feel like you have known them all your life." Positive Personality Profiles [pg. 61]

  4. The “S” Style - Steadiness • Description: Steady, Stable, Supportive • Style: People-oriented / Reserved • Symbol: Plus/Minus - They bring a balance to the “people equation” • Focus: All for one and one for all. If we all work together, we can make a great team. Working together we can do it! • Basic Needs: Appreciation, Security, Approval • Outlook on Life: To provide necessary support to help get the job completed • Motivated by consistency and predictability. • Basic fear - change and ‘new’. • Peacemakers, bridge-builders - glue that holds the organization together. • Under pressure - give in, “whatever.” "An S is very orderly and efficient, preferring to know that things are running smoothly…They prefer the standard, tried and proven way of doing things... One of their mottoes is, 'Working together we can do it.’ ” Positive Personality Profiles [pg. 81]

  5. The “C” Style - Conscientiousness • Description: Competent, Cautious, Careful • Style: Task-oriented / Reserved • Symbol: Question Mark - They want to know the “why” behind what they do • Focus: Make sure things are done in a correct manner. Goods and services provided with quality ensure long-standing relationships. • Basic Needs: Quality answers, Excellence, Value • Outlook on Life: To be conscientious and consistent • Motivated by quality and correctness. • Basic fear - criticism of their work. • “Do it right the first time.” Never wrong! If they are, it’s because of directions. • Under pressure - appear to slow down and become over-analytic and pragmatic. "The C type is usually extremely gifted. They are very bright and have a high capacity for intellectual achievement. They know how to take a big project and break it down into little components.” Positive Personality Profiles [pg. 99]

  6. Now D“I Will” Needs to know what/when? I“I Want” Needs to know who? Big Picture Tasks People S“I Feel” Needs to know how? C“I Think” Needs to know why? Parts Latter

  7. Behavior

  8. D I S C An Example mix: Inspirational Pattern • Persons with the Inspirational Pattern consciously attempt to modify the thoughts and actions of others. Seeking to control their environment, they are astute in identifying and manipulating another person’s existing motives and direction the resulting behavior toward a predetermined end. • Inspirational persons are clear about the results they want, but they do not always verbalize them immediately. They introduce the results they want only after they have created a climate of readiness in the other person. For example, Inspirational persons offer friendship to those desiring acceptance, more authority to those who seek power, and security to those seeking a predictable environment. • Inspirational persons can be charming in their contacts with others. They are persuasive in obtaining assistance for repetitive and time-consuming details. However, people often experience a conflicting sensation of being drawn to them and yet being curiously distanced. Others may have a feeling of being ‘used.’