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Operations Manager: The Top 20 “Must Have" Customizations and addons PowerPoint Presentation
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Operations Manager: The Top 20 “Must Have" Customizations and addons

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Operations Manager: The Top 20 “Must Have" Customizations and addons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BB33. Operations Manager: The Top 20 “Must Have" Customizations and addons. Alexandre Verkinderen Principal Consultant Europe, OpsMgr MVP Infront Consulting Group. Agenda.

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Presentation Transcript
operations manager the top 20 must have customizations and addons

Operations Manager: The Top 20 “Must Have" Customizations and addons

Alexandre Verkinderen

Principal Consultant Europe, OpsMgr MVP

Infront Consulting Group

  • Review and explore the most common customizations and add-ons we see and implement at customers in their OpsMgr deployments
    • 20 customizations | 60 minutes
  • Additional notes and information on customizations posted to: http://scug.be/blogs/scom
  • www.systemcentercentral.com/mps
agenda what will you learn
AgendaWhat will you learn?




  • Network Device
  • Files, Folders and Network Shares
  • PKI & Certificate
  • Monitoring During Business Hours
  • Default MP
  • CYA Rules
  • AD Security Auditing
  • Branch Office Maintenance Mode
  • Scheduled Maintenance Mode
  • Community Knowledge Base
  • MP update
  • MP backup
  • Savision
  • DW Grooming
  • Closed Alert View
  • WMI Rebuild
  • SCCM Dashboard
  • OpsMgr Agent perf
1 network device monitoring challenge
1. Network Device MonitoringChallenge

Network monitoring beyond simple device availability

  • OpsMgr – Up / Down on device only
  • Essentials – Device and interface (generic device)

Solution Criteria





  • Network interface monitoring
  • Performance (CPU, memory)
  • Hardware (fans, power, etc)
  • Specialized devices (UPS, VPN, firewall)
  • Vendor-specific monitoring (APC, Cisco, HP)
1 network device monitoring community solution
1. Network Device MonitoringCommunity Solution

xSNMP Network Monitoring Suite (Kris Bash)

Management Packs in the xSNMP Suite:

  • Generic Network Device MP
  • APC (UPS)
  • Brocade FC-Switches
  • Check Point Secure Platform
  • Cisco Network Devices
  • HP ProCurve
  • HP Proliant
  • Net-SNMP
  • Syslog
architecture and considerations xsnmp management pack suite
Architecture and ConsiderationsxSNMP Management Pack Suite

Architecture Highlights

  • Well-Planned Service and Health Models
  • Utilizes SNMP, SYSLOG and PowerShell modules
  • Potential discovery of 1,000’s of network interfaces (as instances)


  • Use a dedicated proxy agent
  • Plan network interface monitoring carefully
  • Be selective in interface performance collection
2 cya rules challenge
2. CYA RulesChallenge

CYA whenimplementingOpsMgr.

Common Scenarios

  • HealthService.exe CPU
  • MonitoringHost.exe CPU
3 pki server and certificate monitoring challenge
3. PKI Server and Certificate MonitoringChallenge

Monitor PKI and certificate components across the enterprise (often 1000’s of objects)

Common Scenarios


Expiration Notification

Critical Certs

  • Root CA Validity
  • Certificate Validity
  • CRL Currency
3 pki server and certificate monitoring community solution
3. PKI Server and Certificate MonitoringCommunity Solution

PKI Certificate Verification MP (Raphael Burri)

Class-based Discovery and Monitoring of Files and Shared Folders

architecture and considerations pki certificate verification management pack
Architecture and ConsiderationsPKI Certificate Verification Management Pack

Certificate Store

Architecture Highlights

  • Uses CertUtil.exeto discover certificates and CRLs.
  • Implements cookdown – single script for discovery & monitoring
  • Scales well to 1,000’s of objects


  • Only discover root 3rd party CA if necessary
  • Override to prevent SMS cert discovery



Non-Root Certificate

Root Certificate

4 monitor during business hours missing feature
4. Monitor during business HoursMissing Feature

Monitor Applications onlyduring business hours.

Common Scenarios

  • System.SchedulerFilter
5 file folder and share monitoring challenge
5. File, Folder and Share MonitoringChallenge

Monitor file, folder and shares for availability, threshold and performance





Common Scenarios

  • File size, age and count
  • Folder size
  • SMB Share availability
  • File copy performance
6 basic specific security monitoring rules
6. Basic / Specific Security Monitoring Rules

Audit Active Directory changes on the Essentials 2010 platform (where ACS is not available)

Minimal Config

Type-based Views

Built-in Report

7 monitoring and alerting on changes to the default mp
7. Monitoring and alerting on changes to the Default MP
  • Cause
    • Don’t use the disable option!
    • Educate the end-user!
  • Negativeeffects
    • Management Pack Dependencies
    • Limit your recovery capabilities
8 savision livemaps
8. SavisionLiveMaps

Common Scenarios

Easy to implement

Easily share those views

Add relevancy

  • Need visualization
savision livemaps


Logged on User Discovery


9 scheduled maintenance mode challenge
9. Scheduled Maintenance Mode Challenge

Schedule maintenance mode for large groups of objects without complicated scripts

Address HS and HSW maintenance automatically

9 scheduled maintenance mode community solution
9. Scheduled Maintenance Mode Community Solution

Web Maintenance Mode Scheduler (Steve Rachui)

Simple GUI utility to automate management of maintenance mode schedules

10 community knowledge base challenge
10. Community Knowledge BaseChallenge

Provide users with a way to search for answers to alerts from the Operations and Essentials consoles

Easy to Install

Targeted Search Accurate Results

Simple for Users to Contribute

Common Scenarios

  • One-click Community Search
  • Integrated into Operations and SCE Consoles
  • Allow users to share their own solutions
10 community knowledge base community solution
10. Community Knowledge BaseCommunity Solution

ReSearchThis! KB and MP (Cameron Fuller)

One-click search and share of System Center community knowledge bases from the Operations console



  • Mgmt Pack Tuning Guides
  • Alert Tuning Tips
  • Event Reference
  • Community MP Catalog
  • Share your System Center solution with the community
  • Dialogue with MVP / community moderators
11 automated mpbackup
11. Automated MPBackup

Backup yourMP’s on a regular time!

Common Scenarios

  • Automated MP backup solution
12 management pack update
12. Management Pack Update

Keepyour Management Pack up to date!


Test in lab

Common Scenarios

  • Automated alerting when updated MP is available
13 opsmgr agent performance
13. OpsMgrAgent Performance

ImproveyourOpsMgr agent Performance!

Easy to implement

Direct Results

You will be a hero!

Common Scenarios

  • Wscript version MP
  • Anti Virus exlusions
14 wmi rebuild
14. WMI Rebuild

OpsMgr relies heavily on WMI!!

Common Scenarios

  • RepairWMI.CMD
  • Install kb933061
15 mobile notification

15. Mobile Notification



16 sccm dashboard for opsmgr
16. SCCM Dashboard for OpsMgr

Use SCCM Dashboard to visualizeOpsMgrHealth !

Easy to Install

Easy Access to Key information

Common Scenarios

  • Integrated into Sharepoint
  • Create custom dashboards for different departments, based on site, user’s group membership
16 sccm dashboard

16. SCCM Dashboard




17. Branch Office Maintenance ModeChallenge

Stop alerts raised for branch office servers when WAN link goes down

  • Identify WAN Outage
  • Put Branch Servers in Maintenance Mode
  • Identify WAN Recovery
  • Remove Branch Servers from Maintenance Mode




17. Branch Office Maintenance Mode Community Solution

Branch Office Maintenance Mode (Steve Ross)

Identification of WAN outage with automated maintenance mode for branch office servers

19 dw grooming
19. DW Grooming

Reduceyour Event Data withinyourOpsMgr DW and win DB space.

USE OperationsManagerDW

UPDATE StandardDatasetAggregation

SET MaxDataAgeDays = ‘10’

WHERE GroomStoredProcedureName = 'EventGroom'

20 more to explore other great extensions to check out
20. More to Explore Other Great Extensions to Check Out
  • Virtual Machine Discovery MP
  • Remote Maintenance Mode MP (Derek Harkin)
  • NetApp Management Pack (Oskar Landman)
  • HP EVA Performance MP
  • Adobe Flash Mediaserver MP (Raphael Burri)
  • Agent Availability MP
  • Group Population from CMDB
  • Wake-on-LAN for Essentials (coming soon)
  • Ticketing for Essentials (coming soon)
  • Community Day 2010

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