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Review of Literature PowerPoint Presentation
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Review of Literature

Review of Literature

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Review of Literature

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  1. Review of Literature (Research Paper)

  2. Review of Literature • Must be 3-5 pages in length (ONLY 12 font/ double-spaced) and contain 8-12 sources/ references. • This is where all of your research is documented and where all of your resources/ references are listed (attached to back on their own page). • ONLY .gov, .org, .edu, or specially approved websites can be used to find information. • All websites should be current; nothing before 2005, unless otherwise approved. • Research EVERY part of your project idea. • Look up key words in the encyclopedia/ dictionary. • Find information on previous results that others have had doing the same experiment/ project.

  3. APA Format • All work handed in must be in APA Format. • You can go to • This website will help you cite in and out of your text. • IN TEXT CITATIONS- If you use information directly and do not change words, it must be in quotations with the author’s last name and pg. # • Example: “Mendel’s father bred fruit trees” (Van Gorp, 12). • Online Example: (Environmental Protection Agency, 2011) • REFERENCES- This is the list of resources you used throughout the project. • Correct Format for Online Resource- Environmental Protection Agency, Initials. (2011, July 29). A brief guide to mold, moisture, and your home. Retrieved from

  4. Plagiarism • Do NOT copy and paste ANYTHING! • If you are using anyone else's ideas, they need to be in your own words or in quotations AND author must ALWAYS get credit in your references.

  5. 1. Think of 5 or more questions that need to be answered/ researched about your topic. • EX: Testing whether the temperature of water effects plant growth. • Questions/ research to look up! • Research the specific type of plant; where is it from? What is the climate like in its natural habitat? How fast does this plant usually grow? • What do plants need to grow? • Is there a difference between hot and cold water? • What is the average temperature of water that plants need to grow? What is room temperature? • What is photosynthesis? Do certain temperatures of water affect the growth of plants?

  6. Now write down your five questions that need to be answered/ researched about your topic. Write them in loose-leaf sheet of paper!

  7. 2. Look up your question/research using credible websites! • Credible Websites: Should end in .edu, .org, .net, and .gov. • Ex- Non-Credible Websites: Ask your teacher about any websites you are not sure!