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AIDS By N.W HIV and AIDS are two different diseases You can get AIDS like you get a cold or flu AIDS has three stages AIDS is a killer A heterosexual is someone who is intimate with only the opposite gender You can’t prevent AIDS

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By N.W

true or false pre test
HIV and AIDS are two different diseases

You can get AIDS like you get a cold or flu

AIDS has three stages

AIDS is a killer

A heterosexual is someone who is intimate with only the opposite gender

You can’t prevent AIDS

A homosexual is someone who is intimate with only people of the same gender

You can only get AIDS from having unprotected sex

You can get AIDS by being in a pool or hot tub

AIDS can be cured

True or False pre-test
common questions
Common Questions
  • What is AIDS?
  • How can AIDS be contracted?
  • What are the symptoms of AIDS?
  • How can you prevent AIDS?
  • How will you know if you have AIDS or not?
  • How do you know if you have AIDS or HIV?
general information
General Information
  • AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  • In 1983 AIDS was given an identity
  • AIDS has three stages: HIV, ARC, and AIDS
  • In Africa the most common cause of death is AIDS
  • AIDS is found in both homosexual and heterosexual people
  • AIDS can not be contracted only by having unprotected sex
stage 1 hiv
Stage 1: HIV
  • HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus
  • Most people won’t even know that they have HIV
  • You most likely won’t even realize that something is wrong until you hit ARC
  • The only way HIV can be detected is by having a blood test
  • In some situations people’s HIV does not even develop
  • Some people carry it there whole lives without knowing
stage 2 arc
Stage 2: ARC
  • ARC stands for AIDS related complex
  • This is the stage where all the symptoms come in
  • The symptoms can begin to act anywhere from 8 weeks to 8 years or longer
  • As I stated before though, some people don’t even reach this stage
stage 2 arc symptoms
Loss of appetite or unexplained loss of weight

Night sweats

Long lasting fever or diarrhea

Red shingle blisters

Cancer of the lymphatic system

Weakening in the legs; difficulty with climbing stairs

Armpit, neck, or groin glands which are swollen

Unexplainable dry cough

Thickened mucous membrane or white sore patches on the tongue, mouth, or female genitals

Blemishes or white patches in the mouth

Stage 2: ARC symptoms
stage 3 aids
Stage 3: AIDS
  • AIDS in its full form means to receive of a cluster or pattern of diseases that cause a lack of white blood cells in the immune system
  • This is pretty much what happens, AIDS works at killing of your white blood cells, so it travels through the blood stream
  • White blood cells are the cells in your blood which kill off bacteria and protect you from infections
  • Without these your are an easy target for diseases
  • Therefore AIDS isn’t really a killer of the body, it is a killer of the system, or a weakener if you will
  • AIDS is infectious and contagious (under certain circumstances)
diseases contracted with aids
Types of tuberculosis

Types of pneumonia

Kaposi’s sarcoma (cancer)

Dementia (mental/psychological dysfunction)

Emaciation (extreme weight loss)

Or sometimes rare diseases

Lung deficiencies



Blurred vision or blindness



Colitis (stomach/intestine)

Esophagitis (throat)

Diseases contracted with AIDS
forms of contracting aids
Forms of contracting AIDS
  • Having unprotected sex or having sex with a carrier, but that carrier needs to have a very large amount of HIV to infect another person
  • Using dirty needles
  • Getting a blood transfusion from an unclean donor
  • Sharing a needle when doing IV drugs (injections)
  • If your mother is a carrier it can be passed down through pregnancy
things that would not cause you to contract aids
Things that would not cause you to contract AIDS
  • Person coughing or sneezing
  • Contact with tears, saliva, or sweat
  • Hugging fully clothed
  • Holding hands
  • Or
  • Giving massage on bare skin
ways to protect yourself from aids
Ways to protect yourself from AIDS
  • Don’t do IV drugs period, simple as that!
  • Make sure that you use a different, CLEAN needle each time
  • Don’t share needles
  • 98% of blood donations are screened now
  • Make sure both you and your partner are checked before you take your relationship to the next level
  • Make sure that both you and your partner are wearing clean, new and unaffected sexual protection (for condoms latex is highly suggested)
  • Use a water based lubrication, oil based lubrications will weaken protections
how you find out if you have aids
How you find out if you have AIDS
  • Go to a doctor get for a blood test
  • Blood test will be done and checked for HIV anti-bodies
  • The anti-bodies of HIV are generally produced about three weeks after infection
  • If there is a high rate of anti-bodies you will be marked as positive for having HIV
  • If there is a low rate the doctors may notice the anti-bodies, if not then you will receive a negative test result
  • The required time highly suggested to wait to before getting tested is six months after your last injection, or sexual activity, but it is said that three months is also possible, though this is as a minimum amount of time.
post test
What are the 3 stages of AIDS in order?

List 3 ways you can contract AIDS

What does AIDS do to your immune system?

What does AIDS stand for?

What does PWA stand for?

Is it true that when you get AIDS you become very hungry and frequently binge?

When was AIDS first identified

Is AIDS infectious or contagious?

Is AIDS only found in homosexuals?

Which continent has the highest amount of deaths caused by AIDS?

Were all people with AIDS unhealthy before they contracted it?

Do all people with AIDS die of the same disease?

Do all people with ARC experience the same symptoms?

answer key for pre test










Answer Key for Pre-test
answer key for post test

Unprotected sex, blood transfusion, IV drugs, at birth if the mother is a carrier

It deteriorates (breaks down) the immune system

Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome

Person With AIDS

No it is not true, you actually lose your appetite

7. 1983

8. Both (contagious under certain circumstances)

9. No

10. Africa

11. No

12. Theoretically yes, technically no

13. No

Answer Key for Post-test