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Al Jazirah Ford - Enterprise Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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Al Jazirah Ford - Enterprise Portal

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Al Jazirah Ford - Enterprise Portal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Al Jazirah Ford - Enterprise Portal. Project Kick off. Agenda. Introduction and Project Goals Timelines and Milestones Scope Team Organization Roles & Responsibilities. Introduction - Customer Profile. Al-Jazirah started selling Ford Vehicles in November 1987.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction and Project Goals
  • Timelines and Milestones
  • Scope
  • Team Organization
  • Roles & Responsibilities
introduction customer profile
Introduction - Customer Profile
  • Al-Jazirah started selling Ford Vehicles in November 1987.
  • With Showrooms in each of the major provinces, Al-Jazirah is the sole distributor of Ford and Lincoln throughout Saudi Arabia
  • Al Jazirah Vehicles is the world's largest Ford Crown Victoria dealer for ten consecutive years, It is the largest Ford export spare parts dealer in the world and the dealer who owns the two largest Ford showrooms and the largest parts warehouse in the world.
introduction project goals
Introduction – Project Goals
  • Automation of all Policies & Procedures
  • Complete Office automation
  • Paper less Work
  • Minimize clicks / navigation to critical information
  • Transparency
  • To provide the Employees with a collaboration tool.
  • Customer feedback, complaints tracking
  • Tracking & Traceability
project timelines
Project Timelines

* The above timeline may change based on Requirements gathering

project scope
Project Scope


  • Employee Management
  • HR Management
  • Information Management
  • Customer Management
  • Utilities & Help Desk
  • Security Management
  • Document Management System


  • Implementation and Training at Single Location, Saudi Arabia,Riyadh
development model sdlc
Development Model - SDLC








Quality Assurance


Software Testing



Production Support

steering committee
Steering Committee
  • Al-Jazirah Ford Members
    • Project Champion - TBD
    • Project Manager - TBD
    • Subject Matter Expert - TBD
  • Exensys Members
    • Mr. Sunil Bankalgi, Delivery Manager
    • Mr. N.G Venkat, Account Manager
    • Mr. Swamy Boyapati, VP, Global Delivery

Project Management

  • Exensys Members
    • Mr. Zakir Ahmed - Project Manager
    • Mr. Mohammed Raheem – Technical Lead
    • Project Team – Business Analyst & Technical Resources

Communication Management

  • All mails to be communicated through the gateway emails:
  • Exensys Gateway Mail:

  • We recommend a gateway email from Al Jazirah alsoso that project communication can be made.
escalation management cont
Escalation Management-Cont

*All the issues must be escalated only if there is no response from the reported person for a period of 3 working days.


Project Management

  • Project Management Information System – Microsoft Project Server (MSP)
  • MSP empowers our clients to access project related information online, anytime.
  • Following Project Management Activities would be handled through MSP.
    • Project Plan
    • Minutes Of Meetings
    • Status Reporting
    • Issue Management
    • Risk Management

Project Management - MSP

  • Microsoft
  • Project Plan

.doc .pdf .xls

  • Risks &
  • Issues
  • Resource Manager(s)
  • Executive(s)
  • Project Manager(s)

Project Server

.doc .pdf .xls

.doc .pdf .xls

  • Online
  • Reports
  • Document Management
  • Risks &
  • Issues
  • Risks &
  • Issues
  • Team Member(s)
  • Client(s)
customer project activities
Customer Project Activities
  • Project Preparation
  • Requirements phase
  • Execution
  • Deployment phase
  • Production Support
project preparation
Project Preparation
  • Customer Project Manager:
    • Review project plans and activities with Exensys PM
    • Manage Customer Resources during project execution
    • Manage issue resolution process
    • Review change management process
    • Validating issues with steering committee & project committee
    • Identify Key Users and End Users
    • Expedite timely decisions
    • Monitor Project progress with Exensys Project manager
  • Customer Key User:
    • Provide Business Information
    • Active Participation in the entire Project execution
requirements phase
Requirements Phase
  • Customer Project Manager:
    • Review project plans and activities with Exensys PM
    • Coordinate Business requirement gathering
    • Review and approve changes to project scope and time schedule
    • Project documents sign-off
    • Provide Sample Data
  • Customer Key User:
    • Provide Business Information
  • Customer Project Manager:
    • Review project plans and activities with Exensys PM
    • Manage issue resolution process
    • Monitor Project progress with Exensys Project manager
    • Review project deliverables and provide signoff
deployment phase
Deployment Phase
  • Customer Project Manager:
    • Coordinate technical environment setup including Test Environment
    • Identify and map users to training courses
    • Work with Exensys PM to manage issue resolution
    • Work with Exensys PM on Cutover
    • Rollout out and monitor end-user training
    • Ensure the following:
      • System administration tasks
      • Database administration tasks
      • Network administration tasks
      • Operating System administration tasks
      • Authorization administration tasks
  • Customer Key User:
    • Participate in training and UAT
    • Work with consultants on preparing and executing cutover plan
    • (functional) Support users at Go-live

Production Support

  • Customer Project Manager:
    • Support Go Live activities
    • Go Live Sign off
    • Project Closure sign off
    • Manage transition to ongoing support plan
  • Customer Key User:
    • Support users at Go-live

Steering Committee - Responsibilities

  • Monitor Project Progress
  • Guide the Project Team
  • Ensure availability of all Resources
  • Resolve escalated issues
  • Promote the Project
  • Conduct monthly meetings on Project progress
  • Attend Milestone Event Meetings

Al JazirahPM - Responsibilities

  • Overall Project management of the project
  • Go-No-Go Decisions
  • Provide clarifications about the features being built if any.
  • Validating issues with steering committee & project committee
  • Providing resolutions to issue conflicts
  • Identify Functional Core Team, Key Users, Subject Matter Experts
  • Nominate IT Core Team
  • Expedite timely decisions on various issues, documents, etc.
  • Act as an interface between the Al jazirah and Exensys teams.

Al JazirahKey Users - Responsibilities

  • Provide Business Information
  • Validation of
    • As-Is Business Process
    • To-Be Business Process
  • Active Participation in the Project
  • Ensure availability of Data

Exensys PM - Responsibilities

  • Overall management of the project
  • Report progress of the project
  • Resource deployment
  • Validating issues with steering committee
  • Providing resolutions to issue conflicts
  • Address policy issue resolutions
  • Ensure availability of adequate resources
  • Act as the initial Point of Contact for interface between Exensys and Al jazirah Ford.

Critical Success Factors

  • Management commitment
  • Availability of Key Users during Project Life Cycle
  • End user acceptability of the new system
  • Handholding of End Users after Go Live
  • Proactive risk management by Exensys through learnings from past experiences