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NATIONAL TRAFFIC ANTI-CORRUPTION SENSITIZATION BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION. National Traffic Chiefs Summit East London 28/11/2013 Mr Jody J Pillay: Head of NTACU Deputy Chief of Police RTMC

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National traffic anti corruption sensitization




National Traffic Chiefs Summit

East London 28/11/2013

Mr Jody J Pillay: Head of NTACU

Deputy Chief of Police


Acknowledgement: South African Police Services

National traffic anti corruption sensitization


  • Opening & welcome

  • Purpose

  • Expectations

  • Ground rules

  • Sensitization

  • Assessment

  • Roll-out/ Way Forward

  • Closure

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

Categories of Corruption %

Fraud & Bribery 19%

Abuse of government resources 13%

Mismanagement of Government Funds 11%

Identity document fraud 10%

Procurement irregularities 9%

Appointment irregularities 8%

Unethical Behaviour 8%

Other Criminal Conduct 7%

As per PSC Report 4/2011

Irrespective of whether you serve in Public Service, Traffic Police or SAPS, we share a common identity, we are all part of ONE FAMILY!

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

  • How do you feel about CORRUPTION involving others?

  • Consider these headlines:

  • 3 Kaizer Chiefs players investigated by SAFA for matchfixing allegations 􀂱 Pretoria News

  • Springbok Flyhalf “missed” kicks in All Blacks test links made to betting syndicate The Sowetan

  • Cop gear for hire, arrest of constable said to have leased blue lights, guns, uniforms to robbersThe Pretoria News

  • Bribery claims hit SA Soccer, top referee claims bribery

  • of referees is rife 􀂱 The Citizen

  • Two Traffic Officers arrested on charges of corruption NTACU

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

Frequently asked questions.

What is corruption?

What is the difference between corruption, poor service

delivery and other crime?

What do I do about gifts that have been given to me?

What perceptions do people have of corruption in the

Traffic Policing fraternity?

Do we have an Anti-corruption Strategy?

What effect does Corruption have on the Community?

What could the implications of Corruption be for you?

What causes corruption?

What can I do if I know about Corruption?

What are the facts about the Anti-corruption Hotline?

Why do people who know about Corruption not report it?

What do traffic officers say about Corruption?.

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

What is Corruption?

Corruption is the abuse of power for personal gain involving at least two people

Abuse of power

Traffic police get their power from the job / work they are required to do (PMDS /

Job Description)

Investigate a case docket / organize and execute a Drunk driving operation / receive

complaints fom the public,

The abuse of power happens when an officer does his/her job in an irregular /

wrong manner,

The person abuses the powers they have by either omission or commission

ACT: An officer lets an alleged drunk driver off in return for cash /

provides information on a crime prevention operation

OMISSION: A member does not arrest a suspect wanted

for a crime

There is no free cup of coffee!

National traffic anti corruption sensitization


Personal gain

This is something the officer receives that has monetary value,

it is worth something

A member receives R 1000 for a case docket from the accused

The member receives something of value, something that is

worth money, e.g. a cell phone, a ticket to a sporting event in

exchange for either doing something or not doing something

It involves at least two people

The person abusing their power (doing or not doing something

linked to their work)

The person who benefits from the abuse of power, and who

gives something of value in return

Note: Both parties will be charged with Corruption

Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act.

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

In order to achieve a safe and secure

environment for all people of SA I undertake to: NRTLEC

Act with integrity in rendering an effective

service of a high standard which is accessible

to everybody and continuously strive towards

improving this services

Work towards preventing any form of

corruption and to bring the perpetrators

thereof to justice

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

The public (and certain members of the Traffic Police) see poor service delivery

or criminal acts such as theft as being corruption

Corruption has a specific definition and poor service delivery may not

necessarily be corruption

However, this is the perception the public has and we mustchangethis

perception by:

Explaining the difference between poor service delivery, corruption and other forms of criminality

Developing a professional service where poor service delivery is not tolerated

When an officer breaks policy or procedure they commit an “Integrity Violation”

Member in uniform not wearing headdress

Member not reporting for duty when required to

Member being rude and unprofessional with members of the public

Member not working full 8 hours

Member taking resources (printing paper) from work

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

Are the following examples poor service delivery / integrity violations,other forms of crime, or corruption?:

Member sleeping on duty?

Integrity Violation, contravention of Discipline Regulations!

Criminal charge: Corruption!

Member using state vehicle for private purposes ?

Integrity Violation, contravention of eg Standing Orders / Criminal charge: use of vehicle without consent!

Member takes printing paper from work for use at home?

Criminal charge: Theft!

Member falsifies a travel and subsistence claim, pocketing an additional R 500?

Criminal charge: Fraud!

Criminal charge: Corruption!

Corruption is the abuse of power for personal gain involving at least two people

Other Crime defined by either common law or statutory law

Poor service delivery, Integrity Violations 􀂱 Discipline Regulations,

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

Gifts - something of value given by the public to a member Something of value could be anything: a hamburger and chips, a bottle of

liquor or perfume, a packet of biltong, a cellphone

The member could just have been doing their work, not abusing their power

A policy that states that all gifts received by members in the course of their duties must be declared

The gift must be recorded in the Gift Register at the Component member keeping the gift

We are all paid to do the job that has been given to us, gifts should not be necessary, we get paid a regular salary

Should the gift be considered acceptable, the gift should be returned to the member

Be cautious when accepting gifts, remember:

There is no such thing as a free lunch!!!


National traffic anti corruption sensitization

How Corrupt does the Public think WE are? * Survey conducted by the Institute for Security Studies 2001

Which Government Departments have thehighest levels of


Position number 4 Public Works

Position number 3 Housing

Position number 2 Home Affairs

Position number 1 Police incl TRAFFIC POLICE….

How corrupt do you think traffic is?

How do you feel about the perceptions the public have of the


You are all members of this profession

You are included in this perception the public has

Lets change this perception by being..



National traffic anti corruption sensitization

Government policy requires all departments to develop anti-corruption


Treasury Regulation 3.2 - A risk management strategy, incorporating a fraud

prevention plan must be developed and implemented within the department

4 Pillars of the Anti-corruption Strategy

Prevention - to develop a culture in TRAFFIC that is professional and does not

tolerate corruption and criminality

Detection - to proactively detect corruption within its ranks as well as all sectors

of society

Investigation - to investigate all reports and cases of corruption effectively and


Resolution- to counter act the effects of corruption by taking appropriate action,

through disciplinary action and the improvement of internal controls

-Corruption Strategy

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

IMPLICATIONS: anti-corruption

If you are found guilty on a criminal charge of Corruption:

You will be dismissed

You will lose your job

You will lose all the benefits that you have (e.g. leave accrued,

Check your benefits (disability, death and retirement), you will be


You will have a criminal record

You will struggle to get another job

You will not be able to leave the country

You will be considered to be a common criminal by society

You may even spend time in jail

You will lose the respect, goodwill / support of friends, family

and colleagues

You will have to explain to family (parents, wife and children) and

You may forfeit your assets, house, car as the State reclaims

the amount involved.

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

SOME OF THE CAUSES anti-corruption:

Low salaries ?!@*&#

Personal greed neighbour drives a better car than I do and I am sick

Only 19,2% of the population of South Africa earn more than R 50 000, how much do you earn?

The corrupting public Sense of entitlement Perceptions Inefficient control mechanisms

As officers, we have an obligation to report corruption

The Code of Conduct is clear, it states that all officers will: work actively

towards preventing any form of corruption and to bring the perpetrators

thereof to justice.

Information can be provided in two ways:

Anonymously the national Anti-corruption Hotline

The number is available, toll-free, 24-hours a day in all eleven


The Hotline focuses on anonymous reporting:


Confidentially using the Protected Disclosures Act.

National traffic anti corruption sensitization

Lack anti-corruptionof Knowledge of what corruption is and how to report it results in this picture National anonymous reporting Hotline: 0800 701 701.

RTMC: 0861 800 400

National traffic anti corruption sensitization


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