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Advisory Council

Åpent møte om Bellonas arbeid med “European Technology Platform on Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants ETP ZEFFPP” Oslo, 1. Mars 2006. Technology Platform ZEFFPP: Organisational Structure. Haege Appert Hill Soothill Valero. Agreed. Members of Co-ordination Group. Advisory Council.

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Advisory Council

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  1. Åpent møte om Bellonas arbeid med “European Technology Platform on Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power PlantsETP ZEFFPP”Oslo, 1. Mars 2006

  2. Technology Platform ZEFFPP:Organisational Structure Haege Appert Hill Soothill Valero Agreed Members of Co-ordination Group Advisory Council Mirror Group of Member States Morris Coordination Group Secretariat Otter O`Brien Market, Regulation & Policy Plants &CO2-Capture CO2-Use &Storage Infrastructure & Environment Communication & Public Acceptance Heithoff Stromberg Pisthauer Torp Christensen Sweeney Frisvold Giger Di Zanno Lacour-Gayet Von Goerne

  3. Technology Platform ZEFFPP:Organisational Structure/WGs • POPULATION OF WORKING GROUPS • STATUS • All nominees sent to WG Co-leads : 24Nov05 • Recommendations from WG Co-leads : 30Nov05 • Reviewed at CG#2 : 2Dec05 • Guidelines agreed at teleconference on 19Dec05 • Unless there are exceptional circumstances, no one organsiation to have more than 1 representative per WG and 2 overall • No representation from Trade Associations • Agreement of composition across all WGs : 10Jan06

  4. Technology Platform ZEFFPP:Organisational Structure/WGs : Member Nationality * * * Agreed recommendations as of 10Jan06 Member/Associated States 17 Others(* Non EU person in EU companies) 3

  5. Technology Platform ZEFFPP:Organisational Structure/WGs : Organisation Involvement Agreed recommendations as of 10Jan06

  6. Technology Platform ZEFFPP:Organisational Structure Agreed SRA/SDD Overseeing Responsibility Advisory Council Mirror Group of Member States Coordination Group Secretariat Market, Regulation & Policy Plants &CO2-Capture CO2-Use &Storage Infrastructure & Environment Communication & Public Acceptance SRA Responsibility: Appert Soothill Valero Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) SDD Responsibility: Haege Hill Sweeney Deployment Strategy (DS)

  7. SRA/SDD Breakdowns:Weighting/Contributions from WGs 50-100pp SRA WG1 Plants and CO2 Capture 10% 30% 10% WG2 CO2 Use and Storage 20% 30% WG3 Infrastructure and Environment WG4 Markets, Regulation and Policy 30% 20% WG5 Communication and Public Awareness 30% 10% SDD 50-100pp 10%

  8. ZEFFPP ETP Action Plan :High Level 2-Year Milestones and Timing Key Tasks Vision Strategic Research Agenda FP7 FP7 : Definition of WP FP7 : Call for Proposals Deployment Strategy Launch 1Dec05 General Assembly #1 General Assembly #2 Communication and Engagement Implementation of Strategy Joint Undertaking/Joint Technology Initiative? Member State Mirror Group/FENCO Recommendations 2006 2007

  9. KEY ACTIONS and DATES • Review Point 3 – Coordination Group Nov 4: 22 Feb 06 • SRA/SDD `Robust` Drafts: 28 April 06 • Review Point 4 – Coordination Group No 5: 12 May 06 • Consultation on SRA and SDD Draft Documents: 15 May-9 June 06 • Final Review Point – Coordination Group No 6: 21 June 06 • Advisory Council Endorsement: 22 June 06 • General Assembly/Presentation of SRA/SDD: 5 July 06? • Formal Publication of SRA/SDD: July 2006?

  10. Strategic Research Agenda : Scope and Shape Proposed Outline

  11. Strategic Deployment Document : Scope and Shape - 1 Proposed Outline

  12. Strategic Deployment Document : Scope and Shape - 2 Proposed Outline

  13. Scope of Working Groups 1 - 5: WG1 - Plants & CO2CaptureResponsibility:  Identify technologies with commercial potential by 2020. Identify technologies not commercial at 2020 but with potential to complement for later commercialization. Knowledge, structural gaps for each technology are to be identified with preconditions necessary to make commercialization possible, including market potential and cost structure. WG2 - CO2 Use & Storage Responsibility:  Identify best CO2 storage location options, use potential and emission points.  Use technology to identify types and quality of geological settings for use/storage. Include operational and post-operational aspects; Monitor and validate storage longevity and leakage, safety considerations.

  14. WG3 - Infrastructure & Environment Responsibility:  Identify the requirements for Europe wide CO2 CCS infrastructure. Identify technology required to design, develop and implement transportation of CO2 from source to storage. Develop commercial and market mechanisms including value chain economics to ensure least societal cost for CCS. Identify the net impact of such total infrastructure on the environment. WG4 – Market, Regulation & PolicyResponsibility:  Develop a proper policy and regulatory framework to motivate the development for CCS with ZEFFPP. The potential market must be understood and developed. Short and long term risk factors for emitters, technology sellers, project developers and end users are to be identified. WG5 -5 Communication and Public AcceptanceResponsibility:  Understand the public concern in Europe for CCS and alleviate by creating communication tools to explain CCS, its risks and benefits.

  15. European Technology Platform: Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants Workgroup #3 Infrastructure and Environment – Kickoff Workshop TIME LINE 7-8 February The Hague: Initial Workgroup meeting 17 February First draft 24 February Return of comments from WG members 2 March Second draft to WG Members 9 March Brussels: First Review meeting 5 April Brussels: Second review meeting 19 April Conference call 21 April Draft due to Coordination Committee 28 April First Draft deadline for SDD / SRA http://europa.eu.int/comm/research/energy/nn/nn_rt/nn_rt_co/article_2268_en.htm

  16. AC focus and R&D funding must also include engineering of existing technology- light house projects; Projects should not exclude CO2 emissions from industry and H2 production; AC also act as policy forum - to discuss and articulate policies for consideration of other EU institutions and MSs.

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