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ADVERTISING: Creative Strategy

ADVERTISING: Creative Strategy. The Creative Team. Creative Director (VP Creative). Copywriter. Art Director. This team develops the creative concept -- the central theme for the campaign. Stages of the Creative Process. “EMERGENT” Preparation Incubation Illumination Verification.

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ADVERTISING: Creative Strategy

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  1. ADVERTISING:Creative Strategy

  2. The Creative Team Creative Director (VP Creative) Copywriter Art Director This team develops the creative concept -- the central theme for the campaign.

  3. Stages of the Creative Process “EMERGENT” • Preparation • Incubation • Illumination • Verification

  4. Inputs to the Creative Process Working with the client Reading and analysis CREATIVE PROCESS Trying the product Listening to others Asking Questions Product research

  5. Creative Development Process Creative Brief Creative Objectives Creative Strategy Client Evaluation Creative Execution

  6. Creative Brief • 1. Problem (that advertising will resolve) • 2. Market Background Information • 3. Target Market Description • 4. Positioning Statement • [Here’s where we are]

  7. Creative Brief • 5. Communications Objectives • Advertising Objectives • Creative Objectives • 6. Creative Guidelines • Key Benefit(s) • Support Claims • Mandatories • Creative Strategy

  8. Pyramid Ale Web Creative Brief • OBJECTIVES: • Support image of Pyramid as contemporary, urban, hip and on top of it. • COMPETITION • The only significant microbrewery in the western U.S. with a web site is Redhook. • AUDIENCE • Men, 18-45. Guys with a few more bucks to spend, who appreciate new wrinkles done with the web. • POSITIONING STATEMENT • You should drink Pyramid, because they're the beers that are poured whenever smart, hip, discriminating people get together for a good time. • SUPPORT CLAIMS • +Incredible popularity of Seattle brewpub • +Presence of our brands at Bumbershoot, Summer Nights at the Pier, etc. • MANDATORIES/CAUTIONS • Be careful not to tread too close to the Bass Ale red triangle • CREATIVE STRATEGY • Fun, social, slightly irreverent although serious about the beer, • self-deprecating, accessible

  9. Creative Objectives Statements about what is to be communicated. 1. Key Benefit 2. Support Claims

  10. Example • Volvo “Cross Country” • Key Benefit • Goes off road • 2. Support Claims • Picture of off road

  11. Creative Strategy HOW the message will be communicated. 1. Reason for buying (motivation) 2. Appeal techniques 3. Tone and Style 4. Theme

  12. Other examples • FOR THE FOLLOWING ADS: • What are the Key Benefits? • 2. What are the Support Claims?

  13. Evaluation Guidelines • Does the ad communicate what it’s supposed to? • Is it communicate a clear, convincing message? • Is it an appropriate style for the product? • Does the execution overwhelm the message? • Is it appropriate for the target audience? • Is it appropriate for the media environment? • Is the ad truthful and tasteful?

  14. Bandura’s Social Learning Theory • THESIS: • People can learn from watching (others on television) • IMPLICATIONS: • Demonstrate • POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES or • HOW TO USE the product

  15. Quote of the Day • I don’t care about awards. • I want to sell product. • James Harralson • (CEO Royal Crown Cola)

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