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SEC Retreat Reflection

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SEC Retreat Reflection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEC Retreat Reflection
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  1. SEC Retreat Reflection October 1st 2011 Leads: Precious Kufo & Connelly Clifford Observers: Reba Neumann Pratte, Ian Weininger, Chang Xiong

  2. Intake Form • Student Entertainment Committee • Atrium 1 at 7pm Saturday the 1st. • 11 new members, 10 old  • SEC wants: getting to know each other, delegation, stress management, team-building, reliability. • SEC needs: communication-there were times where people talked over each other, but attentive at the same time, game focusing on what they can bring to the org., working toward inclusion, trust.  • SEC’s ideas: name game- name roulette, peek a boo (split into two teams, do the balloon game trust).... blindfold/trust walk/amazing maze/space robot

  3. Lead and Observer Planning • Prior to the retreat both the leads and the observers developed this agenda to meet the needs, wants, and goals of the organization.

  4. Evaluations • Ten members out of nineteen “strongly agreed” that that the retreat helped them develop into a stronger team • Nine stated that SOLC was “very effective” in meeting the organization’s needs. • Nine also stated that they “strongly agreed” that they got to know the group members better and that they will make progress in accomplishing their goals.

  5. Lead #1 • Seven stated that she “completely” connected to the group’s mission/needs • Nine responded with “extremely competent” with her competency towards facilitating the event. • Eight claimed that she was “extremely effective” in creating and maintaining a positive learning environment during the retreat. • Comments: “Engaging and respectful”, “handled side chatter”, “good leader”, “kept on track”.

  6. Lead #2 • Ten agreed with “very much” concerning her ability to connect to the group’s mission/needs • Eight stated that she was “extremely competent” and “very competent” during the retreat • Nine reported that she was “extremely effective” in creating and maintaining a positive learning environment during the event • Comments: “Could have been more involved, but great”, “clear, concise, very friendly”, “informative, didn’t tolerate side chatter”, “not afraid to speak up”, “excellent presence”.

  7. Overall Commentary • “Fun, but also beneficial” • “Perhaps needed to emphasize rules/expectations for the day at the beginning” • “Could find more effective way to gain control/respect of group. Kind of rude” • “Feel like I couldn’t enjoy myself”

  8. Success of Retreat • SEC wants: getting to know each other, delegation, stress management, team-building, reliability. • In terms of meeting their wants the success of the retreat concluded the following: • 6 members “extremely satisfied” • 9 members “very satisfied” • 4 members “neutral”

  9. Deltas • Two out of nineteen participants expressed that we were socially constricting as facilitators • One comment said “I think SOLC could find a more effective way to gain control/respect of the group” • During facilitator debriefing we discussed more ways to approach getting and keeping a groups attention in an appropriate and effective manner.

  10. Personal Reflection • I think this was a great retreat for me to shadow. Considering that I had no prior experience to this retreat I was able to observe how high level energy a particular group can be, and now that I had seen how different group’s energy levels are I can match my energy level with the group. • Although this was my first time shadowing at a retreat I believe I could had done more to participate and engage the group by simply asking the group to abide by the rules.