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Installing Boat Lettering PowerPoint Presentation
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Installing Boat Lettering

Installing Boat Lettering

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Installing Boat Lettering

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  1. Installing Boat Lettering

  2. Calling all you boat owners out there…surely you wish your craft to stand out and look the best. A boat is not just a water vehicle; it is one of those inanimate objects that reflect your personality. Most of you give them names and have these names painted on the sides. So basically, what we are going to do in this article is discuss how to install boat lettering. To begin with if you have the budget then you can easily employ professionals to do the needful. But of course you must read up on the types of color, lettering and quality of lettering. That’ll help you make an informed choice. On the other hand you can actually do it yourself. With relevant instructions, right materials and methodology, you can do it! There are different ways of applying boat letters.

  3. Go for wet release boat name decals. They work really well. Whether your boat is large or small name decals will be large. There is an average letter size recommended for the smallest craft. The simple logic behind ‘wet release’ decals is the letterings don’t get entangled or damaged. The best part is they cannot get sealed in a packet or large bubbles of air.

  4. Vinyl Boat Letters or Lettering Check out good vinyl lettering examples before you plan something. Of course whatever you choose to do it’ll be customizing the boat look to reflect your theme. Generally boat letters come in fairly large sizes. Afterall your boat should be seen from a distance, especially when you are out sailing. Attractive stripping and decals add more character. You can also use smaller lettering to highlight your boat’s registration number. If you go for relatively smaller vinyl letters, you’ll be able to simply peel them off and stick them onto the boat. It is good to draw a straight edge before sticking the letters or else the entire project can get spoiled. The wet release methodology is probably the best. In case you make mistakes and the letters get folded or bubbled, you can easily fix the situation without much ado.

  5. Tips to help you do it right! • If you have an idea, the best way to hone it would be go online. There are great websites that allow you to design decals and lettering free of cost. So you can use their free templates and your own concept to create something interesting and unique. Try background colors, letter colors, fonts and font size. Once you get a clear picture of what you want, execution becomes easier. • A lot of people don’t understand the value of cleaning the surface area of the boat thoroughly. Ensure that the area you are planning to paint is very clean and dry. • Mix a drop or two of dish washing soap in water and fill it up in a plastic spray bottle. Keep a small rubber spatula handy. • Demarcate the area where you plan to stick the letters. Apply black tape in the area and then spray liberally with the detergent solution.

  6. Spray some of the solution on the sticky side of the boat letters as well. • Slowly adjust the boat lettering till it is exactly where you want it. • Then begin to spray from the centre to the right and then to the left.  This is a bit time consuming in fact it may take an hour if not more. • You can take of the pre-masking after an hour or so. Visit more details.