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State of the School Community Meeting

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State of the School Community Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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State of the School Community Meeting. Valdez 12/10/13. Welcome. Introduce yourself to someone in the room you don’t know. Vision. Every child will thrive in academics Every child will be bilingual and bi-literate Every child will be engaged and challenged everyday

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  • Introduce yourself to someone in the room you don’t know
  • Every child will thrive in academics
  • Every child will be bilingual and bi-literate
  • Every child will be engaged and challenged everyday

…because these are the skills our students need to be successful in life and in college.

  • The State of Colorado granted Innovation Status to Valdez in June 2010
  • Our Innovation Status was renewed last year through a collaborative process by 100% teacher vote
  • Innovation allows us:
    • Programming decisions (dual language, math, Montessori, etc.)
    • More money
    • Better use of time
    • Attitude
    • The Right Teachers
  • Focused on thinking and conceptual understanding across content in all grade levels
  • Support for all students
    • Individual
    • Small groups in and out of the classroom
    • We know every child well
dual language
Dual Language
  • At Every Grade Level
  • All students are instructed in English and Spanish everyday
  • Native Language literacy first in ECE-1st grades
  • Concepts and ideas transfer across languages
  • Every child has “L2 time” everyday:
    • Opportunity to be with similar peers to do focused work on second language
montessori 3 4 and 5 year olds
Montessori: 3, 4, and 5 year olds
  • Morning (3s, 4s, and 5s):
    • Solid Montessori work block
    • Montessori Line Time
    • L2 time
    • All morning teachers go to the full yearlong MECR training
  • Afternoon:
    • 5s (Kindergarten): Workshop Model in math and literacy to support transition to 1st grade
    • 4s: combination of workshop model and Montessori works
    • Half day afternoon teachers have modified MECR training, coaching to support students
tcap growth scores 2013
TCAP Growth Scores 2013

*too few students due to the number of 3rd graders who took TCAP in

Spanish the previous year

spf details
SPF Details
  • Goals:
  • Continue to have high growth
  • Increase status
second language english
Second Language: English
  • State ACCESS test
  • Administered K-5th grades
  • 157 Valdez students took the test in 2012-13
teacher survey
Teacher Survey
  • Administered and compiled by HR
  • 28/32 Teachers completed it
  • Shared the results with teachers last week
  • 4 categories: School, Personal, Principal, Teacher
school questions
School Questions
  • We are headed in the right direction, I like working here, we focus on learning, we engage parents, people care about me
  • 3 Teachers (11%) Strongly Disagree/Disagree
  • 23-26 Teachers (83-93%) Agree/Strongly Agree

Note: In this category, 3 teachers strongly disagreed or disagreed and between 23-26 teachers strongly agreed or agreed, depending on the question.

personal questions
Personal Questions
  • I promote the values, I have important input, I collaborate with my colleagues
  • 1-4 Teachers (3.5-14%) Strongly Disagree/Disagree
  • 21-26 Teachers (75-93%) Agree/Strongly Agree
principal questions
Principal Questions
  • The principal fosters constructive dialogue, feel safe talking to the principal, the principal talks to us openly and frankly
  • 4-5 Teachers (14-17.5%) Strongly Disagree/Disagree
  • 21-23 Teachers (75-82%) Agree/ Strongly Agree
teacher questions
Teacher Questions
  • We follow through on what we commit to, we are out in front in our professional learning, there is a culture of respect at this school
  • 1-4 Teachers (3.5-14.5%) Strongly Disagree/ Disagree
  • 20-22 Teachers (71-85%) Agree/ Strongly Agree
what we like best about working at this school
What we like best about working at this school…
  • Staff culture, kids, families, focus on kids, dual language, instructional focus, incredible support, collaboration, strong leadership, aligning practice with values, partner teacher
most important issue impacting our school
Most important issue impacting our school…
  • Importance of Spanish language/bridging parent community/equity, team building/supporting partnerships, teacher voice/leadership, dual language, collaboration, communication, facility/re-model (retaining families), parents not over-stepping role
teacher reflections
Teacher reflections
  • Noticings:
    • A lot of people are happy here and feel strongly about it
    • Vision/values/collaboration scores are high
    • We want everyone to feel happy/respected
    • There is still work to be done
written feedback to use as next steps
Written Feedback to use as next steps

Teachers wrote concrete ideas on post-its to guide our next steps

next steps
Next Steps
  • As outlined in our UIP, continue to work on…
    • Language
    • Rigor/Critical thinking
    • Every Child Succeeds/ Equity
next steps1
Next Steps
  • Family Communication
    • Clear, frequent communication
    • Monthly newsletter
    • Office Hours 2X a month
  • Continue to team build
    • Munch and Mingles
    • Teambuilding PD including partnership support
    • “Fun Afternoon/Day”
    • Continue to support Teacher Leadership
    • Multiple committees to support Valdez work
    • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Support Teachers in having concerns addressed
    • School Leadership
    • Union Representative
  • Work on feedback areas with teachers from survey
exit ticket
Exit Ticket
  • What is going really well at Valdez?
  • What is one “next step”?