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To be a College Student-Athlete

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To be a College Student-Athlete - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To be a College Student-Athlete. Debby De Angelis Director of Athletics Cal State East Bay Heritage High School District College Night September 25, 2012. Do you want to be a Student-Athlete in college?. NCAA, NAIA or Community College Scholarship or not? College decision making

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to be a college student athlete

To be a CollegeStudent-Athlete

Debby De Angelis

Director of Athletics

Cal State East Bay

Heritage High School

District College Night

September 25, 2012

do you want to be a student athlete in college
Do you want to be a Student-Athlete in college?
  • NCAA, NAIA or Community College
  • Scholarship or not?
  • College decision making
  • Rules and regulations
the organizations
The organizations
  • The NCAA has three divisions
    • Division I and II offer scholarships
    • Within Division I –Now it’s all just called Division I
      • Now they are called: Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A), NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) or Division I (formerly I-AAA).
    • Division III is non-scholarship
  • The NAIA has two divisions based on basketball
  • Dual members- sport specific
  • Community College
  • Other options
ncaa eligibility center
NCAA Eligibility Center

Only for NCAA Divisions I and II

  • Student registers directly, preferably at start of junior year
  • High school files class information directly
  • $70 fee can be waived if you have SAT or ACT fee waiver
  • SAT is based on combined score of verbal/ critical reading & math only (not writing)
  • ACT is a sum of the 4 sections: English, math, reading and science (not writing)
  • Determines if you can receive can practice, play or receive athletic scholarship and determines amateur status
ncaa division i
NCAA Division I
  • Has a sliding scale for core course high school GPA and test score (i.e. 2.0 core gpa needs 1010 SAT or 86 ACT)-Note changes starting Aug. 1, 2016
  • 16 core courses including 4 years of English and 3 years of math
ncaa division ii
NCAA Division II
  • Division II is a minimum 2.0 core GPA and SAT of 820 or ACT sum of 68 – No sliding scale
  • 16 core courses including 3 years of English, 2 years of math
proof of graduation
Proof of graduation
  • You must send a final high school transcript with proof of graduation to the Eligibility Center and to the college you are attending.
core courses general
Core Courses - General
  • Eighth grade classes do not count
  • The lowest grade for a core course is a D
  • Plusses and minuses do not count (B+, B and B- all =B)
  • Recommend starting on worksheet in the Guide to College Bound Athlete in your freshman and sophomore year – but it is never too late to start.
test scores
Test scores
  • All SAT and ACT scores must be reported to the NCAA Eligibility Center directly from the testing agency. Test scores will not be accepted if reported on a high school transcript.
  • When registering for the SAT or ACT, input the NCAA Eligibility Center code of 9999 to make sure the score is reported directly to the Eligibility Center.
amateurism eligibility requirements
Amateurism-Eligibility Requirements
  • Determined through your online submission to the Eligibility Center
  • It is sport specific
  • It reviews any contact with professional teams or agents and prize money
  • Again, only for Division I and II and it is different in I than II
april 1 signature
April 1 signature!
  • Start your amateurism questionnaire online at the Eligibility Center at the start of your junior year.
  • You must go in and sign the certificate electronically after April 1 of your senior year!
ncaa division iii eligibility
NCAA Division III Eligibility
  • If you are admitted to the university, you are automatically eligible as a freshman
  • Amateurism is determined by each institution based on Division III rules
  • Note: Division III does not redshirt – If you practice for one day after the first contest, you use a year of eligibility
  • Freshman eligibility is based on meeting 2 of 3 criteria:
    • 2.0 high school GPA
    • Test score of 860 SAT or 18 ACT
    • Top half of class
  • **NEW** The NAIA has its own eligibility center that is required for admissions and has a fee of $65. It is required for all freshman and transfers to a NAIA school. The information is on the handout.
the recruiting process
The recruiting process
  • Different regulations for different divisions and different by sport
  • Contacts and permissions
  • Campus visits
  • Tryouts
  • National Letter of Intent
  • At NCAA schools scholarships can only be offered for one year in Division II, but Division I (NEW!) and the NAIA have other options.
real life
Real Life
  • Does the college offer what you want to study?
  • Do you like the coach, their philosophy and the current team members?
  • What are the graduation rates of student-athletes at your college of choice?
  • What is the financial stability of the athletic program? Will your sport be cut in the next 4 years?
  • What is important to you about the diversity and gender equity of the program you will join?
ask questions academic athletics college life
Ask questions…academic, athletics, college life
  • What would my role be on your team? (Do you want to play for a championship team if it means being on the bench or would you rather start?)
  • What is your coaching style (or philosophy)?
  • Are there restrictions in scheduling classes around practice? (you cannot miss classes to practice- NCAA rule in all divisions)
  • What happens if I want to transfer?
  • Must student-athletes live on campus?
  • See handouts for web sites
  • Web or printed guides for the College Bound Student-Athlete are available from both the NCAA and NAIA
  • If you have questions, ask!
  • Good luck!