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CURRICULUM 2011-2012

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CURRICULUM 2011-2012. Curriculum orientation for teachers. THE CMCA EXPERIENCE AND EFFECTIVENESS OF PROGRAM. CMCA – the organization. The CMCA Member School. Other Influences. Curriculum Effectiveness of CMCA Volunteers/civic tutors Systems and Processes.

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curriculum 2011 2012
CURRICULUM 2011-2012

Curriculum orientation for teachers

the cmca experience and effectiveness of program

CMCA – the organization

The CMCA Member School

Other Influences

  • Curriculum
  • Effectiveness of CMCA Volunteers/civic tutors
  • Systems and Processes
  • Support to the program
  • The teacher coordinator
  • School environment – how democratic & civic conscious is the school?
  • Awareness, practices & support at home vis-à-vis civic and democratic issues
  • Peer group
  • Media etc.

Active & Empowered Junior Citizens

expected outcomes
Expected Outcomes
  • Base Outcomes: These are simple and basic outcomes that are to be achieved from each and every Civic Club member. It is important that these outcomes are the key focus while facilitating sessions. These outcomes focus on the first step towards changing attitudes and habits – awareness.
  • Mid-Level Outcomes:These outcomes focus on simple changes in attitudes and higher levels of awareness in civic club members (ME) and in spreading awareness to the family (through parent ripples). These outcomes are also influenced by the support from the school and teacher coordinator, from families and peer groups etc. We hope that mid-level outcomes are achieved from at least a third of the members in each club.

expected outcomes1
Expected Outcomes
  • High-Level Outcomes:These outcomes focus on deep levels of understanding and practice of core civic values. There are many influences on a child that bring about such deep learning, including family, school and peer groups, media etc. We hope that increasing numbers of our Civic Club members achieve high-level outcomes each year.

section 1



Discussion: Is India really shining?

IT boom, rising middle class ... amongst the fastest developing nations... India's economy – top 10 in terms of growth potential...much to be proud of

  • 1 of 3 Indians in grave poverty
  • 50% of Indian children malnourished
  • Growing divide – rich and poor
  • 46% in cities have no access to sanitation
  • Corruption Index – India ranks 87 of 178 nations
  • Out of every 1000 children born in this country 65 diebefore reaching the age of five
  • Quality of life, especially in health and education,India is 119 among 169 nations (United Nations Human Development Index)



section 2

My City, My Country Banner

my city my banner cont d
My City, My Banner (cont’d)
  • Banner: discussion points, conclusion
  • Civic club
  • Ripple effect
  • Campaigns
  • CMCA events
  • Newsletter
  • CMCA family
  • CMCA website/FB/twitter
  • Rules
  • Civic tutor feedback form

section 3

Naming the Club And Election

naming the club and election
Naming the Club And Election
  • Activity: Change begins with me
  • Naming the club
  • Election of core team (optional)
  • Launch of club (first activity/campaign of the club!)

We have stopped using the mobile while driving!

Teachers – Can you assist in this?


- launch campaign

- sharing the activity chart with principal & rest of school

We take cloth bags and have stopped taking plastic bags!

My family has stopped littering!

section 4

Civic Sense & Citizenship Values

what are civic values
What are civic values?

active citizenship is infectious how can you inspire others to change
Active citizenship is infectious (!) – how can you inspire others to change?

Teachers – Can you assist in this?

Permission and time for Civic Sense campaign by the club in school

school profile project why
School Profile Project – WHY?
  • Students know their school better
  • Students understand and are aware of problems and positive aspects in their school
  • Students can work out solutions to solve these problems
  • When the positive aspects are highlighted, it helps to instil in students a sense of pride
  • Helps in developing higher order thinking skills
  • The school profile opens their 3rd eye! They see their surroundings more clearly. They begin to look at their homes, building complexes, streets, neighbourhood and city more clearly, noticing things that they ignored or did not notice before.
  • With this learning they can also do a locality profile.

school profile project how
School Profile Project – HOW?
  • Leaking taps repaired
  • Plastic cups banned in canteens
  • Electricity bills reduced
  • Rainwater harvesting in campus
  • Composting facility in school
  • Dustbins provided in identified locations in campus
  • Water tanks cleaned
  • Vehicles emission tested
  • Saplings planted
  • Making teams
  • Materials required
  • Survey
  • Discussion of survey findings
  • Identifying campaigns and Acts of AC
  • Conducting campaigns and Acts of AC
  • Presentation of findings to school ( management & rest of the school)
  • Reporting

section 5



apartheid optional section
Apartheid (optional section)
  • Right to Equality – Apartheid in South Africa
  • Conclusion to apartheid: My participation, my world
  • Teachers – Can you assist in this?
  • Celebrating Diversity Day in school
  • Multi faith prayers in school assembly
  • multi lingual music competition
  • any other ways…

section 6

Rights & Responsibilities

rights responsibilities equally important for a good quality and equality of life
Rights & Responsibilities – equally important for a good quality and equality of life!

struggle for rights narmada dam optional section
Struggle for Rights: Narmada Dam (optional section)

How citizens protested, approached the Judiciary to secure their Rights!

section 7

Quality & Equality of Life

city walk
City Walk

Quality of Life





Equality of Life

Slum dwellings


Rag pickers

Street children

Teachers – Can you assist in this?

Try and get your civic club to go on a city walk!

flash card
Flash Card

section 8

Urban Local Government

urban local government
Urban Local Government
  • Introducing local government
  • The third tier
  • Structure and importance of BBMP
  • Why is local government important?
  • What ails our local government?

Teachers – Can you assist in this?

Circular to parents from school and CMCA sharing helpline numbers of local government agencies

struggle for rights lingambudhi lake optional section
Struggle for Rights: Lingambudhi Lake (optional section)

How citizens used PUBLIC HEARINGS to engage with local government and secure their Rights!

section 9

Right To Information

right to information
Right To Information
  • Use RTI to strengthen democracy
  • RTI – Mock application
  • CMCA civic club members who used RTI and made a difference
  • Civic tutor feedback form

Teachers – Can you assist in this?

Can your civic club members file an RTI application and secure information to solve an issue around your school?

section 10

How a Right Reaches You

how a right reaches you
How a Right Reaches You!
  • CIVIL SOCIETY (villagers of Rajasthan and MKSS)
  • Drafting CommitteeParliament (debates & Voting) LEGISTLATURE
  • Funds allocation, PIOs in each govt. office… EXECUTIVE
  • Information Commissions – JUDICIARY
  • Using RTI, preventing its misuse, strengthening RTI – CIVIC SOCIETY
  • School Example compared with the journey of RTI:
  • Right to compulsory Sports Periods
  • Right to nutritional food in the canteen
  • Right to clean toilets

birth of rti optional section
Birth of RTI (optional section)

How civil society ensured an act was passed in parliament!

Teachers – Can you assist in this?

Skit in assembly on birth of RTI

section 11

Conclusion of sessions and program

conclusion of sessions and program
Conclusion of sessions and program
  • Discussion: taking CMCA values forward
  • Activity: I pledge to …
  • CMCA vision, taking the CMCA oath

Teachers – Can you assist in this?

- sharing the pledge activity chart with principal & rest of school

I pledge to treat all people equally!

I pledge to be aware of current issues that affect my country!

I pledge to complain to local govt & solve issues in my neighbourhood!

my participation my country cmca linking community well being to individual well being
MY Participation – My Country!CMCA- linking community well-being to individual well-being
  • Why should I care?
  • about standing up for my Rights, about the Rights of others, about engaging with government…. Why should I be an active citizen?

helps my country!

India can be called a developed country only when all her citizens are secured equal opportunities and are able to fulfill their dreams and aspirations!

It helps ME

What could happen when people are denied their Rights for a long duration of time? Violence, civil strife – affecting each one of us!

helps others ....

When all citizens are secured their Rights, we all enjoy a good quality of life, leading to peace & prosperity


Democracy is precious!With democracy, we have the chance to fight for a better quality of life – to secure our Rights!

  • Less than half the world’s countries are fully democratic
  • More than half the worlds populations live in oppressive systems with no respect for fundamental rights. China accounts for half that number
  • We are amongst the lucky minority! My democracy is precious and I must strengthen it! How? By engaging, cooperating, complaining and if required confronting – by being active citizens!

Active Citizens: are informed & aware of their civic Rights and duties, discharge their duties responsibly and secure their Rights effectively, go beyond their Rights & duties & stand up for the Rights of others, engage with the government.

a year with cmca empowered junior citizens
A year with CMCA  Empowered junior citizens

CMCA civic club members:

  • Become active citizens
  • Become individuals with a greater sense of personal and civic responsibility
  • Develop critical thinking skills and leadership qualities
  • Are sensitized to people from differing backgrounds and those who are differently-abled
  • Get an opportunity to understand the diversities and uniqueness of the democratic values of India and to participate in the true development of this country





for civic


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