the idrm management platform for human resource development n.
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The iDRM Management Platform for Human Resource Development PowerPoint Presentation
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The iDRM Management Platform for Human Resource Development

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The iDRM Management Platform for Human Resource Development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The iDRM Management Platform for Human Resource Development
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  1. The iDRM Management Platform for Human Resource Development The Management and Coordination of Workshops, Training Courses, Symposia and Conferences for industrial Disaster Risk Management

  2. Under Indo-German Development Cooperation, GTZ-ASEM[1] / InWEnt has contributed to India’s national efforts for capacity building in disaster risk management since 2001 through its successful cooperation with the Disaster Management Institute Bhopal for implementing the industrial Disaster Risk Management (iDRM) project[2]. In April 2009, an expansion in scope of the iDRM Program towards the “Environmental Planning and Disaster Risk Management in India” (EPRDM) was approved by The Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation, BMZ, Government of Germany. Indo-German Development Cooperation InWEnt Capacity Building International provides support for capacity development activities GTZ-ASEM German Technical Cooperation - Advisory Services for Environmental Management GIZ – German International Cooperation (2011 onwards) InWEnt has contributed to India’s national efforts for capacity building in disaster risk management since 2001 through its successful cooperation with the DMI, Bhopal EPRDM programme - The “Environmental Planning and Disaster Risk Management in India” for achieving sustainable industrial and urban development.

  3. InWEnt in India – Facts and Figures • Indo-German DC since 50 years • InWEnt's annual budget for India is increasing: • 2008: 2.1 Mill. € • 2009: 2.5 Mill. € • 2010: 3.0 Mill. € • Participants from India in 2007: 2.652 • Opening of InWEnt Office New Delhi February 2008 • 7 Alumni Associations in India (Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai)

  4. InWEnt in India – Partners Partners from the public and private sector, such as: • Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) • Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF) • Disaster Management Institute, Bhopal (DMI) • National Institute of Disaster Management NIDM • National Civil Defence College, Nagpur NCDC. • Ministry of Power (MoP) • Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) • Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) • Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

  5. Financial Systems Social Protection Systems Balanced Social Economic Development/ Social Cohesiveness Environment/ Climate Change Climate Identification of training institutions as CB-partner – India & SAARC Energy/ Renewable Energy Vocational Training Other anchor country topics

  6. The networking Mission … for intellectual capital in industrial Disaster Risk Management – Capacity Building

  7. Let's start with an example • the total cost for an expert training event isINR 3 lakh ? or INR 10 lakh ? or USD 25 lakh ? or more … • How can I access the material developed n_o_w ? • How can I contact the experts involved n_o_w ?

  8. intellectual capital developed Where is it ?

  9. iDRM Network

  10. How can this be done? • Internet Training Management platform – easy access - worldwide - fast and save (not a website!) • Content Management System - structured organisation of content • Management Information System – access to relevant information at the fingertip • Authoring system – decentred content production • Defined and effective work flows – efficient and cost effective organisation of knowledge management

  11. What is possible with the iDRM Platform? • Latest News – relevant downloads • Relevant training events in the sector – with all presentations and lectures • Online application for training courses • Key concepts with information and links • Online self learning • A network of institutions involved in capacity building • List of trainers and resource person with detailed information • Rules, regulations, guidelines • Services of DMI • Links • Intranet for confidential information • Management information system for training managers

  12. Downloading

  13. Marketing / Announcing and documenting • The documentation, dissemination and management of HRD events in the sector

  14. Each course characterisation describes the objectives, results of in detailAll training material and reports are downloadable

  15. Information sharing

  16. Confined Space Safety • Safety in Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals • Hazards Identification and Control Measures in Chemical (Industrial) Workplaces • Safety management systems • Important Regulations • Accident Causation: Models and Theories • Human Factors in Accidents and prevention • Organisational Commitments in Reducing Accidents • Job safety analysis • What should I Know as District Collector and Why? • Risk Assessment and Management • Consequence analysis: application in emergency planning • On-site emergency plan • Off-site emergency plan • Industrial Disaster Response Guide • A Guide to Contractors Safety • Mock Drill • Self evaluation of emergency preparedness by civil administration and society • First Aid in iDRM • Training Guidance on IDRM Online training modules for self learning

  17. Institutional Database - • The documentation of key institutions and the facilitation of their networking

  18. iDRM Network A database with key persons and participants List of all activities in HRD

  19. World wide outreach (Jan. 2009 to Sept. 2010) 26 000 visits – about 1800 per month in 130 countries – nearly 21 000 in India

  20. The training managers have always an overview about the events

  21. Multidimensional charts, Example: gender percentage rate F M % more females % more males

  22. iDRM Network communication between the stakeholders Queries and comments - They are sent automatically to those experts responsible for a subject

  23. How is the platform deployed? • As a cooperation tool - (e.g. for joint documentation) • As a process management tool -(e.g. for course administration) • A feedback tool • As a performance analysis tool - (e.g. for course statistics)

  24. iDRM Human Resource Development Training and Knowledge Management For industrial/chemical Disaster Risk Management Thank you for your attention - End -