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Chinese I nventions

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Chinese I nventions
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Chinese I nventions

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  1. Chinese Inventions By Grace Lorch

  2. There are many inventions that come from China. All Chinese inventions are very special in a way. If these things weren’t invented the world would be so different!

  3. Abacus The math manipulative, the abacus, is really fast at all the operations. The abacus was invented in 100 AD. Even though it was invented a long time ago it is still one of the fastest manipulative (besides the calculator) in adding, subtracting , multiplying and division.

  4. Gunpowder Before gunpowder was shot in guns it was a explosive mixture. After it got more extreme it was shot in bamboo tubes. This powder is made out of sulfur, charcoal and saltpeter. This amazing powder was invented in 1330.

  5. Compass A compass is a magnet to help us find our way if we were lost, on a quest or even on a ship! The way the compass works is that there is magnetite which align itself to where you want to go. The magnetite always points North so you always know where your going. 

  6. Clock The mechanical clock was one of the greatest inventions in the medieval world. A Buddhist monk named Yi Xing on 725 AD invented this great invention. Surprisingly this was powered by dripping water. 200 years later the Europeans developed the clock.

  7. Yi Xing invented the clock.

  8. Paper Money  Paper money was used as currency beginning in 900 AD. Before money was called paper money it was called flying money because it was so light it could fly out of your hand. Now money is called cash because it means metal coin in Chinese. Like today money was used to pay taxes and to buy stuff. The Muslims picked up the system in the 1200s. Then the Italians pick up the system in the 1400s.

  9. Porcelain Porcelain is used to make glass art. Porcelain is much finer than clay. It is very valuable in China. Tao-Yue created porcelain in 600 AD. Porcelain was perfected in 900 AD. Just like clay porcelain comes from the ground. Also, it can be painted any color.