early roman civilization l.
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Early Roman Civilization

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Early Roman Civilization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early Roman Civilization. By Laurie Muratalla April 26,2007. Early Roman Life. Rome was a prosperous empire. Augustus reorganized and created a new era of prosperity. A video!. Go to this cool site to find maps and other information….

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early roman civilization

Early Roman Civilization

By Laurie Muratalla

April 26,2007

early roman life
Early Roman Life
  • Rome was a prosperous empire.
  • Augustus reorganized and created a new era of prosperity.
roman culture
Roman Culture
  • Roman artists and writers borrowed many ideas form the Greeks, like arches.
roman literature
Roman Literature
  • Roman authors based much of their writing on Greek works like from Homers Odessey.
roman science and engineering
Roman Science and Engineering

Greek science gave us a lot of information.

  • Galon was a Greek doctor that contributed important ideas like anatomy.
  • Ptolemy explained the

motion of planets and stars.

roman religion and philosophy
Roman Religion and Philosophy
  • They worshiped many gods and goddesses and believed that spirits lived in many natural things.
  • Emperors were worshiped as gods.
roman philosophy
Roman Philosophy
  • Greek philosophy such as Stoicism was borrowed and modified. Romans used it as a way to address the behavior of living in a practical way.
fun facts
Fun Facts
  • The Colosseum in Rome could hold 60,000 people.
  • It had a system of cages, ropes, and pulleys that brought wild animals up to the floor from the rooms underground.
another fun fact
Another Fun Fact
  • Paintings on vases, frescoes, and stone show Romans participating in sports.
comprehension questions
Comprehension Questions
  • Who reorganized Rome and created a new era of prosperity?
  • What did the Romans borrow from the Greeks?
  • What did the Romans believe in?
  • What facility held 60,000 people and why did they go there?
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