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Step IV- Combinations PowerPoint Presentation
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Step IV- Combinations

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Step IV- Combinations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Step IV- Combinations

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  1. back Step IV- Combinations • The first two traits, regardless of their position, Power and Extroversion have a specialized category called ‘influencers.’ I ask the client to make a bracket over the end of these two and label them: } Influencers

  2. Step IV- Combinations • Influencers are what we learn to use to get our own way with others. We influence them by control, by persuasion, by charm, or a combination in order to win. • Practiced over twenty years in the halls of education and our personal upbringing. • But our ability to use them is heavily affected by the second set of traits.

  3. Step IV- Combinations • Are there limits to the positives in these influencers? Yes, indeed! • To zone 3, plus (above the ERL), we are eager to win, either as a determination (high P) or as an ambition (high E). • What happens if we move above zone 3? The Drive and Ambition becomes over- compelling and create many negatives.

  4. Step IV- Combinations • Very high Power, especially without a protective high E, creates a pointed stick mentality, which cares little for the contact, and mostly for the win. At all costs! • On the other hand, very high E, without some degree of ‘backbone’ in mild P, creates a must be accepted and loved mentality, even if I have to give away the store. This is a set up for rejection.

  5. Step IV- Combinations • Let’s set the definition of rejection. Remember the zones, for there lies the understanding of why someone would face call reluctance and rejection in our industry or any sales industry. • Subtracting the lower P from the higher E (remember to subtract a negative, it becomes positive) anything 6 and above is a setup for rejection. –z3P and +z3E = six.

  6. Step IV- Combinations • So, suddenly, we find that just pair traits, alone, do not make up the profile. Certain combinations of all the traits will offset some of the negatives… • And, well, unfortunately, certain combinations will exaggerate those negatives to the extent the profile is probably scheduled for failure in our industry, or most sales positions…

  7. Step IV- Combinations • Analysis and Conformance are also to be bracketed, and I tell the Client to do so. Next to that bracket, I have them write the word, ‘Parameters.’ Like so: } Parameters

  8. Step IV- Combinations • The parameters provide us with the ability to keep ahead of the conversation, or, if necessary to ‘dance’ out of trouble… or, if we are not careful, right into trouble… • Speed of thinking, low Analysis is a critical factor in almost any give and take situation. Yet, too low in that trait makes us take huge leaps, jumping to the wrong conclusion, and yes, right into trouble.

  9. Step IV- Combinations • So, then, Conformance is the regulator. Too much, everything we do is governed by everything we have done, or learned, and little room is left for change- certainly, not on the fly, thus, no ‘dancing.’ • Too little, and some of the darnedest things fall right out of our mouths… Or our actions find us in hot water, financially, legally and such. Keep in mind, that to zone 3, A and C are our friends. Above (neg.) zone 3, they begin to work against us…

  10. Step IV- Combinations • So, we have learned that we can put certain traits together, and label them, influencers and parameters. But how do the pieces help each other? • We have talked about the pairs, let’s look at the pairs in combination with parts of the others… i.e., look at PE combinations with either A or C affecting them.

  11. Step IV- Combinations • A very high P (above zone 4) is over-controlling, win at all costs and usually almost aggressive. A mildly high E will soften this sharp stick and make the individual a bit more tolerable… but not necessarily tolerant. • This magnifies exponentially as the Power approaches zone 6, and is probably barely controlled at zone 7.

  12. Step IV- Combinations • Again, the concept of adding and subtracting zones is helpful, here. A zone 6 Power with a zone 5 Extroversion backing it, is not nearly as annoying as a z6 P and a z1 (or less) E. • But, put that in with a neg. z5 or z6 A, and we have a recipe for trouble, because the profile simply runs over everyone in the way, on the way to that all important win.

  13. Step IV- Combinations • Just to be certain this clicks, let’s take a look at a possible graph for this idea…

  14. Step IV- Combinations • And now, ask the Client to put the zone numbers over the end of the dark bars… 4 2 ACNEP 43024 4 3

  15. back Step IV- Combinations • So, we have seen the basics, learned about some of the pairs that help make people tick, and it is time to get into the nitty gritty. • We will explore, first, drive, as opposed to ambition, because the Driver is probably, hands down, one of the most successful in our industry. • But there are some caveats. In our next session, we will take a good look at what makes a Driver.