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  1. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING&APPLIED SCIENCE Our vision is to produce outstanding engineers & scientists UC RESEARCH INSTITUTE CEAS LEARNING CENTER Trust, shared responsibility and respect. WE ENGINEER BETTER TM

  2. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING&APPLIED SCIENCE Orientation Agenda 12:30 – 12:50 Welcome and IntroductionsDr. Teik C. Lim, Interim DeanDr. Frank M. Gerner, Sr. Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) 12:50 – 1:05 Academic IntegrityDr. Tom Mantei, PhD, Electrical Engineering 1:05 – 1:30 CEAS Library ResourcesTed Baldwin, CEAS Library Head 1:40 – 2:00 Graduate Student ExperienceAndrew St. George, CurrentPhDGraduate StudentStarts at 2:00 Individual Program Orientation

  3. CEAS at a Glance • ~3500 Undergraduate Students • ~900 Graduate Students (MS, MEng, Ph.D.) • ~140 Tenured-Tenured Track Faculty • Research Centers • Intelligent Maintenance Systems • UC Simulation Center • Nanoscale Science and Technology • Center for Imaging Research • …

  4. Graduate Studies Office Staff • Dr. Frank M. Gerner • Sr. Associate Dean for Graduate Studies • Professor of Mechanical Engineering • Ms. Julie Muenchen • Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics • Civil Engineering • Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, • Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering • Ms. Barb Carter • Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering  • Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering Front Desk Staff: Christine, Sascha and Alex

  5. Graduate Incentive Award (GIA) Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS) Formerly - University Graduate Scholarships (UGS) • University Graduate Scholarship (UGS) name has been changed and will reflect on your bill as either: GIA – Graduate Incentive Award GAS – Graduate Assistant Scholarship They type of award is determined by the Graduate Studies Office. • This is a tuition scholarship funded by the University. • In your offer letters and in your guidelines the tuition scholarship award is referred to as UGS. The way the award will be reflected on your bill will be as a Graduate Incentive Award or Graduate Assistant Scholarship. CEAS has established policy guidelines related to GIA, GAS (formerly UGS) support. Everyone who receives an award has signed a UGS guidelines form outlining the rules and regulations of receiving this award. The name changed does not change any of the responsibilities, rules or regulations because of the award name change. A copy of the guidelines has been given to you at check- in and is available in the GSO, 665 Baldwin Hall. Scholarship policy and guidelines must be followed. • To use any University facilities you must be a registeredstudent. • If you drop/withdraw classes, and fall below 15 credit hours after the 100% refund schedule, the UGS will be withdrawn and you will be required to pay all the tuition due. • If you are going to drop and add classes, be sure to add the class BEFORE you drop a class. You can not fall below 15 graduate credits at any time or go above 18 credit hours.

  6. Important Things To Know… • Online registration, • CEAS Graduate Studies website, • Graduate School Handbook, • Talk to your academic advisor before registering for classes, and always keep your advisor up-to-date on the status of your academic progress and research • Resist the temptation to plagiarize • Go to your department orientation • Read your Graduate School Handbook and your graduate program manual and be familiar with the policies and rules

  7. Important Things To Know… • To graduate you must complete an on-line application in the term you wish to graduate. To apply for graduation go to graduation details and deadlines go to: • All CEAS graduate students must be a registered student every academic year including the year they graduate. • Students that receive an RA/GA/TA are using CEAS facilities and resources, and must be registered full timeduring Fall and Spring semesters. • Students cannot take courses outside CEAS unless it is a set degree requirement. Permission to take a class outside of CEAS must be formally requested. There is a form in the GSO “Approval for Courses Outside CEAS”. The form must be completed and proper approvals obtained. If this permission is not obtain you are not permitted to take the class. Your UGS may be removed for failure to comply with this policy.

  8. When you have questions…

  9. Good Luck with Your Studies