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Injector Status. Timur Shaftan, Injector Group Leader 9 th ASAC meeting for NSLS-II Project February 1-2, 2012. Outline. Introduction Project baseline dates P reparation for linac commissioning Status of the booster system Status of the transport lines

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Injector status

Injector Status

Timur Shaftan, Injector Group Leader

9th ASAC meeting for NSLS-II Project

February 1-2, 2012



Project baseline dates

Preparation for linac commissioning

Status of the booster system

Status of the transport lines

Status of SR injection straight section


Injector layout
Injector Layout

BST Phase One

SR Injection Straight

BST Phase Two



LTB Phase Two

LTB Phase One


  • Linac: finishing installation; commissioning is coming in March-April 2012

  • Booster: in the middle of production; first container is delivered, second is on the way (total 13)

  • LtB transport line: 1st part is installed; unit testing is ongoing; integrated testing is in middle of Feb 2012

  • LtB TL part 2 and BST TL part 1: design is finished; procurements are ongoing

  • BST transport line part 2: design is concluded

  • Injection straight section: septum contract is awarded (Danfysik) in late Aug 2012; kickers we are building in-house

Injector complex status
Injector Complex Status


BST-TL (Phase One)


Injection straight section

LBT-TL (Phase One)

B. Wahl

Linac front end performance single bunch mode
Linac Front End Performance – Single Bunch Mode

  • Tests of gun and SHPB performance

  • Test stand at SDL is developed

  • Linac Front-End is delivered prior to linac delivery for experiments

  • 3 pulsers were tested

  • Beam envelopes along the set-up are measured

  • Measurement data was taken and now being analyzed and compared with model


Bunch Charge:230pC

Bunch Length: 437 ps

Emittance: 20 mm-mrad

R. Fliller and X. Yang

Booster assembly delivery and installation budker institute of nuclear physics
Booster Assembly, Delivery and Installation(Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)




Packaging (Pedestals)

  • A total 13 Containers will be shipped to BNL

  • All Pedestals received 1/4/12

  • First Container w/ Girders due 2/20/12

  • Containers arrive at BNL every two weeks

  • Last Container due to arrive June 2012


Prepare for Shipment

Magnetic Measurements


  • Installation of Pedestals 1/24 – 2/29

  • All Girders will be tested in the Experimental Hall

  • First Girder will be installed at the end of March

  • 5 - 7 Girders are installed per week

  • Last Girder is Installed at the end of August 2012

  • Girder Integration complete – September 2012

Receipt at BNL

Packaging (Girders)


Booster dipoles
Booster dipoles




170 MeV

3 GeV

3 GeV

170 MeV

  • Dipole production is in progress

  • Magnetic measurements (above) show that field components are within tolerances

  • Magnetic measurement system includes array of 16 Hall probes and laser-tracker for controlling position of the sensors inside dipole

  • 8BF/ 8BD are ready: magnet storage area at BINP (right photo)

Booster power supplies
Booster Power Supplies

Corrector/Sextupole PS (BINP)

BD PS (Danfysik)

  • Booster PS:

    • 2 BD and 1 BF circuits: produced by Danfysik.

    • 3 Quadrupole circuits

    • 16 Sextupole circuits produced by BINP

    • 36 corrector circuits

  • All PS are under testing now; delivery to BNL in April

  • Integration with controls was tested at BINP

  • Final tests with NSLS-II controls and on full load after delivery

Booster vacuum and diagnostics
Booster vacuum and diagnostics

  • Booster arc chambers are complete

  • Chambers were installed in magnets and vacuum-tested

  • 12 ceramic chambers have been delivered from Friatec; will be installed into a kicker to measure waveform quality

  • First septum chamber is being assembled at BINP

  • BPM buttons delivered to BINP, installed, BPM response measured

  • Striplines are ready

Booster arc chambers

Kicker ceramic chamber (Friatec)

Complete BPM assembly

Booster pulsed magnets
Booster pulsed magnets

  • Include:

    • 6 booster kickers

    • 2 septa

    • Slow bump

  • Injection kicker (below) is developed and tested; performance is within spec

  • Extraction kicker will be available for testing in February

  • Septum magnet will be assembled in February, PS is ready

  • Bump magnets and their PS are ready and in testing

  • After delivery all booster pulsed magnets will be assembled and tested in NSLS-II Pulsed Magnet Lab.

Septum PS

Injection kicker


Injection kicker test-stand at BINP

Transport line magnet status stangenes industries
Transport Line Magnet Status(Stangenes Industries)

  • LBT Status

  • Small Correctors – Received in Full

  • Large Correctors – Received in Full

  • (7 of 18) “Normal Quads” Received

  • “Large Quads” - Received in Full

  • (2 of 5) Dipoles Received

  • ***** Balance of Magnets expected May 2012*****

LBT 48mm Dipole

(2 of 4 received)

LBT 100/45mm Correctors

(received in full)

BST 90mm Dipole

(work in progress – May 2012)

LBT 52mm Quad

(7 of 17 received)

  • BST Status

  • (18) “Long” Quads Expected May 2012

  • (4) Dipoles Expected May 2012

  • **** LBT & BST “Spares” Expected June 2012*****

BST 52mm Quad

(work in progress – May 2012)

LBT 134mm Quad

(received in full)

B. Wahl

Lbt phase one installation testing
LBT - Phase One Installation/Testing

LTB-TL (Downstream)

LTB-TL (Upstream)

Current Status:

  • Magnets, Diagnostics and Vacuum installed

  • DI Water and CA connections complete by 2/14

  • Electrical Utilities complete by 2/7

  • Vacuum complete by 2/16

  • Interlock complete by 2/15

  • Shielding complete by 2/17

  • Final survey scheduled for the week of 2/6/12

  • Integrated Testing scheduled between 2/13 – 2/24

  • IRR Committee conducts review between 2/13 – 2/17

  • ARR takes place between 2/27 – 2/19



Survey & Alignment


B. Wahl

Injector control room
Injector Control Room

* Control room: top view

As of Jan 20th

Status of bsr transport line
Status of BSR transport line

  • BST transport line design is complete

  • BSR TL Final design review took place in Sept 2011

  • Delivery of all TL magnets are expected from Stangenes until June 2012

  • Detailed design of vacuum chambers is on the way

  • Most diagnostics components are the same as in LtB TL

  • Software applications for booster commissioning using BST TL diagnostics line have been tested

Booster extraction straight

BSR transport line

Sr kicker development
SR kicker development

  • Aug 2011 -- decision to build 5 kickers in house

  • Ceramic chambers are on order

  • Testing IGBTs and Behlke switches

  • Pulser prototype is tested at half of the nominal voltage (stability of I/I<3E-5 is achieved)

  • Kicker field measurement system is developed

Kicker pulser prototype

Ceramic kicker chamber

Kicker field measurement system

E. Blum, P. Zuhoski, R. Heese, S. Kowalski, B. Singh

Sr injection straight section
SR injection straight section

  • DC preseptum is identical to the booster extraction septum

  • Compact design with low fringe field

  • Septum PS by NSLS-II Electrical group

  • Tender for the SR pulsed magnets was concluded in July 2011

  • Danfysik received the septum contract

  • “Usual” out-of-vacuum design such as at Diamond or ASP

  • Danfysik will deliver the magnet, chamber, PS (PPT), controls

  • Septum PDR is on February 9th

  • SR injection straight section: we are designing the interface chambers between pulsed magnets

  • These transitions contain 2 flags and 4 BPMs

DC preseptum

SR pulsed septum

E. Blum, P. Zuhoski, R. Heese, S. Kowalski, B. Singh


  • We are at the start of injector commissioning

  • Linac ARR is scheduled for Feb 29; commissioning is in mid March

  • Booster delivery and installation throughout summer and early fall

  • Close interaction with all injector vendors: RI, BINP, FRIATEC, Danfysik, PPT

Nsls ii team working on injector
NSLS-II team working on injector

G. Wang, B. Wahl, R. Fliller, E. Blum,

J. Rose, R. Heese, S. Kowalski, B. Dalesio,

B. Parker, F. Willeke, S. Ozaki, E. Johnson,

E. Weihreter, Y. Li, I. Pinayev, M. Ferreira, S. Klare,

M. Johanson, B. Singh, P. Zuhoski, G. Fries,

A. Blednykh, S. Sharma, G. Shen, K. Shroff,

T. Mennona, B. Kosciuk, D. Hseuh, G. Ganetis,

T. Shaftan, O. Singh, J. Skaritka, C. Spataro, E. Golnar, P.K. Job, B. Casey, G. Woods, X. Yang, L. Yang,

A. Ackerman