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Grade 8 Parent Information Session

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Grade 8 Parent Information Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Grade 8 Parent Information Session. Soon you will be a GATOR… Welcome to the SWAMP!. Donald A. Wilson Secondary School. Learning Goal. By the end of this presentation you will…

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grade 8 parent information session

Grade 8 Parent Information Session

Soon you will be a GATOR… Welcome to the SWAMP!

Donald A. Wilson Secondary School

learning goal
Learning Goal

By the end of this presentation you will…

…have an idea of what Grade 9 will consist of for your child and learn howwecan support your student to achieve their goals.

secondary school environment
Secondary School Environment
  • 8:40 am – 2:40 pm
  • Homeroom each semester
  • 75 minute periods
  • 5minutes between each class
  • 40 minute lunch
  • 60%of school rides a bus
  • Late Bus: Mon –


week 1 and week 2
Week 1 and Week 2

Week 1:


what is secondary school all about
What is secondary school all about?
  • Courses =1CREDIT each
  • 4credits/semester
  • Full credit semester system

Semester 1: Sept to Jan.

Semester 2: Feb to June

ontario secondary school diploma
Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • 30 Credits to graduate
    • 18Compulsory
    • 12Optional
  • 40 Hours of Community Involvement
    • Start the summer of grade 9 year…more information to follow in the spring
  • Provincial Literacy Requirement
    • must pass to graduate – LOTS of support and prep!

Students take 8 of these in their grade 9 year.

choosing the right level
Choosing the Right LEVEL!
  • Consult with teachers (report card), SERT, Guidance…
  • Difference between lack of understanding and lack of effort
  • Suggested Ranges
    • Failing current courses – locally developed
    • 50 – 60% - applied
    • 70% - academic
    • Between 60% and 70% is a grey area


locally developed
Locally Developed
  • fills in the GAPS missing from Grade 8
  • develops knowledge and skill
  • potential option to upgrade to applied
  • covers the essential concepts of a subject
  • focus more on knowledge in real-life situations
  • designed for students who likely have gaps in subject specific subject area
  • covers the essential concepts of a subject
  • draws heavily on theory and abstract examples/problems
  • designed to meet the needs of the independent learner who has limited to no gaps in subject area content
academic vs applied english
Academic vs. Applied: English

For more information speak to

Mr. Beggs, English Department Head

grade 9 optional subjects
Grade 9 Optional Subjects

Pick one from…

and one from…

choosing classes
Choosing Classes
  • All course selections are done through CAREER CRUISING COURSE PLANNER
  • To choose classes your child has to:
  • SELECTclasses on Course Planner
  • SUBMITchoices
  • PRINTa copy of your classes
  • Parents SIGNthe sheet
  • RETURNthe signed copy to GRADE 8 teacher

These instructions are for our Family of Schools Only

an incomplete course planner
An INCOMPLETE Course Planner

This is an incomplete example of a COURSE PLANNER.

Every box MUST have a selection.

Electives: Choose a Tech or Business AND an Arts Course AND a Physical Education Class

Alternates: Choose another Tech or Business AND another Arts Course

a complete course planner
A COMPLETE Course Planner

This is a COMPLETE example of a COURSE PLANNER.

Every box has a selection.

Electives: Every box has a selection.

Alternates: Every box has an alternate selection.

academic supports
Guidance Counsellors!

Subject teachers

Special Education for IEP students

Peer tutors

Grade 9 classrooms

Private Tutors for Hire

Credit Rescue

After School Help for subject specific courses

Academic Supports

need help?

extra curricular activities
Extra Curricular Activities
  • Athletics – badminton, basketball, baseball, curling, football, golf, lacrosse, rugby, volleyball, soccer, swimming, track & field, hockey
  • Clubs – Chess, Cultural Mosaic, Environmental, GSA, Gator Gazette, Pen Strokes, Robotics, Run Club, SASS, STAR, White Pine, Ski/Snowboard, Weight Training…
  • Student Leadership – Relay for Life, Student Parliament, SLAM!
  • Music – Band, Choir, Jazz
  • Drama – Sears Festival, One-Act Plays
  • Art – Arts Preview Night, Craft Club

Grade 8 Class Visits


Grade 8 Parent Night

February 13th, 7:00 PM

Grade 9 ONLY Day

September 3rd

Lots of Activities!


Wilson Tour

May 2012