welcome to woodside school n.
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Welcome to Woodside School

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Welcome to Woodside School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Woodside School. Presented by Third Graders Denise Spar. Welcome to Woodside School’s third grade. Logan. Woodside School is located in River Vale, New Jersey in the United States. Shiv.

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Welcome to Woodside School

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welcome to woodside school

Welcome to Woodside School

Presented by

Third Graders

Denise Spar

We spend six years at Woodside School beginning with kindergarten and ending with fifth grade. Kelsey

Each morning we spend time reading novels and discussing the characters, setting, and plot of each story. Our class is reading Charlotte’s Web written by E.B. White. We love to read! Christer


Every week we learn twenty new spelling words and have fun choosing different activities to help us remember spelling rules. This week our class created a word search and a comic strip using our spelling words. Kanako


In third grade we spend a lot of time writing creative stories. During this time we write about our interesting ideas. Chloe


Our afternoon begins with math; we have been studying addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Conor


During math class we also learn strategies for problem solving and critical thinking. We spend time learning fractions, geometry, graphing, time, and money. Chris


In third grade we spend time learning about different cultures in the world. We celebrate Chinese New Year and share our knowledge by inviting our parents and other community members to help us celebrate the holiday. Keith


Not only are we learning about different cultures, we are also learning map skills which help us connect the cultures of the world and where they are located.Peter


This year we learned about the rainforests in the world. It was amazing to discover how many animals and plants are found in the rainforests. It is important to care for planet Earth. Jodie


Science takes us out of this world! We learn about space exploration and the planets and moons in our solar system. Philip


Just before noon you will find us in our all-purpose room having lunch. Sometimes we have special lunches such as pizza, bagels, and sandwiches. We even have Chinese food on special days. Valentina


After we eat we get to go outside for recess. At this time we get to play games with our friends. Matthew


Once a week our class visits the art room to express our creativity . We just made clay pots and are learning about famous artists. Jordan


We use computers everyday in our class. Once a week our whole class uses laptops. We research topics on the internet, create stories, and sometimes we play computer games. Ken


Third graders can join the W.H.O. Club (Woodside Helps Others). This club is involved in community service activities. We reach out to our neighbors and help those in need. Alexa

it s a busy day in woodside school s third grade we re glad you took the time to visit brianna
It‘s a busy day in Woodside School’s third grade. We’re glad you took the time to visit. Brianna