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Woodside Wolverines

Discover how Woodside Wolverines utilize state-of-the-art hardware, software, and IT support to enhance classroom learning and foster student creativity. Explore their successful implementation, barriers faced, and future strategies.

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Woodside Wolverines

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  1. Woodside Wolverines Fierce About Technology By Brandon Emerson

  2. Media Magnet • Woodside is a Magnet School for the arts and communication • four year program • Requires application

  3. Hardware & Software Available

  4. Magnet Technology • Hardware • Digital Video Camera • Digital Camera • Software • Video editing software • Dreamweaver

  5. Technology in the Classroom • TV • Overheads • Teachers have laptops • Ethernet ports in classrooms • Wireless

  6. Library Technology • Open Computer Lab • Power Mac Used for Cataloging • Printers • Scanner • Side Classrooms with various hardware to check out

  7. How Do I Get More? • Sign-out procedure • Generally sign-out hardware a week in advance • Sign-ups for Labs up to two weeks in advance • Cooperation Among teachers makes sign-out procedures easier

  8. Hardware To Check Out • Frequently Checked Out: • VCR and DVD Players • Projectors • Rarely Checked out: • Smart Boards • Analog Video Recorders

  9. Labs • Math Lab in the library • Used very infrequently • PLATO, MATLAB • Three other labs around the school • Used on a daily basis • Reserved up to two weeks in advance

  10. Standard Computer Package • Microsoft Office • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, FrontPage • Media Editing Software • Windows Movie Maker • Internet Explorer • Firewalled with SurfControl • Administration v. Student Subnets

  11. Teacher Software • Grading/Attendance • eSIS • Teacher Laptops • Standard software package • Cannot install new software • Need software CD and serial/key

  12. Funding for Technology

  13. Budgeting for Newport News • Budget for Newport News School District • Not specific to one school • Schools take as they need • Tech Department exists outside of Woodside • Oversees technology in schools • Approves transactions based around technology

  14. Getting New Tech • Teachers talk to the lead teacher of their given department • Lead teacher sends proposal to the Tech Department • Tests suggested software/hardware to see if it is compatible or appropriate • Once tested, the Tech Department sends the software/hardware to the school

  15. Using Technology During Instruction

  16. Teacher Training • Everyone required to meet TSIP standards • Teachers required to take technology courses every few years

  17. Tech in the Classroom • All three computer labs used on a daily basis • One of the most popular uses are based around research and exploration • Mostly internet-based • Math-specific technology used: • PLATO, MATLAB, calculators

  18. Examples of MATLAB Uses

  19. IT Department

  20. Woodside IT Responsibilities • Install new software or hardware • Keep network updated and working properly • Minor maintenance • Contacted via e-mail or work-order request

  21. Organization

  22. Overall Impressions

  23. Making Technology Work • Need two components to make tech work efficiently • Proper implementation • Proper support • Woodside cannot find the balance as well as they should • Mostly due to lack of support • Lack of Communication

  24. Tech Success • Student interests maximized when tech is used properly • Online SOL Testing • Quick feedback • Higher test scores

  25. Barriers • Bureaucracy • Teachers do not have the power to make decisions • Committees very slow • People making decisions are removed • Do not know what is going on or what is best for certain programs

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  27. Question 1: What is the magnet program for at Woodside High School? a) Math & Technology b) Biological Sciences c) Arts & Communication

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  30. Question 2: What is the major math software used at Woodside? a) PLATO b) MATLAB c) Both

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  32. Special Thanks to Interviewee • Tech Support Specialist for Woodside • Hardware, software & network support

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