the active and healthy ageing test bed an idea for action n.
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“The Active and Healthy Ageing Test-bed” An idea for action PowerPoint Presentation
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“The Active and Healthy Ageing Test-bed” An idea for action

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“The Active and Healthy Ageing Test-bed” An idea for action - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“The Active and Healthy Ageing Test-bed” An idea for action. Mario Romao Intel. From Ageing research to product to business to venture - a 12 years’ journey in two slides. Intel perspective: ethnographic, evidence based, ecosystem.

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intel perspective ethnographic evidence based ecosystem
Intel perspective: ethnographic, evidence based, ecosystem
  • Intel ethnographic research & evidence-based home pilots began in 1999
  • Deep studies of 1000 elder households, hundreds of healthcare facilities, 20 countries
  • More than a dozen innovative in-home pilots of personal health technologies
  • “Living Lab” cohorts of 100s of senior households in Oregon & Ireland
  • Advocating public policy change in this area via CAST, Continua, Intel policy, etc
  • Content areas:
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • COPD
  • Depression/Mental Health
  • Diabetes
  • Falls
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s
  • Stress
  • Stroke
  • Medication
research vs real world
Research vs . “Real World”


  • Controlled environment
  • Technical expertise available
  • Easy access to network connectivity
  • Earlier indications of system problems
  • Technology Literate Users
  • Rapid identification of problems


  • Uncontrolled environment
  • Automated recovery from failure e.g. power failure
  • System lock down
  • Pets & Grandkids!!! ‘what’s this granny?’
  • Environmental impacts on system performance e.g. RF interference
  • Support for remote diagnostics/administration
  • Limited or unreliable broadband connectivity
  • System problems maybe undetected for weeks
how to accelerate the entrepreneurial the science and the evidence engines when
How to accelerate the entrepreneurial, the science and the evidence engines when:
  • large studies are key to understand behavioral, social, biological, clinical, genetic, economic, and environmental data impacting ageing and independent living
  • gathering evidence is very expensive;
  • setting-up and managing large cohorts is a challenge
  • it becomes financially prohibitive for SME's to run trials and test new inventions;
  • replication of efforts are needed to establish the infrastructure needed to gather knowledge, run trials?
we need a platform that allows


•Larger samples for clinical/financial evaluation

•Diversity of geography, housing, & socio-econ

•Diversity of disease state, wellness, & frailty


•Ability to identify and collect early biomarkers of age related frailty and behavioral markers over time

• See emergence/progression of rare diseases

•Evaluate systems for sustained behavior change


•Researchers share software/hardware tools

•Common protocols to do comparative research

•Ability to share data sets for larger comparisons

Real World

•Ground research in real world observations

•Test interventions in natural, everyday settings

•Collect unprecedented data of age progression


•Need ability to do fast-turn proof points

•Must test new workforce/care models along side

•Must expand definition/methods of “evidence”

We need a platform that allows


•Able to service companies and academia

•Financially sustainable

•Political backing

the ahaip test bed
The AHAIP test-bed…

Is a PPP that manages a scalable infrastructure to improve the longitudinal study of ageing and accelerate innovation in independent living of older people.

Allows for research, pre-competitive and commercial uses.

Builds a large and diverse cohort of older people and an associated monitoring and assessment infrastructure.

Leverages the cohort and the associated research infrastructure as a test-bed for new monitoring and assessment technologies

Uses the cohort and data to retrospectively and prospectively analyze ageing and independent living and assess the outcomes via evidence-based design methodology