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My Science Portfolio

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My Science Portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Science Portfolio

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  1. My Science Portfolio By:Holden, 6th grade, Hanscom Middle School

  2. (Insert Picture of Yourself) *You will see some of my best work that I have made. *In order for people to see how I have been in Science at HMS. *To show all of my work and progress that I have made in Science class.

  3. All about Me Science Labs My Achievement Welcome to my grade six science portfolio. Click on the buttons to see what I’ve accomplished. Science Notes SMART Goals Science Glossary

  4. All About Me • Things to Include: • Baseball and swimming • I like to play video games as a hobby. • I have one brother who is is college, a mom who cleans around the house, and a dad who is a marine.

  5. Science Lab I have worked very hard on this picture in Science class and it shows that I pay attention.

  6. Science Notes This sample is a very complete and well worked and it shows my diligence in class.

  7. Science Glossary This example is the best that I have done with a glossary and shows that I strive to work hard in Science.

  8. My Achievement This year it is important to assume responsibility for my own learning. I have done this by doing these specific things: 1.Studying 2.Working on homework 3.Listening

  9. SMART GOALS • This year it is important to set goals for continuous improvement as a learner. Here are my goals: • 1. I will not procrastinate much by March 16. I will work every day even though its due later to achieve this goal. • 2. I will listen to teachers by March 16 I will paying more attention in class to achieve this goal. • 3. I will participate in school more by March 16. I will raise my hand in class more to achieve this goal.