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Cars Here is a fancy black limousine, but this is an old broken-down black car. You can buy cars in all different colors. Red, blue, black, white, grey, and tan are most common. But sometimes, people drive cars with brighter colors, like orange, green, yellow, or even pink!

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Presentation Transcript

Green l.jpg
green, orange,

Yellow l.jpg
yellow, orange,

Or even pink l.jpg
or even pink! orange,

In driveways l.jpg
in driveways, orange,

What do people use cars for to go places to work l.jpg
What do people use cars for? country.To go places—to work,

Shopping l.jpg
shopping, country.

To the library l.jpg
to the library, country.

Fancy luxury car l.jpg
fancy car,

Sports car l.jpg
sports car, country.

And convertible l.jpg
and country.convertible.

Minivans l.jpg
minivans, country.

Regular vans l.jpg
regular country.vans,

Suvs sports utility vehicles l.jpg
SUVs country. (sports utility vehicles),

And jeeps l.jpg
and country.jeeps.

Lots of boys and men love fancy sports cars l.jpg
Lots of boys and men fancy sports cars,

Or a two door coupe like the honda civic l.jpg
or a two-door coupe the Honda Civic.

People in europe drive some very tiny cars l.jpg
People in Europe drive country.some very tiny cars.

Cars are sometimes called automobiles that means they go by themselves l.jpg
Cars are sometimes called like this Ford Explorer.automobiles. That means they go by themselves.

Before there were cars people used horses and carts to move things l.jpg
Before there were cars, people used like this Ford Explorer.horses and carts to move things.

Here is an automobile factory they make cars in this huge building l.jpg
Here is an automobile like this Ford Explorer.factory. They make cars in this huge building.

When they build cars they put them in a line an assembly line l.jpg
When they build cars, they put them in a line—an like this Ford Explorer.assembly line.

Here s just the frames the skeletons of some cars l.jpg
Here’s just the like this Ford Explorer.frames, the skeletons, of some cars.

These workers are putting engines into new cars l.jpg
These workers are putting like this Ford Explorer.engines into new cars.

Chrysler l.jpg
Chrysler, there is Ford,

Like toyota l.jpg
like Toyota, there is Ford,

Honda l.jpg
Honda, there is Ford,

And nissan l.jpg
and Nissan. there is Ford,

Bmw in germany l.jpg
BMW in Germany, there is Ford,

And volvo in sweden l.jpg
and Volvo in Sweden. there is Ford,

You buy a new car from a car dealership l.jpg
You buy a new car from there is Ford, a car dealership.

And scratches l.jpg
and scratches. there is Ford,

Here is a used car it s rather old l.jpg
Here is a there is Ford, used car, it’s rather old.

After many years cars get rusty l.jpg
After many years, cars get there is Ford, rusty,

So they have to be put in a junkyard good bye old car l.jpg
so they have to be put in a there is Ford, junkyard. Good-bye, old car!

The end l.jpg

The End there is Ford,