Welcome to freshman biology
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Welcome to Freshman BIOLOGY. WAIT, WAIT…DON’T TELL ME! I ALREADY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO ASK. 1. Am I in the right place?. 1 st CP Biology 2 nd CP Biology 3 rd Planning 4 th CP Biology 5 th CP Biology 6 th CP Biology. 3. Will the teacher treat me fairly?. YES!!!

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Welcome to freshman biology

Welcome to Freshman BIOLOGY



1 am i in the right place
1. Am I in the right place?

  • 1st CP Biology

  • 2nd CP Biology

  • 3rd Planning

  • 4th CP Biology

  • 5th CP Biology

  • 6th CP Biology

3 will the teacher treat me fairly
3. Will the teacher treat me fairly?


  • Next Door Neighbor Syndrome.

  • 1 Free Phone Call

  • 1 Post Card

5 how will we be graded
5. How will we be graded?

  • Class Assessments 20%

  • Quizzes/Notebook Check 15%

  • Summative Assessment 40%

  • Final Exam 15%

  • County Interim 5%

  • Performance Assessment 5%

Every day expectations
Every Day expectations

  • Be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings (Tardy Policy)

  • Begin working on the “bellringer”

  • Bring all materials, books and other supplies to class and take them with you when you leave. (Pencil Policy)

  • Be Respectful

  • No food or drink in the classroom. Water is okay. (We all get thirsty)

  • No electronic devices, unless teacher instructed for learning.

If you are absent
If you are absent

  • Go to my webpage for all missing assignments.

  • Sign Notebook that you went to the webpage

    and got any information you needed.


  • Everyone’s participation is essential!

  • I want to hear what you have to say.

  • All comments and questions must be related to the current topic.

  • If the question is off topic, please write it on a post-it note for later.

A real world approach
A “real world” approach

  • Classes are the equivalent of “your job.”

    • The classroom is your officeteachers are your supervisors, and the students are the employees.

  • You are scheduled to work Monday -- Friday.

  • Water/Restroom breaks are short breaks between jobs (classes).

  • Employees (students) work up to six different shifts in one day.

  • Each work shift is 56 minutes.

  • On occasion, your work may need to be taken home.

  • You get weekends, holidays, and ten weeks off during the summer.  Not a bad deal—everyone else gets a two-week vacation.

  • Your report card = paycheck, and your compensation is directly tied to your work effort.

  • As in a “real” job, employees (students) may get docked if you do not work the entire shift or are absent.  This implies that employees (students) must be on task the entire “shift.”