2007 downtime readiness review n.
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2007 Downtime Readiness Review PowerPoint Presentation
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2007 Downtime Readiness Review

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2007 Downtime Readiness Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2007 Downtime Readiness Review. Hamid Shoaee For LCLS Controls Group (in the following departments) Controls Power Conversion Klystron. Agenda. LCLS Control System Installation Readiness Objectives & Scope Schedule & the Process Cable Plant, racks and other infrastructure

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2007 Downtime Readiness Review

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2007 downtime readiness review
2007 Downtime Readiness Review

Hamid Shoaee


LCLS Controls Group(in the following departments)


Power Conversion


  • LCLS Control System Installation Readiness
    • Objectives & Scope
    • Schedule & the Process
    • Cable Plant, racks and other infrastructure
    • I&C Systems status and schedule
    • Issues & Concerns

LCLS Installation and Commissioning Time-Line

Injector Controls Installation Complete

LTU/und. Install


hall “ready”

First Spont. Light






























Gun/Inj./BC1 Install

(8/21 – 2/20)

Gun/Inj./BC1 Commissioning

Inj./Linac/BC2 Commissioning

linac/BC2 Install

LTU/und. Commissioning

Oct. 19, 2006


LCLS Accelerator Regions

250 MeV

4.30 GeV

13.6 GeV

6 MeV

135 MeV


L =0.6 m


L =6 m





L 9 m


L 330 m


L 550 m










L =130 m



L 22 m


L 6 m

‘Wall region’


L =275 m

Nov. 1, ’07

2007 down, Sept-Nov

Commission now

SLAC linac tunnel

research yard

Down: Sep., Oct., Nov. of 2007

Run: Dec. 2007 through ~Aug. 2008

To: SL2-stopper in BSY (just past linac sector-30)


Modifications in Sector-24 for BC2 (Emma)

  • Remove 8 RF sections (24-7, 8)
  • Remove quad Q24801
  • Add 4 new bends in sector-24
  • Add 6 new quads (3 types)
  • Add 1 ‘wide’ BPM
  • Add 1 x-collimator
  • Add 1 OTR screen
linac modifications fall 07
Linac Modifications (Fall ‘07)
  • Remove 8 RF sections (24-7, 8)
  • Remove quad Q24801
  • Add 4 new bends in sector-24
  • Add 6 new quads (3 types)
  • Add 1 ‘wide’ BPM
  • Add 1 x-collimator
  • Add 1 OTR screen
linac modifications continued
Linac Modifications (continued)
  • Add 4 new wire scanners in sector-24
  • Add 3 OTR screens (1 BC1, 2 in sec-25)
  • Move LOLA (trans. deflector) from sec-29 to 25-2 (powered by the 24-8 klystron)
  • Add pulsed horizontal dipole magnet in sec-25 (BXKIK)
  • Move 2 LI28 Wire Scanners, 44 & 544, by 20-30 meters
  • BPM electronics upgraded (resolution improved)
  • More feedback loops (energy & bunch length)
linac modifications continued1
Linac Modifications (continued)
  • Power Systems
    • BC2 racks & PS (install racks and PS at sector 24)
  • I&C Systems
    • I&C racks and systems (install racks at sector 24)
  • Cable Plant
    • Sector 24 ( install new trays and cable plant from sector 24 racks into Linac; terminate at racks and at loads)
    • BTH West (pull cables from B005, 105, 106 through BSY into BTH West and coil cables; no loads & no racks installed yet)
    • B136 through BSY to BTH West
    • Remove cut cables from FFTB
plans process for bc2 controls system installation
Plans & Process for BC2 Controls System Installation
  • Controls installation takes place in several steps:
    • Design, procurement and Installation of the cable plant including trays, long haul DC and I&C cables
    • Cables Termination and connection to beam line components (Mechanical Systems)
    • Procurement & preparation of electronics racks
    • Installation of electronics chassis and modules including crates, IOCs, timing modules in the racks
    • Rack installation in the field, AC & cable plant connection
cable plant design installation process
Cable Plant Design & Installation Process
  • From the list of devices to be installed…
    • Develop racks layout & cable tray design
    • Generate rack profiles for electronics modules
    • Identify DC & I&C cabling requirements & document in CAPTAR
  • Produce installation bid package from CAPTAR and tray designs
  • Generate installation bid package & award contract
  • Procure trays, cables, connectors, etc.
  • Install cable plant and terminate to beam line components
sector 24 connector list
Sector 24 Connector List

First draft BC2 cable design

  • 13k feet
  • $245k (cable)
  • $10k (connectors)
bc2 controls sub systems
BC2 Controls Sub-Systems
  • Cable plant
  • Racks, crates, IOC, etc.
  • Networks
  • Magnet power supply control
  • Vacuum control
  • Safety systems
    • PPS, MPS, BCS
  • Motion control
    • Wire scanners, Collimators, Chicane
  • Timing
  • Beam instrumentation and diagnostics
    • BPM, Toroid, OTR/YAG, Bunch length monitor
  • LLRF
lcls controls systems
LCLS Controls systems
  • For each system…
    • Technical leads have developed a schedule covering all phases leading to installation and commissioning
    • The schedules include development of appropriate field documents (EI, WD), rack profile/cable plant design, procurement, installation and system checkout
    • Continue Interfacing with Mario Ortega, Bob Fuller, Mike DiSalvo to coordinate procurement and installation
    • We will be reviewing each schedule to identify bottlenecks, dependencies on other systems, resource availability
safety systems for bc2 l2 l3
Safety Systems for BC2,L2,L3
  • PPS
    • The Linac PPS does not require modification to run LCLS beam to SL-2.
    • There is an AIP project to convert the Linac and BSY to the LCLS PLC-based system in 2008
  • MPS
    • We will use the current (1553-based) MPS for BC2.
    • Two new ion chambers will be required
    • The system will include 10 LDIM inputs
      • OTR21 (2ea)
      • OTR22 (2ea)
      • OTR_CAV (2ea)
      • BC2 Mover (2ea)
      • CE21 (2ea)
    • We will need to commission AP25 (currently installed but powered down) to accommodate a new PICP module and an LDIM (already installed).
concurrently developing new lcls mps
Concurrently developing new LCLS MPS
  • Response time of less than one pulse at 120 Hz
    • Decoupling from Master Pattern Generator (MPG)
    • Fast communication and processing
  • Knowledge of beam rate
    • Integration of EVR to MPS and fault devices
  • New hardware extended 1.2 km past current MPS
    • Non-CAMAC
    • Ready for photon section
lcls mps features
LCLS MPS Features
  • Has response time low enough to protect the undulator (less than 8.3 ms)
  • Communicates with LCLS timing system (EVG)
  • Supports new beam loss monitoring hardware and rate limiting methods
  • Easily extendable and is designed around standards based COTS components
  • Flexible input and output methods
core hardware and software
Core Hardware and Software

Note: These are material costs only. Development labor, installation, etc. costs are not included.

bcs beam containment system
BCS (Beam Containment System)
  • We will use & extend the existing BCS for BC2 commissioning
  • Two possible configurations are being considered
  • New BCS PIC System installation in Sector-24
    • A 50 conductor trunk from the Sector-28 BCS rack to a new rack in Sector-24.
    • Long hauls from Sector-24 BCS Rack to the beam line devices in Sector-24 (2 cables per PIC, 1 cable per LION, 1 cable per Flow Switch or Pressure Switch)
  • Use BCS PIC system in Sector-28(Depends on being able to drive PIC/LION HV and signal four sectors)
    • Long hauls from Sector-28 to the beam line devices in Sector-24 (2 cables per PIC, 1 cable per LION, 1 cable per Flow Switch or Pressure Switch)
  • For either configuration…
    • Install VME Crate and associated hardware/software/network
    • Install new LION Gas system.
    • AC Power to Sector-28 & Sector-24 racks.
magnet power supply control
Magnet Power Supply Control
  • The software design is mature and will require little if any changes for BC2
  • Procurements are well under way and orders have been placed for power supplies, racks, etc.
  • There is a detailed schedule covering bench testing, rack loading, wiring, pre-installation checkout, through field installation
  • The system will be ready 11/30
Wire scanners, Collimators and BC2 motion control use the same design as BC1, and will be available 11/20/07
timing system
Timing System
  • The scope is to deliver triggers and timestamp data to all subsystems requiring such.
  • The system can be split into two parts
    • Long-haul distribution of triggers from the EVG to EVRs in Linac and beyond
    • Short-haul back end consisting of the HW & SW to receive the EVG timing signal and generate triggers. This is well-understood and defined.
    • Part 1 requires some engineering development as the event system can only have a maximum link length of 300 meters. We can daisy-chain, but only for 3 hops before exceeding the jitter budget. We need a better solution
    • This is a tractable item and should not have a high level of risk.
    • Another item of concern with the long-haul distribution is timing phase error due to temperature drift – a mechanism is needed to correct for this.
    • This will need some R&D and we need to decide based on short- versus long-term requirements if users can live with this for now. We have to anyway since time is short
  • We have a procurement for the "back end" of the timing system consisting of all the HW (fan-outs, EVRs, crates, cables) to deliver triggers to the end subsystem.
  • The long haul procurement list is pending a design decision
beam instrumentation diagnostics
Beam Instrumentation & Diagnostics
  • Profile Monitors
    • There are 3 OTRs in the LINAC: OTR21, OTR22, OTR_TCAV – These use BC1 designs and electronics
    • Design in April, procurement in May, system test July ~ August.
  • Toroids
    • There are two toroids in linac: IMBC2I and IMBC2O
    • We need to re-spin the data acquisition board for small revisions to the artwork
    • Electronics will be ready in August for system testing
  • Bunch Length Monitor
    • BL21 and BL22, similar to BL11 and BL12 in BC1
    • Procurement in April and test in May ~ June.
  • Dumps and Stoppers
    • SL2 might need some new data monitoring.
beam position monitors
Beam Position Monitors
  • The linac BPMs have to be upgraded for better resolution for undulator commissioning in May-June ‘08
  • Do we need to upgrade for the BC2,L2,L3 commissioning?
    • Do the existing BPM electronics work at 200 pC?
      • Do they trigger reliably at low charge?
      • What resolution do they provide?
    • Test next week with A-Line beam
  • If we need the linac BPM upgrade
    • Install 20 racks
    • Design and install cable plant for 79 BPMs
    • Re-spin BPM analog front-end design
    • Fabricate and test 120 BPM chassis
    • Install 79 BPM chassis
  • If we can defer the upgrade
    • We still have to install the cable plant for all of the linac BPMs in this down time
    • Of the 17 BPMs in switchyard we will connect to only 2
    • And one BPM in BC2
testing checkout strategies
Testing & Checkout Strategies
  • For each subsystem, we will use test stands to verify the complete system
  • Test stands currently in place include:
    • Timing
    • Vacuum
    • Magnet power supplies
    • Motion control – wire scanners, collimator, etc.
  • Rack loading & testing
      • Need to accomplish as much as possible in B024 prior to Sept. transport to field site.
      • In-field loading (Davis-Bacon) and intra-rack cabling is less efficient.
issues concerns
Issues & Concerns
  • Schedule & Resources
    • Schedule is very tight, just fits in down time
    • Controls is the systems “integrator” – delays in other systems directly impact our installation
    • Cable Plant Installation
      • Coordination of activities with other installation groups is very important and could jeopardize schedule
      • Linac BPM upgrade could be an added challenge
  • System Functionality
    • Timing System – small concern
    • BPM, Toroid – need verification of design
  • Controls in general is in good shape for 2007 installation
  • No major design or production issues dominate the plan
  • The schedule is challenging with little float
  • While a large number of sub-systems will be installed on time, some will need attention to stay on schedule