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IMC: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising PowerPoint Presentation
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IMC: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising

IMC: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising

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IMC: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising

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  1. IMC: Public Relations, Sponsorship and Corporate Advertising

  2. Chapter 17 Objectives Distinguish between advertising & public relations Discuss the key elements of crisis communications Describe the difference between public relations and publicity Identify the tools public relations practitioners use Describe the types of sponsorship advertising and their benefits Explain how event sponsorships can fit into an IMC plan Explain the role of corporate identity advertising Define advocacy advertising & debate its role in a free society

  3. The Role of Public Relations PR manages communication betweenstakeholders (publics) in order to: Affectpublic opinion Develop goodwill Improvereputation Good PR creates Positive Outcomes Mutual Understanding Good Long-term Relationships

  4. The Role of Public Relations Book signings are a common form of public relations

  5. The Role of Public Relations Differences between PR and Advertising Perceived Bias Ads delivered by purchased media PR messages not openly sponsored Precision& Results Ads placed forreach & frequency PR picked up by external media Practitioner Goals &Orientation Ad industry focuseson marketing communications PR pros consider all corporate communications

  6. Planning &Research ReputationManagement PublicAffairs &Lobbying Speech-writing Fundraising,Membership,or Events Publicity PressAgentry CrisisCommunications CommunityInvolvement The Public Relations Job PRActivities

  7. The Public Relations Job Rainforest Action Network fundraising ad Insert photo 11.6, p. 345 Rainforest Action Network ad Position = 2.9” horizontal, 1.5” vertical Size = 4.6” TALL Resolution = 300 dpi

  8. The Public Relations Job NewsReleases Multimedia PressKits PRTools Posters &Exhibits Photos PrintedMaterials FeatureArticles

  9. The Public Relations Job News release from McGraw-Hill Companies

  10. Rising cost of traditional media • Fragmented media audience • Diversity of leisure activities • Efficient way to reach groups • Stakeholders get involved • In-person access to customers • Reinforcement of position • Loyalty promotes sales • Cost can be too high for a single sponsor • Cosponsored events can be cluttered • Return-on-investment hard to gauge Sponsorship and Events Sponsorship:cash or in-kind payment for a commercial opportunity Philanthropy:support of a cause withoutcommercial incentive Sponsorship Advantages Sponsorship Drawbacks

  11. Sponsorship and Events:Types of Sponsorship Annual growth of advertising, sales promotion and sponsorship

  12. Sponsorship and Events:Types of Sponsorship SportsMarketing Entertainment Causes Arts Festivals, Fairs and Annual Events Associations & Organizations Venue Marketing

  13. Sponsorshipand Events:Types of Sponsorship Campbell’s sponsors Stamp Out Hunger

  14. Sponsorship and Events:Types of Sponsorship U.S. Cellular paid money to associate their name with a sports arena

  15. Sponsorship and Events:Methods of Sponsorship Companies canbuy into anexisting event Companies cancreate a new eventof their own or Good fit betweensponsor and brandis most important

  16. Pre- & post-eventSurveys Media spending equivalency Revenue tracking devices Sponsorship and Events: Measuring Sponsorship Results IEG’s suggestions for measuring the value of events: Establish clear objectives Set measurablegoals Measure against a benchmark Don’t change other variables during sponsorship Incorporate evaluation tools Establish a budget at the outset

  17. Corporate Advertising Goals of Corporate Communications ImprovePublicRelations EstablishCorporateIdentity RecruitNewEmployees

  18. Corporate Advertising Public Relations Advertising Corporate/Institutional Advertising Corporate Identity Advertising Recruitment Advertising

  19. Corporate Advertising Home Depot uses public relations advertising to inform consumers about the company’s work in the community