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Caves. Introduction to Lesson 34 “Lightbearers for God”. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky. Mammoth Cave. Stalactites Mammoth Cave. Mammoth Cave. Stalactites. Caves in Montana. Lewis & Clark Caverns Mammoth, Montana. Lewis & Clark Caverns. Mammoth, Montana. Lewis & Clark Caverns.

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  1. Caves • Introduction to Lesson 34 • “Lightbearers for God”

  2. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

  3. Mammoth Cave

  4. Stalactites Mammoth Cave

  5. MammothCave • Stalactites

  6. Caves in Montana

  7. Lewis & Clark CavernsMammoth, Montana

  8. Lewis & Clark Caverns • Mammoth, Montana

  9. Lewis & Clark Caverns

  10. Pictograph CavesBillings, Montana

  11. Pictograph CavesBillings, Montana

  12. Pictograph Caves • Billings, Montana

  13. Caves West Virginia

  14. West Virginia

  15. Lewis Wetzel CaveWheeling, West Virginia

  16. Lost World Caverns • West Virginia • “The Club”

  17. Sinks of Gandy, WV

  18. Sinks of Gandy

  19. Sinks of Gandy, WV

  20. Sinks of Gandy, WV

  21. Bat in cave in West Virginia

  22. Bat in cave, West Virginia

  23. Reflecting PoolLuray Caverns, Virginia

  24. Luray Caverns, Virginia

  25. Tatiana’sVeil • Luray Caverns, Va

  26. FallenStalactite

  27. Wedding CakeFlorida State Caverns

  28. Florida State Caverns

  29. Most stalactites grow very slowly, maybe a few millimeters a year. God’s work also seems to grow slowly at times, too. The first missionaries in an area may face many difficulties sharing the gospel, but if they do not become discouraged but continue to lay a good foundation for the people, a beautiful harvest will result.

  30. And young people face the same challenge. For example, a new subject in school may seem difficult, but if you stick with it, step-by-step, and lay a good foundation, it will result in a very good harvest. And the same is true in our walk with Jesus. Satan will try very hard to discourage us, so that we give up on wanting to be a Christian, but if we stick with it, step-by-step, and trust Jesus to help us all the time, we will one day walk with him in the New Jerusalem!

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