russian monopolies money n.
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Russian Monopolies’ Money

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Russian Monopolies’ Money - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Russian Monopolies’ Money. Putin’s friends and their businesses with Gasprom. Gasprom: complicated surrounding. Rotenberg brothers: tubes supply. Tubes for Gasprom business. Data Resources. Companie’s files from the Register of commerce

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russian monopolies money

Russian Monopolies’ Money

Putin’s friends and their businesses with Gasprom

data resources
Data Resources
  • Companie’s files from the Register of commerce
  • Gasprom website – information about the contracts and supplies
gasprom s deputy head and member of the board alexander ananenkov
Gasprom’s deputy head and member of the board Alexander Ananenkov:
  • «В отношении конфликта интересов и аффилированности могу вас огорчить и сказать, что в соответствии с теорией Дарвина все мы произошли от обезьяны и в этом смысле являемся родственниками, а значит, все аффилированы»
  • “As far as conflict of interests and affiliation is concerned, according to Darvin’s theory all of us originated from the monkey and from that point of view all of us are relatives and it means that we all are affiliated”