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Why learn languages?

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Why learn languages? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why learn languages?. Why bother?. In a multilingual world, a modern language has enormous benefit to offer all students … which arises from their being able to interact with real people who speak and use other languages. It won’t help me get a job….

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Why learn languages?

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Presentation Transcript
why bother
Why bother?

In a multilingual world, a modern language has enormous benefit to offer all students … which arises from their being able to interact with real people who speak and use other languages.

it won t help me get a job
It won’t help me get a job…

Career opportunities in leisure and tourism exist for well-qualified people …the addition of foreign language skills can only enhance European and international opportunities.

but can t you just speak louder
But can’t you just speak louder?

British nationals cannot initiate communication on equal terms…they are less powerful than those who have greater linguistic skills.

i ll never go abroad
I’ll never go abroad…

Learning a new language improves the use of English.

we re all part of europe now
We’re all part of Europe now…

The European citizen with good language skills is better able to take advantage of the freedom to work or study in another member state.

i could still be a travel rep
I could still be a travel rep…

Monolingual speakers of any variety of English will experience increasing difficulty in finding employment.

everyone speaks english
EVERYONE speaks English

One of the cultural shocks of September 11 is, overwhelmingly, that English is simply not enough… We need to be aware as never before of foreign languages.

i don t want to be a teacher
I don’t want to be a teacher…

Language students have above average IT skills in comparison with the rest of the population.

and i don t want to go to france
And I don’t want to go to France…

Learning a modern language will help students develop strategies for leaning and using language that will assist them not only with their current modern language but with others that they may also learn.

i thought i d study law
I thought I’d study law…

Students of languages typically explore culture, literature, media and film, history, geography, politics, sociology, economics, business studies and the law.

i can already talk a bit of french
I can already talk a bit of French

In the society of the 21st century, multilingualism is better….Only through multilingualism can we really understand and appreciate the stranger.

i do fancy that year s holiday
I do fancy that year’s holiday…

Students who had already undertaken their year abroad did overwhelmingly speak of the experience as ‘one of the best things I have ever done.’

you don t need a language i ve got google
You don’t need a language…I’ve got Google

While computer-aided translation systems will speed up the process of working between languages, it is people with the experience of learning and using languages who are most likely to be able to exploit new technologies to the full.

prince william
Prince William

He is studying Swahili and Welsh

charlize theron
Charlize Theron

She learned many of the 28 languages she speaks from the staff on her parents' farm.

jay jay okocha
Jay-Jay Okocha
  • Captain of Nigeria and Bolton Wanderers, Jay Jay Okocha:'The fact that I speak several languages will give me an advantage in talking to all the players at the club'
  • His club manager, Sam Allardyce, adds: 'He can converse in three or four languages which is very important in our multi-language team, both off the field and on it'
diane modahl
Diane Modahl

'I know lots of people speak English, but being prepared to say something in someone else's language is a way of showing them that you care, that you're prepared to make the effort and you don't just expect them to speak your language. That's quite arrogant actually, isn't it?'

ellen macarthur
Ellen MacArthur
  • 'It’s always fantastic to be able to communicate with people, whether it’s when you are signing an autograph or when you are doing a full on interview, or during a tough moment at sea with a crew'
lucy liu
Lucy Liu
  • 'I would love to do a French movie or a Spanish movie, in the language. When you speak a different language, whether or not you're fluent in it, you immerse yourself into a completely different person'
kevin keegan
Kevin Keegan
  • 'I think the least you can do when you live in their country is learn the language'
david james
David James

'We are in the 21st century and if you can't learn another language by now then something must be seriously wrong. I improved [my Spanish] on the recent England trip because I managed to have a lot of "half" conversations with McManaman'

eddie izzard
Eddie Izzard

'There are so many languages I'd like to learn to perform in – Russian, Italian. And I'd love to be able to perform in the country where I was born – Yemen'

colin firth
Colin Firth

'Well, it's wonderful to have an excuse to learn a language. [My wife's] English is better than my Italian will ever be. But, if you're going to live your life with someone you should, as a mark of respect, try to learn their way of conceptualising things'

huw edwards
Huw Edwards

'During my career I have interviewed people of many nationalities and know that being able to address them in their own language is a great help. It puts the interviewee at ease and makes the conversation that follows (even if that is conducted in English) much more relaxed. We all need to develop extra language skills because they are essential in our multicultural society. As a Welshman I also feel strongly that we should celebrate and respect the world’s minority languages'

john cleese
John Cleese

'Learning a language makes our minds stronger and more flexible. Actually using it gives us an entirely new experience of the world'

david beckham
David Beckham

'I haven't conquered Spanish yet. I'm learning and understand what's said during training. I'm progressing little by little,. Spanish is very difficult for me, although I am getting used to it. I am making an effort. It's complicated. But if I can conquer Spanish, it will have been a great achievement'