Public relations elements
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Public Relations - Elements. Marketing II Mr. Yates. Press Releases. A press release is a short document, usually one page, aimed at raising awareness and calling attention to an event or newsworthy happening at your company.  

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Public relations elements

Public Relations - Elements

Marketing II

Mr. Yates

Press releases
Press Releases

  • A press release is a short document, usually one page, aimed at raising awareness and calling attention to an event or newsworthy happening at your company.  

  • Press releases are sent to all areas of the media: print, radio and television. If it is deemed newsworthy by the media, it can generate a multitude of public awareness.  

Press release
Press Release

Press releases1
Press Releases…

  • Oftentimes, if one source picks up on your release, it creates a domino effect and others run the story as well.  

  • Corporations who have the means rely on trained public relations experts to put together well written, powerful press releases that are sure to catch the attention of the media.  

  • But be careful: no matter how big or newsworthy the subject of your press release is, poor writing can scare off the media fast!

Press release1
Press Release

Quality Industrial Services Acquires Renowned Process Improvement Fast Tek Group LLC

Fast Tek Group LLC Joins Quality Industrial Services

(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 12, 2007 ) Detroit, MI - Quality Industrial Services (QIS) acquires Fast Tek Group LLC. Known as an industry leader in quality assurance, QIS brings in Fast Tek, an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited company with Engineering capabilities, Advanced Product Quality Planning, Six Sigma, and Coordinate Measuring Machine Services to take its business to new heights in the automotive manufacturing processes.

The acquisition will improve QIS’ Quality Engineering Department, and adds 100 employees to its workforce, increases its market share and geographic footprint to Saginaw, MI, Baltimore, MD, Indianapolis, IN, and Spartanburg, SC.

Brian Lindsay, Director of Business Development identified that, “The addition of Fast Tek’s specialty services and expanded geographic footprint will allow QIS to provide more broad range of capabilities to our customers. In today’s competitive manufacturing market, many organizations are faced with the never ending challenge of continual cost reductions. Outsourcing of non-critical production services is becoming a more prevalent approach to such savings. QIS can facilitate this need by now offering even more cost effective solutions with a greater diversity of services.”

Lindsey Cramer, COO of Fast Tek states, “The acquisition of Fast Tek by QIS will provide a major benefit to our existing and future customers. They bring a level of expertise and experience that will compliment and enhance our core services. I am confident that the acquisition will allow us to further improve our quality of service and dramatically expand our market share.”

About Quality Industrial Services (QIS) QIS is an ISO certified Quality Assurance Service provider that specializes in a diverse line of services targeted at reducing automotive manufacturing costs while increasing quality, productivity and efficiency. QIS’ core competencies include Engineering, Inspection, Sorting, Containment, Rework, Light Assembly, CMM, Training, Kitting, and Packaging. QIS is one of the largest such suppliers in the nation with 23 US locations, 6 Mexico locations and 1 Canadian location. QIS is an approved vendor for most major OEM’s and has over 2500 active customers to date. By providing skilled and trained employees to our customers, QIS has become an integral part of the supply chain in every aspect of automotive production.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Brian Lindsay, Director OEM Sales, Tel: 502-210-1652, Email: [email protected]://

Press kits
Press Kits

  • A press kit, also known as a media kit, is an expansion on your press release.  

  • It is usually a high quality folder containing your press materials:

    • press releases,

    • brochures,

    • collateral materials,

    • company biography,

    • news clippings,

    • photographs (if applicable),

    • contact information and any other relevant materials.  

Press kit continued
Press Kit (continued)

  • These are frequently used to attract new clients.  

  • They are also made available to the media upon request when someone is seeking more information about your company.

  • EPKs (or Electronic Press Kits) might also contain video tapes of relevant information (i.e., commercials, news spots, etc.).

Special events
Special Events

  • These offer a terrific way for any company to get some good press.  

  • Having your company name associated with popular events is sure to garner positive recognition.  

  • For example, say your company is involved in putting on a pancake breakfast to raise money for the local humane society.  

  • This generosity, caring and concern is sure to have an effect on how others see your business from that point forward.  

  • Not only that, but these events often receive large amounts of media coverage, especially if there is a politician or local celebrity (i.e., Miss Cornhusk) appearance. 

Ads or psa s
Ads or PSA’s

  • Many organizations and corporations put together advertisements not with the aim of selling their product but of generating goodwill.  

  • Take for example the brewing company advertisements discouraging drinking and driving, or the tobacco company ads urging youngsters not to smoke.  

  • Ads like these, known as public service announcements (PSAs), are not made with the goal of increasing sales, although the goodwill they create can contribute to sales in a roundabout way.


  • When done well, few things can convey your message like a well-delivered speech.  

  • This is easier said than done, since a great deal of work goes into the process.  

  • The speech must be concise, entertaining and well articulated.  

  • Politicians and corporate heads are constantly called upon to speak publicly.  

  • Because of this, they often hire speech writers, people who know how to craft a message effectively to pull emotional strings.  

  • Small business owners may be asked to speak at a college or high school function, before a group or club, or at any number of events.  

Press conferences
Press Conferences

  • Holding a press conference is usually only necessary to make a major announcement.  

  • A representative or two from a company speaks, making the announcement, and the conference is open to question and discussion with the members of the media.  

  • The speaker should be thoroughly prepared for all possible questions.  

  • In general, the speaker should be someone who is well spoken, charming and able to address negative matters in a positive fashion.