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Note Taking

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Note Taking. Strategies and Skills. The Cornell System.

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note taking

Note Taking

Strategies and Skills

the cornell system
The Cornell System
  • Step 1 Preparation- Use a large loose-leaf notebook. One side of the paper only. Draw a 2.5 inch vertical line on the left side of the paper. This is a recall column: when reviewing your notes pencil in key words and examples you remember form the lecture.
  • Step 2 During the lecture- Record notes in paragraph form Use abbreviations and write legibly. Skip lines to show the end of ideas or thoughts.
  • Step 3 After the lecture- Read through your notes. Use the recall column. Jot down main ideas or key words that give you the idea of the lecture.
listening and note taking
Listening and Note Taking
  • Be a positive and active listener.
  • Come to class prepared: read material prior to the lecture.
  • Get accurate notes- Copy from overhead or PowerPoint presentations. Watch & listen to your instructor for cues: body language, verbal emphasis, reading carefully from notes.
  • Leave space between main ideas. This will allow you to add your own notes and thoughts.
  • Go over your notes within 24hrs. You will lose up to 80% of new material if you don’t!
  • Organize your notes so you can study from them.
note taking reading
Note Taking & Reading
  • Break down long reading assignments into 20-30m sections. Take short breaks to keep your attention sharp.
  • Read the chapter objectives or chapter review before you start to read. This will give you context and improve your comprehension and retention.
  • Read with a purpose: find the important points and highlight them for your notes.
finding the main ideas in a lecture
Finding the Main Ideas in a Lecture.
  • Listen carefully! Instructors give clues to important points with phrases such as:

“Remember this…”

“Now let us turn to…:

Statements repeated or emphasized.

Change in tone of voice.

  • After class summarize, in your own words, what you have heard and write it down.
  • Share notes with classmates, they may have picked up something you missed and vice versa.
finding the main idea while reading
Finding the Main Idea While Reading
  • The first paragraph of a reading will usually tell you what you will be reading about. This is a great place to look for main ideas.
  • The first sentence of each paragraph is usually its topic sentence, containing the main idea.
  • Examine section headings, chapter summaries and chapter quizzes for main ideas.
  • Is the main idea implied? If so, ask yourself, “What’s the point?”