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Four Points Engineering and Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Four Points Engineering and Design

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Four Points Engineering and Design
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Four Points Engineering and Design

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  1. Four Points Engineering and Design Project 99.04: Heat Pump Design for Whalen Co. FPED Team Members: Ricardo Blackett, Andy Parke, Scott Quirico, Brian Zigmond

  2. Heat Pump Design • Team 4 • Ricardo Blackett : • Andrew Parke : • Scott Quirico : • Brian Zigmond : Customer: Whalen Co.Advisor: Dr. Keefe

  3. Presentation Agenda 1. Introduction and background revisited. 2. Method a. Metrics b. Benchmarks c. Concepts 3. Schedule

  4. Project Background • By 2000, ARI will require that no standing water be allowed in HVAC systems. • This prompts Whalen Co., manufacturer of HVAC equipment specifically for high-rise buildings, to redesign the current condensate drip pan in their vertical water source heat pump. • In the redesign, other improvements were suggested...

  5. Thus, the problem as presented to FPED has 3 components: • Eliminate the standing water in the condensate drain pan of the unit. • Improve the circulation in the “two room” units. • Lower the operating noise level.

  6. Mission • In the allotted time and as economically as possible FPED will: • 1. Eliminate standing water in Whalen’s vertical heat pump • 2. Decrease unit’s noise level • 3. Improve circulation in the two-room units

  7. Whalen’s problem Our Approach Present FPED’s Solution to Whalen Co. Project Requirements Competitive Benchmarking Develop Concept We Are Here • Produce a unit that: • eliminates standing • water • is quieter • has improved room • circulation

  8. Constraints Size and geometry of unit and enclosure. Regulatory commission specifications. (ARI, UL)

  9. Internal to Whalen Executive Production Sales Engineering External Consumer NCDA Affordability, improved circulation. Ease of fabrication / installation. Affordability, improved circulation. Improved circulation, ease of fabrication. Affordability, quiet Design process Customers and Wants

  10. Cost of Materials Cost of Manufacturing Air Changes per Hour in Adjacent Room Number of Parts Assembly Line Costs Fabrication Time Installation Time Down Time Repair Time Decibel Level Grade About $15 per pan About $52 per pan > 0 About 12 Minimum 1/2 hour/pan 1/2 hour/pan Minimum 4 Hours Less than Current Value A Metrics and Target Values

  11. System Benchmarking: Competitors and Best Practices... • Trane: Well insulated unit gives quiet performance, removable drain pan for easy maintenance. • ClimateMaster: Removable chassis for easy maintenance, sound-suppressing baffles on intakes.

  12. Drain Pan Insert Materials selection is in progress. Ease of manufacturing and cost of materials is being considered. Actual geometry of insert to be determined upon physical inspection of unit.

  13. Two Room Air Draw

  14. Two Room Air Draw continued… • Extend the width of the enclosure slightly to allow ducting of air flow from both rooms. • Relocation of existing cooling coil within heat pump to accommodate return in rear of unit.

  15. Elastomer Isolators Use natural rubber to absorb vibration and shock to reduce noise Directly incorporated into the structural components of unit Installed in series or parallel for greater load capacity External Sound Attenuator Combination of baffles and insulation that attaches to ductwork Mainly used in industrial applications Sound Suppression Benchmarking

  16. Sound Suppression Concepts • Insert neoprene or rubber insulating mat between unit and floor to eliminate noise from vibrations. • Isolate fan and compressor motor from chassis through grommets and mountings. • Improve or add insulation to unit. • Attach external sound attenuator.

  17. Sound Suppression Evaluation

  18. Budgeting • The established budget from Mr. Whalen is to “provide a unit and any and all materials needed within reason.” • Through FPED’s efforts to minimize all costs, and NCDA’s experience, past agreements similar to this method have been successful.

  19. ACTUALLY Since Last Time...

  20. …And Until the Next Time

  21. The Big Picture

  22. Who Done It…….. • Ric- keep minutes of meetings, scheduler, SSD • Zig- HVAC, competitor tracking, spokesman • Scott-Mediator, functional benchmarking • Andy-machine shop, materials, target values for metrics