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Useful Tips to Prevent Future Emergencies PowerPoint Presentation
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Useful Tips to Prevent Future Emergencies

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Useful Tips to Prevent Future Emergencies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Most of us wait till the eleventh hour before we think about prevention. Instead of waiting for the alarm to scream, it is better to follow some easy steps today that can save a lot of energy in the future. It is not too early or too late, young or old there are preventive measures for everyone(

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Work hard


Act smart

Running might not really help during an Emergency storm…


Emergency Storm ??

What kind…?


Medical Emergency Storm

  • Your parent needs a medical check up - Bad
  • Your kid is unwell - Very bad
  • You need a surgery now

- Extremely bad


Cash Emergency Storm

  • Educational expenses - Can’t avoid
  • Car broke - Definitely can’t avoid
  • Utility bills reached deadline- Absolutely can’t avoid

Sweet Emergency Storm

  • Your loved one just had a baby - Party!! That sings
  • You are becoming a parent - Party!! That rocks!!
  • You just got engaged - Party!! On the rocks!!

So how can you tackle this storm…

Emergency loans can help… But there are other ways too…


If you are60+ years old

  • Utilize these Government Sponsored benefits:
    • Pension credit
    • Winter fuel credit
    • Housing benefit
    • Council tax benefit

If you are30-59 years old

  • Follow these SAVING ideas :
    • Rent out a room in your house and save that cash in an Emergency savings account.
    • Invest at least 10 percent of your income into a retirement plan and gain tax benefits.
    • Monetize your math or computer skills through a part time job for extra bucks.
    • Grow home gardens with fresh veggies and fruits. Sell it or use it or do anything else that stops you from spending.
    • Reduce the energy bill by unplugging electronic gadgets when not in use.

If you are18-29 years old

  • Try these:
    • Analyse your salary slip and find out where your money goes and why. Use online calculators like for help.
    • Insure your health, without counting on your healthy diet.
    • Insure your wealth, without counting on good luck.
    • Save your money from taxes. Invest in bonds, high interest savings account, mutual funds and other long term investment options.


You cannot escape the storm…

But you can tackle it..